It’s Back To Work Time!

It’s Back To Work Time!

The first day of school is almost a relief, not simply for the fact Liv goes back to school and I can crack on with normality again… but for the fact I also need the routine too.

The past few weeks have passed in a whirlwind and unfortunately this meant taking time away from blogging, meaning I now have a gazllion things to catch up on before I start even considering Christmas! However, not only is it back to school day, it’s back to work time too!

It’s Back To Work Time!

Did anyone else smile this morning as their children walked into school? Whilst I many not appreciate my 7.23am alarm waking me up, for today, I did not mind it ringing away too much.

It is going to be lovely getting back into the swing of things, especially knowing what day/date it actually is again! Does anyone else lose track of time, or is it just me?

waterfall in Pyrenees

With Autumn setting in at the end of September, it really does feel as if we have not experienced summer. It rained far too much for my liking, to the point I even considered building an ark. Mancunians tend to be prepared for rain most days, but I had high hopes of a repeat performance of last summer when I blogged about it being too hot to work!

As I type, I am sat back at Jen’s kitchen table, with gossip on the go, alongside our usual mugs of coffee, with plenty of ideas to get started on.

Memories of our fabulous holidays spent in France and erm, Blackpool over the holidays are simply that now, memories. Summer clothes have been packed away, with winter woolies brought out of hibernation along with the dilemma of when to switch on the central heating!

I’m starting September off exactly how I mean to go on, productive, actually replying to emails and trying to be on top of everything. Will that still be the case at the end of the month? We shall see! 😉

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  1. sam

    I will be honest looking forward to getting back to routine also the autumn time which is the best season X

    1. S1m

      I hope it is a mild Autumn – the weather gods need to make it up to us for it raining most days during the summer! 😉 x

  2. Kim Carberry

    I have been looking forward to getting back into some sort of a routine. I have totally lost track of the days too.
    Good luck with all the productivity! x

    1. S1m

      I’m getting there this week, hope you are back on top of it now too! I have even remembered it is Thursday… just! 😉 x

  3. Debbie

    Hi Sim, my youngest finished school last year and I’ve not once missed doing the school run or any other kind of run that went with having a ‘child’ at school. However, the downside is I often don’t know what day of the week it is and that’s with a regular job! When children are off school it’s hard on parents to keep some kind of routine for themselves… Well, I hope you enjoy this time and manage to get back on top of things and into a routine.


    1. S1m

      Hey Debbie! Oh I envy you, I cannot wait to give up the school runs, however it will be odd having more time on my hands! I may need to invest in some more calendars so I can keep track of days and dates! I’m getting back into the swing of things slowly this week – I maybe up to speed come the end of the month… just in time for the next school break! 😉 xx

  4. chickenruby

    I lost track of days and dates after the last child left home and even more so when we moved to Dubai where the weekend is a Friday and a Saturday

    1. S1m

      It is all far too confusing! I’ve only just remember to write 2019 as opposed to 2018! 😉

  5. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Sim, even though my children are grown my granddaughter started Kindergarten this year 🙂 I don’t know how mothers of small children find time to blog and do all they do today. I’m trying to get back into a “fall” routine here as I took some time off this summer and then got sick. So I’m settling back into my old regular routine. The fall season can do that to most of us today. I hope all goes well this school year 🙂

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much for your lovely message Lisa, I hope you are feeling much better now! Getting back into a regular routine is definitely what is needed and will certainly perk me up! Hope you have settled back in too! 🙂 x

  6. Sophie Gillum-Webb

    Oh Sim I wish I was feeling as productive as you I am stuck in a complete rut!!

    1. S1m

      Oh chick, that’s not fighting talk! Hope you have had a good weekend and are feeling energized for a productive week!xx

  7. Susan Mann

    I miss not doing the school runs, but it’s all about the balance. I am glad you’ve made some lovely memories over the summer and are getting back into that routine xx

    1. S1m

      Can’t say I will miss the school runs, especially when it’s raining! 😉 x

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