What Have We Been Up To Recently?

What Have We Been Up To Recently?

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Sim’s Life has been ridiculously quiet recently, with the summer holidays playing their part! I would love to say I have been sunning myself on a beach in Barbados, however… I haven’t!

The last three weeks have flown by in a blur really, with my feet hardly touching the ground and finding out there aren’t enough hours in the day, even when childfree! Though, what have we been up to recently?

So what have we been up to recently?

What Have We Been Up To Recently?

The summer holidays kicked off to a fantastic start, with a week’s ‘break’ away in France visiting my parents. It is always lovely to see them and explore their beautiful surroundings, but knowing that I had consigned myself to a decorating and DIY project in the house upon my return, it was seriously hard to relax! Our holiday flew by far too quickly for my liking and before I knew it, we were landing back in Manchester to be greeted by the rain.

Where is our Summer? Seriously! What is with this weather? I was hoping on a repeat performance of last summer, when I blogged about it being too hot – maybe I tempted fate, sorry all! Needless to say, I am a tad disappointed with all the rain we have experienced, it isn’t fun when you have children to occupy during the 6 week holidays!

I am currently childfree, which has meant that I can crack on with decorating Liv’s bedroom ready for her return. I utterly detest decorating, nothing bores me senseless more than painting! In fact, it is a blessing the sun isn’t shining as I would have used that as an excuse not to paint!

The holidays haven’t seen me confined to decorating, as I have fortunately been out and about with friends to enjoy some me time! Most memorably, the Manchester Utd vs Chelsea Match Day Hospitality event yesterday. Jane from A Little Lyrical won two tickets at the May BlogOn conference and we bided our time to check out the new season fixtures before deciding. Now, at the time it seemed a great idea to pick this particular match – me being a Chelsea fan, sitting in a room filled with Utd fans all day. I had high hopes that Chelsea would win the game and went in feeling optimistic. Well, I never expected a 4-0 annihilation from Utd… I don’t think anyone else did either!

What have we been up to recently - Old Trafford

Still, it was a fabulous day and everyone was so lovely! We certainly came away after making new friends and having some much need childfree time to let our hair down.

Taking some time off from blogging has been lovely and much needed before the Christmas countdown. However getting back into the swing of things again is hard! I promise normal service shall resume this week, hopefully Chelsea FC will have the same idea too!

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Jane

    You coped very well with the defeat, and have to agree we had an awesome time!! x

  2. Lorna - The Writing Greyhound

    It definitely sounds like you’ve been very busy – and it’s good to hear that taking a step back from blogging has done you good too. Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays! #pocolo

  3. chickenruby

    what a lovely friend to have to takew you to the game despite your team getting thrashed, I hope you enjoyed the hospitality. #pocolo

  4. Stephanie 139a

    I could do with some more hours in the day too – so let me know if you work that one out 🙂 And totally with you on the weather!! Thanks for joining us at #PoCoLo

    1. S1m

      Alas, I am still working on it and think I may be for a very long time 🙁 At least the sun is shining this Bank Holiday! 🙂 X

  5. Susan Mann

    Oh dear, that wasn’t a good football result. Sounds like a fun time with the hospitality though. Looks like a great time xx

    1. S1m

      Unfortunately not the greatest result in Chelsea history – however the memories from the day far outweigh it!x

  6. Debbie

    Hi Sim, I’m with you on decorating being a tedious chore and that’s just when I’m making tea for the husband as he paints away. Luckily for me, he finds it a relaxing pastime… Your summer started out so promising too! I think I correct in saying that it’s warm over there now?… I have no idea when it comes to football, but after having returned to blogging myself after a bit of a break I know exactly how that feels. I felt like a newbie again, all nerves and doubts… To be honest that’s normal for me even after several years of blogging.


    1. S1m

      Decoraing is horrible, but at least it is now done… and I can start thinking about decorating the next room! 😉 xx

  7. Susan Mann

    It sounds like you’ve been very busy. I have been thinking about stepping back from blogging too. Glad it has helped hon xx

    1. S1m

      The summer holidays did pass in a blue – sometimes a step back is required to refresh those batteriwes! 🙂 x

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