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creating a minimalist kitchen

I am currently watching the 2nd season of Big Little Lies (a Sim’s Life favourite) with total envy, how gorgeous are the houses featured in the series? Notably the kitchens! Oh to have that much worktop space to prepare spectacular feasts!

Whilst kitchen space maybe a limiting factor when it comes to having a designer kitchen, there are ways in which you can truly make your kitchen the hub of your home!

Let’s have a look at some ideas for creating a minimalist kitchen

It’s Time For A Spring Clean

Whether you are looking to install an entirely new kitchen design, or whether you would just prefer a more streamline kitchen, the first place to start is de-cluttering! You may have amassed extra crockery and cooking utensils over the years that you do not use and certainly do not need. If worktop space is at a premium and you do not have the option of a kitchen island, then freeing up room but getting rid of unnecessary items is a good starting point. The easiest way to de-clutter is to simply ask yourself if you ever use an item and if not, do you actually need it!

Keep It Streamline

You can achieve an aesthetically pleasing and elegant kitchen by simply having a place for your kitchen items. Utilise storage space to the maximum to ensure a clean and clear look to your kitchen. Unless your waste bin is concealed, sticking with a stylish disposal unit that fits flawlessly within the room will help retain a minimalist feel to your kitchen. Consider the size of the bin and if it will fit at the end of your worktop/unit easily. You can be minimalist and eco-friendly at the same time with the use of a recycling bin, helping you do your bit to protect our environment.

add plants to your kitchen for a minimalist look


Sometimes, just a change of wall colour can make a huge different to a room and give it a totally new feel. Changing your colour scheme can have so many positive effects – whether that be painting walls a new colour, or simply painting cupboard doors. Lighter and more neutral wall colour always gives the impression of a larger room, especially if you blessed with a well positioned kitchen to catch the sunlight. Accessories are a great way to add a new look to your kitchen with ideas such as: large wall prints, bold coloured utensils and plants or potted herbs, which all help to change the dynamic of your home hub.

Selecting the right kitchen gadgets

Items such as microwaves can take up a large portion of work top space and unless you use it every day, finding a spot to hide the microwave will free up space. If you are looking to add new gadgets to your kitchen, ensure they are colour matched so that they don’t look out of place and have their own spot when not in use. Gadgets can be a fantastic way to add a more contemporary feel to a kitchen, whilst still giving the impression of a minimalist look.

With a little time and patience, you can achieve a minimalist kitchen and you will most likely feel better for the de-clutter!

Do you have a minimalist kitchen? How did you achieve this look? Wondering how to achieve a minimalist look in the rest of your home? Check out inspiration in this post!

tips on creating a minimalist kitchen


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