4 Simple Ways To Treat Yourself

4 Simple Ways To Treat Yourself

It can be hard to find time to enjoy ourselves sometimes, doing those little things that make us happy. With busy lives balancing work, family, home and the chores that need to be done, creating time to treat yourself, whether it be for ten minutes or an afternoon, is tricky to do. The problem is often that we don’t prioritize it, or we feel guilty for relaxing. But we all need time out, time to ourselves, indulging in something that makes us happy. Which is why today we are sharing with you 4 simple ways to treat yourself. 

Curl up with a book and a cuppa

This one works even if you can only grab ten minutes to yourself. 

It is worth always having a book on the go, one that lurks in the back of your mind throughout the day so that you are keen to wind down with it when you get the chance.

When you manage to carve out a little time for yourself, pop the kettle on, grab that book and find a comfy seat. Reading in the sunshine in your garden in the warmer months is so relaxing, with the sounds of bees buzzing and birds tweeting, floral scents wafting your way. Or snuggle down with a warm, woolly throw in the cooler months, maybe make that drink a hot chocolate. Bliss!

4 Simple Ways To Treat Yourself

Play it loud and proud!

We all have those favourite songs and playlists. The ones that instantly brighten our mood, the ones that have us singing loudly at the tops of our voices and the ones that get us up and dancing around. Play those songs and feel your mood lift instantly. 

If you are having a trip down memory lane and playing songs that you loved that you don’t own, there is a way to play them over and over on a loop. You can find out how to do that here https://setapp.com/how-to/loop-a-youtube-video so go and choose those tunes from your youth and have fun. 

Indulge in that film or binge-watching session

We all have those films that are just comfortable. The ones that we enjoy being able to laugh along with or perhaps shed a tear over. They are the ones where we can recite most of the words and yet we are never bored of watching them. Or maybe you have a favourite box set that you love to settle down to, or there is a new season showing of a feel-good show that you are desperate to binge watch. Then do it!

Schedule yourself some time out, time out just for you to disappear for a little while and do nothing but lounge and enjoy. 

Get outside

Getting outside into the great outdoors is an instant pick me up. Whether you are just taking a stroll around the block, walking the dog in the park or giving geocaching a go, the combination of fresh air, sunshine and a change of scenery will lighten your mood and leave you feeling energized and refreshed. 

This is about getting outside with purpose. This is about taking a deliberate break from work and chores and running errands to be outside. Soak it in and relax into it. Try to leave your phone in your bag so that you can be fully present in the moment.

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