To Absent Friends And Remembering Birthdays When You Travel

cupcakes - an idea for celebrating a birthday whilst travelling

Nothing beats travelling around the world. Whether you take work with you or take a year off, this is a fantastic way to enrich your life and build memories that last. The only trouble is that travelling does come at some cost, and we aren’t just talking about the price of flights.

Spending extended periods away from friends and family can be incredibly tough on both you and them, and maintaining relationships requires ongoing effort. Even if you meet people in your exotic destinations, after all, it’s your childhood friends that will always be there for you to go home to.

 Sadly, there’s little chance of keeping relationships alive if you don’t remember you near and dear’s birthdays. In fact, this can send a message that you’re having too much fun to think about such trivialities. That’s never nice, and it’s something you can avoid by marking birthdays back home in the following ways no matter where you are.

Bunch of Balloons To Absent Friends And Remembering Birthdays When You Travel

Make the most of online options

 By far the best option here is to send a gift straight to your recipient’s address using online options. When you order fresh flowers like those found here or even purchase something from Amazon, it’s possible to include any postage address. In most cases, you’ll even find that you can opt for such items to be gift wrapped, complete with a personalised tag! Imagine the joy your loved one will experience when they open the door on an unexpected present delivery! This is especially effective for friends you haven’t spoken to for a while, and shows the people you love that they’re always on your mind, no matter what. Even better, you needn’t leave your hotel room to make this magic happen. Buying gifts online for friends really is easy and will certainly brighten their day when they receive a gift from you, even if you are unable to celebrate the day with them. 

 Collaborate with people back home

 If you can’t guarantee the person in question will be around to receive a delivery on their birthday, online ordering might not suit. In this instance, collaborating with people closer to home would be a better choice. If you have friends or family members in common with the recipient, merely transferring money and asking them to buy your gift of choice could work wonders. You could even put in together a get a joint gift. This way, you’ll feel like part of the fun, irrelevant of the distance between you.

 Remember that gifts aren’t everything

 It’s also important to remember that physical gifts aren’t everything. In the case of absent friends, the chance for a chat often goes down much better. This is especially the case if your time zone is wildly different, and you don’t often get the chance for a proper catch-up. You could go all out with a surprise Skype video call at four in the morning your time to really make that birthday special. Again, you may want to arrange this with people back home to make sure the birthday recipient is online at the right time. Then, without spending a penny, you can let that person know how much they mean to you.

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