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Fall 2019 Athleisure Style

by S1m
Fall 2019 Athleisure Style

The athleisure movement in fashion is something that has been hard to ignore for the past few years. It is being hailed as the biggest fashion shift of the 21st century so far and has even led to us seeing sales of athleisure clothing eat into sales of denim, the traditional go-to option for casual clothes. Athleisure is all about repurposing designs and materials used in performance sportswear into stylish clothing you can wear beyond the gym, with athleisure becoming popular as streetwear and also even having an influence on what fashionistas are wearing at international fashion weeks, as well as making its way into more casual workplaces.

If you’re a fan of athleisure or have missed out on the trend so far and want to start adopting it, then fall 2019 is likely to see the athleisure feel being just as strong as it has been in the past few seasons. Here are three ways to incorporate an athleisure look into your fall 2019 daywear:

High Fashion Sneakers

One of the things that have happened since athleisure has become a major force in fashion is that sportswear brands have begun to put more of their resources into designing fashionable and stylish options that have a place when the wearer isn’t necessarily being active. The opposite has also happened, with high fashion designer labels producing sports and activewear that carries their signature luxury and style.

Autumn fashion 2019

If you want to add an athleisure feel to your clothes, it is not about just wearing stuff you’d pull on for a spinning class or going for low effort, uninspired sweats and sneakers – it is about wearing sporty clothes with a fashion twist. Designer sneakers are the perfect way to achieve this and give you something you can wear every day. Take a look at SSENSE to see the latest collections of high-end sneakers, including Gucci sneakers and sneakers by other great labels like Givenchy and Balenciaga. They have all of the best designer names in one place, so is the ideal place to browse and choose from the newest sneaker styles.


Leggings are almost always a part of a fall wardrobe, making for a cozy way to get a little more wear out of things like denim skirts from the summer, and pairing nicely with sweater dresses. However, if you switch outclassing leggings for running styles in sporty designs, you can have the basis for sporty outfits that fit athleisure perfectly.

Fall 2019 Sports Glasses


Another simple way to add in some athleisure style is to get some new eyeglasses frames in a sports style or invest in some sporty sunglasses. This kind of accessory changes your whole look and can definitely adapt the aesthetic of your overall outfit to a more laid back, athleisure feel in a way that you can wear regularly.

As you can see, there are some easy ways to switch things in your wardrobe to their athleisure-inspired counterparts and update your fall look to something that is really on-trend.

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