7 Places You Could Be Wasting Money Every Day

7 Places You Could Be Wasting Money Every Day

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Money doesn’t grow on trees. Most people have to work hard for the money they have. However much you earn, it only makes sense to make sure you’re not unnecessarily spending money, so you can put the rest to good use. You can put more money into savings funds, your retirement, and even give to causes that mean a lot to you. For all of the money you may be wasting, you may even be able to afford a trip somewhere luxurious. Below, you’ll find 7 places you could be wasting money every day. Take a look! 

  1. Your Daily Starbucks

Drinking Starbucks might give you the energy kick you need to start the day, but there’s no denying that it can be a waste of money. Depending on what you buy, and assuming you don’t buy any food with it, you could spend £100 or more each month! Rather than seeing this as your everyday essential, invest in a coffee machine or just use instant coffee. Have this kind of coffee as an occasional treat. 

  1. Your Food Shopping

Buying ready meals rather than fresh ingredients often means you’ll be eating rubbish and spending more. Not going with a list is a huge mistake too – many people waste as much as 40% of the food they buy! Always go with a list, and never go hungry. If you do, you’ll be tempted to buy so much more.

  1. Your Car

Cars can cost a fortune, but there are ways you can keep those expenses down. Looking for a nice used car from a place like https://www.hiltoncarsupermarket.co.uk could help you to keep costs down. You should also do the following:

  • Don’t travel with unnecessary weight in the car
  • Keep your tyres inflated correctly
  • Don’t bother buying ‘premium’ fuel unless you own a performance car 
  • Install a black box to monitor your driving and save on insurance
  • Only drive when you have to – try to walk or use a bike 
  • Keep up with your car maintenance 
  1. Subscriptions You’re Not Using 

Netflix, Amazon prime, and Spotify can all take up a huge chunk of money over the course of a year – especially if you’re not using them enough. Only keep what you can justify. You should also consider cancelling your gym membership if you always seem to make excuses. 

  1. Little Purchases You Don’t Really Think About

Those little purchases you don’t think make a difference do make a difference. Buying sweets at the counter and making other unplanned purchases is dangerous – especially at places like gas stations!

  1. Buying Brand Name Products

You’d be surprised to learn that supermarket own brand products often taste the same as the expensive brands. Make swaps each week and you’ll see for yourself. Over time, the savings will add up. 

  1. ‘Deals’ That You Don’t Need 

You might think you’re getting a great deal with offers like ‘3 for 2’, but if you only needed one in the first place, you’re still spending money unnecessarily! Of course, it makes sense to go for offers like this if you know you’d only be buying the item again next week anyway, but when it comes to things like makeup and clothes, you should be sensible.


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