Here’s How To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

Here’s How To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

Are you bored of your home’s design? 

Here’s How To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

Rather than experiencing feelings of joy and content within your home’s surroundings, do you feel dissatisfied and frustration instead?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then it’s time to look for some new design ideas. But where do you start? Well, here are some suggestions that you might find useful.

#1: Speak to the professionals

It might be an interior design professional with a finger on the pulse of the modern home buyer. Or it could be a home builder with an eye for the latest architectural practices. You might speak to an estate agent too, perhaps under the pretence that you’re looking to add value to your home. These are the people who understand what works and what doesn’t in home design, so follow the previous link and do a Google search online to find people who might be able to offer you some advice and inspiration.

#2: Visit the homes of your friends and family

Without being too intrusive, have a good look at the homes of the people closest to you. Examine both the outside and inside of their homes, and make a mental note of the features that excite you. You might discover your parents have the perfect flooring in their bathroom, for example, and you might notice a colour scheme that you like when exploring the home of your best friend. You will also notice things you don’t like – that orange floral wallpaper in your gran’s house might not be to your taste – so you can then filter out certain choices before you start work on your own property.

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#3: Pick up a magazine

There are loads on interior design magazines on the market, and not only do they give you tips and tricks on how to elevate your home’s visual appeal, but they also give you an idea of where to buy the items they display. Here are five of the best, including popular choices Elle Decoration and Ideal Home. Pick one up the next time you’re out shopping, or subscribe if you have the budget to do so.

#4: Search for inspiration online

The internet is rife with interior design tips. You might use the search options on Pinterest and Instagram to find user uploads of the homes they have designed. You should check out specialist interior design websites too, especially those that include video footage of the homes they include. And you should also visit home interior stores online, as you might find a product or two that will give your home extra visual appeal. Check out the link for some excellent examples.

#5: Look for inspiration everywhere

The next time you’re on vacation, consider the decor in your hotel room. When you’re exploring the countryside, picture the nature-inspired design that could be possible for your home. Look at the sky, the sea, and the natural world around you, and reflect on the colours that you see. And take a look outside of your window now as you might see something that will inspire you, be that a neighbour’s home or the colour of a passing car. Be open to finding inspiration wherever you are, as you might just find something suitable for your home’s design!

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