How Did Big Potato Games Keep A Child In A Cast Entertained?

How Did Big Potato Games Keep A Child In A Cast Entertained?

I don’t think anyone can ever be prepared to deal with a child in a cast, especially when the sun is shining and all they want to do is play outside! Telling an active child they cannot climb trees for a few weeks, whilst watching their friends climb will only result in many sighs and exclamations of ‘I hate this cast!’ and ‘It’s so unfair!’… and the Kevin and Perry years begin!

How to keep a child in a cast entertained though? That is the big question! There has been plenty of time for creativity, with lots of new artwork now hanging from my fridge and Netflix proved to be a hit, with lots of sensible walks throw in for good measure

Fortunately, Big Potato Games swept in to save the day and sent us a fabulous selection of games from their impressive range, suitable for Liv and I to play together and add more people to the mix!

Big Potato Games Range

The weather has been a little unpredictable recently, which meant meet-ups all happened inside and everyone remained clean and dry. Never have I been so grateful for it to rain! We have had plenty of time to give Colour Brain, Weird Things Humans Search for, Dino Dump and OK Play a whirl… clearly though, the star of the review is the potato plush, aptly named ‘Potato’ who has already been on a few outings with us!

Big Potato Games Soft Plush

Big Potato Games adventure

We both have our favourite games from the range, so let’s have a more indepth look at which Big Potato Games we have been enjoying during Liv’s time wearing a cast…

Weird Things Humans Search For

Weird Things Humans Search For

This game is my favourite by far! I first played this at the recent BlogOn event and it really is so much fun playing in a group. People really do ask the Internet the craziest of questions, myself included, but have you ever considered what people actually ask? It really does make for a fantastic game concept, all in the form of Weird Things Humans Search For!

One person reads out part of a most searched for term on the internet and the rest of the players need to fill in the rest of the phrase. This is where you can be as obscure as you like, but if you want to win the game, then play it safe! There are many search cards in the box and whilst difficult with two players, the answers (the ten most popular search terms) can easily be covered up so all can enjoy the game.

Weird Things Humans Search For is aimed at ages 14 years plus, though with a little shuffle through the cards, you can find more child friendly phrase cards. It really is a thought provoking game and you will be in fits of laughter at some of the search terms! Now, you can play competitively as there are scorecards included, or you can play in relaxed mode and simply read off the cards. It is a fantastic game to pass the time, bring out at parties or simply give you a boost when you need a giggle! Available to purchase from Amazon, RRP £20.

OK Play

OK Play

Recommended for children over the age of 8, it’s very easy to see why OK Play is a multi award winning travel game, we already have it packed away for our summer travels! Quick to play, the competitive game is really easy to understand from the off, with the competitiveness of arranging the tiles to win apparent from the offset. We really did enjoy playing this game, it does not require much table space and is easy enough to put away when game play is over. The tiles are easily slotted back onto the corresponding stick, which is then clipped together to keep the game intact.

The colours are engaging, especially for younger players. The aim of the game is to connect 5 of the same coloured tiles in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), a little bit like connect 4, with more freedom! The fact it is portable means you can even play when travelling to help pass the time! We definitely give OK Play the thumbs up! A 4 set version is available to purchase from Amazon, RRP £15.

Dino Dump Big Potato Games

Dino Dump

It is impossible not to laugh at this game, it really is what it says on the tin! There is even an ickle ‘dump’ in the game box (to the left of the image above)! Another travel sized treat from Big Potato Games, the game is condensed into a small box that hold all the cards, complete with Stinky Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Dino-Poo stickers. As you can imagine, Liv has been itching to stick these on me! Aimed at those aged 6 years plus (even adults can laugh at toilet humour!), Dino Dump is a quick fire card game whereby you need to lose all your cards as quick as you can. The loser of the game is the one with all the cards left in their hand and will be the recipient of a stinky sticker!

It really is all down to the luck of the draw cards wise, although there are ‘special’ cards that can be used to your tactical advantage throughout the game. Younger children will love the concept, older children (and adults) will love the skill and tactics involved to help them win. A fun, quick and easy to store card game that is a must have! Available to purchase from Goblin Gaming, RRP £10.

Colour Brain


I really do love the Colourbrain box and am gutted that the reflective colours haven’t been picked up in the image! Colourbrain is a true ‘Sit down and let’s play’ family game that is easy to play and get to grips with and works best if you have a good memory where colours are concerned! Suitable for 2-4 players, the game comes with many Question cards, Colour cards and also handy Colour Capture cards that may just help you win the game!

Teams start with 11 colour cards and you need to pick the correct colour for each question asked. Don’t let anyone see the back of the question card though as that is the correct answer! 😉 Score points for stating the correct answer and steal points off the team who answered incorrectly, use Colour Capture cards to hinder the team in the lead.

We played as a duo, it really can be done but have to admit to it being better when played with more players. This is a seriously fantastic game any anytime of the year, but I am totally onboard with it being a family favourite at Christmas time! Available to purchase from Amazon, RRP £25.


Big Potato Games are fabulous and certainly put the ‘fun’ into family time! Let the competitve streaks appear, with minimal grumblings, whilst sitting back and enjoying games that will keep everyone entertained – cast or no cast! Missing out on fun activities can be hard for a child, however Big Potato Games were just what we needed to pass the time with lots of laughter and fun!

It is well worth checking out the site and becoming a member of the ‘Potato Club’ – enter your email for the chance to win a game in the weekly prize draw, be privy to exclusive offers and even arrange free replacement game parts and cards! Could Big Potato Games be any more awesome?

Big Potato Games Range

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  1. Kim Carberry

    These sound like fab games. I love the sound of Weird Things Humans Search For!
    I hope your girl is better now! x

    1. S1m

      Weird Things Humans Search For is such a fantastic game to play, even better with good company and good food! 🙂 She is ok now, thank you so much xx

  2. Susan Mann

    Isn’t that a great way to keep them entertained. Poor Liv, is she ok now? Big hugs x

  3. Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    These sound like fabulous games. My little girl had a pot on a broken leg at 18months so we had a different set of challenges. Pinning this – but fingers crossed I never need it!

  4. Stephanie 139a

    Colour brain sounds fun and frustrating at the same time – surely the perfect formula for a family board game! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and hope there’s a speedy recovery.

  5. soma

    I am glad you found a fun activity! Hope she is doing better now.


    1. S1m

      Aww thank you so much Soma! It’s hard being cooped up when you are active but the games really did help to keep us occupied! 🙂 x

  6. Morgan Prince

    I love the sound of colourbrain, we have it but haven’t played it yet. It’s now on my list to get it out and play straight away! 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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