Fundamental Fashion Mistakes For Men And How To Avoid Them

Fundamental Fashion Mistakes For Men And How To Avoid Them

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Men’s fashion trends may not be nearly as tricky as women’s; however, this doesn’t mean that men are immune to embarrassing fashion blunders. While avoiding the unspeakably comfortable combo of socks and sandals may be just as obvious as avoiding the infamous jorts, there are several other fundamental fashion mistakes that will completely destroy your look and your reputation. Finding the latest trends in men’s fashion has been made simple with the go-to shop in the UK for men’s clothing, and dodging embarrassment can be done by avoiding the following fundamental fashion mistakes for men.

Fundamental Fashion Mistakes For Men And How To Avoid Them

Badly Fitted Clothes

Unless your goal is to maintain a sloppy image, you should be wearing clothes that fit properly. It may be a bit challenging to initially find the right fit may be a bit tricky, especially if you have already made a habit of buying larger sizes. However, the right fit has the power to make even a plain white shirt look incredibly charming. Essentially, the fit is as important as the quality of your clothing.

Fashion Mistakes For Men

Short-Sleeve Shirt And Tie

There is almost no reason why attempting this look would be logical unless you are employed in the food industry and it is part of your uniform. Pairing a short-sleeve shirt with a tie will create a very immature look, which means you should either lose the tie and loosen up a couple of buttons or opt for a long-sleeve shirt instead.

T-Shirt Tucking

Polo shirts and smart shirts are the only shirts that are appropriate for tucking. This style sense may have been a men’s fashion staple back in the day, but it truly has no place in 21st-century fashion. T-shirts should always be worn over jeans and chinos.

Oversized Blazers

As previously mentioned, oversized clothing is a fundamental fashion mistake that is best avoided. However, wearing an oversized blazer is probably one of the worst decisions a man could make. It is always best to have your blazers and suit jackets tailored to ensure they fit correctly. Rather than looking tatty for a job interview, the extra spend on having your blazer tailored to size will be well-worth the small spend to look great in your suit.

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Outdated Casual Ties

Ties are available in an endless variety, which means that most men probably have quite a few. Even though you may be holding onto your cartoon print ties from the ‘90s, it would be best to toss them and opt for trendy prints that won’t embarrass you. A tie has the ability to make or break an outfit, which is why you should extra care when choosing an appropriate casual tie.

Mixing Too Many Patterns

It may be a bit tempting to wear al your playful pattern clothing items together, but you should rather avoid looking like a bold mess and rather settle on one pattern to coordinate with plain items. Therefore, a plain suit with a patterned tie is more than bold enough. When it comes to your casual clothing choices, the same rule applies; patterns should be kept constant and to a minimum to avoid a messy look.

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