How To Choose Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

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Finding the perfect wedding dress is a relief. However, this does not mean that you should stop here. Styling your gown and finding the perfect matching accessories is your next step. And you would want to be careful with this one. You don’t want to have much accessories, because your dress will lose the focus. The following tips will help you get the idea on how to do it the right way.

How To Choose Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right wedding shoes can be very difficult. A killer pair of shoes is a must. You can be stuck somewhere between choosing comfort and heels. However, you should make a compromise. Find a comfortable pair of heels that will suit your dress. Wear them at home before the wedding in order to break them in so that you will avoid blisters on the day. Invest in a pair of flat shoes if you do not think that you can bear heeled shoes for the whole day.

Online fashion sites such as the JJ’s House have a great selection! If you would still prefer to personally shop in store, then shopping at the end of the day is a must. By this time your feet will be naturally swollen from your daily activities and will give you a more accurate sizing guide.

Metal Matching

This is the number one tip that many brides will underestimate. When choosing jewelry, you should match the metal to your dress. What does this mean? If your dress is ivory tone, then gold jewelry would be the best choice. Pure white goes best with silver or white gold. If the dress already has rhinestones, follow their color.

When picking jewelry, consider the neckline. It will guide you on which type of necklace to choose. A beautiful pendant necklace will enjance a V-neckline. Or, you can go with a sophisticated pearl necklace.

Don’t Overdo

Piling up on jewelry and other accessories simply doesn’t work. Less is more should be your guide here. Which accessories should you include in your look? If you wear your hair up, choose beautiful earrings that hang to make them more noticeable. Or if your wedding gown is simple, go for a beautiful statement necklace.

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Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing A Veil

A beautiful veil is what makes the bridal look complete. If you want to include it, then these tips will help you. The veil should always match the exact color of the dress. Look for the same shade and tone fabric. If the back of the dress has interesting details, then choose a sheer material. You do not want to cover any beautiful beading or embellishments.

When it comes to length, pick according to your height. Floor-length will make you appear taller, so go for it if this is your goal. Middle-length is reserved for the tall brides. But, short veils will suit everyone.

If a veil does not fit in your style, then you have other alternatives. A flower wreath is a good combination with relaxed waves.

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