Toy Ideas For Your Feline Friend

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toy ideas for your feline friend

Cats are a lot different to dogs. Dogs can be easily pleased and they will always be ready for attention and praise, but cats are always a little more complex than this. Cats are a species who do what they want; when they want and don’t care a single shred about it.

Toy Ideas For Your Feline Friend

They can make the most entertaining of pets and also sometimes the most lovable, on their terms. If you have a cat and you want to give them a treat or two this year, we have some handy toy ideas which are ideal for them. 

A ball 

Believe it or not, it isn’t just dogs who like to fetch a ball and play with it, cats will too. Searching online, you can find really cute balls for your cat which will allow them to play football around the house with themselves for hours on end. 


It is no coincidence that cats are always seen playing with balls of yarn on cartoons… they love it. A cat’s basic instinct is to hunt and retrieve anything they can chase and attack is a great target. You can give them a whole ball of yarn or simply wave the string in front of them and they will have lot of fun playing around. 

Cat nip toy 

Cat nip is a herb which cats love as much as a drug. Cat nip is a drug for cats which will calm them down and make them feel happy and mellow, which is why you can benefit a lot from a small cat nip filled toy in your house. They will be kept happy for hours and you can have a break from destruction for the while. 

Toy Ideas For Your Feline Friend

Tin foil 

Cats are simple creatures with simple taste, and they often don’t need you to spend a whole ton of money on toys for them. A cat will be more than happy with a rolled up ball of tin foil and it can keep them occupied for hours and hours. They will hunt and attack and play football, and you can throw and roll it for them. 

A box 

What cat doesn’t love a cardboard box? If you are looking for the best possible gift for your cat this year, order something for yourself online, have it delivered, and let your cat keep the box. Cats like to be able to hide in small places and this is why nervous cats will often sit under the bed or behind the sofa. A box provides a safe haven for your cat to sit in and feel safe and this can allow them to relax. Also, it is always funny watching a cat try to fit into a tiny box so it will be great entertainment for you too! 

Cats are a lot easier to please than you might think, so if you want to treat your cat this year make sure to try out some of these toy ideas for your feline friend!

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