How Can You Make Money From Your Passion?

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We tend to think that earning money has to, in one way or another, be a painful experience. The only way we’re going to direct money into our bank account is by doing something that we fundamentally dislike. And you can’t blame people for thinking this way: most jobs have had most of the joy sucked out of them. It’s always worth keeping in mind, however, that there are other ways of doing things. Many people have made money from their passion in the past; who’s to say that you can’t also? While you’ll find it difficult to earn a full-time income from the thing you love (though who knows what the future holds?), there are plenty of ways to make small amounts of money that can help boost your income. We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below.

Make Money From Your Passion

Run a Website

If you know a lot about a subject, then why not bring all of that information together in digital form by running a website? It’s true that it can be difficult these days to really make mega-money by running a website, but if it becomes popular, you can earn enough to feel the difference in your bank account. One smart way to boost the revenue from your site is to sell related products. If you have a website about, say, the English Premier League, then it would make sense to sell shirts and memorabilia, since you know that everyone that visits your site will be interested. 

Teach Classes

It’s unlikely that you’ll get good enough at anything to do it professionally and make a living for yourself. That’s not being negative: it’s just being realistic. Very few guitarists end up performing at arenas to an adoring crowd, even though they’re technically superb on the instrument. But it’s not like you have to choose between all or nothing. There’s an in-between space where you can exist, too. You can teach others, for example. If you’ve been playing the guitar for more years than you can remember, then you’ll have a whole host of knowledge that other people would happily pay you for. 

Around the Activity 

There are few passions that exist entirely within themselves. They all have activities based around them. Could you get involved in one of them? For example, have a think about, say, travel. If you’re passionate about travelling, then you could earn some money by helping other people’s travel dreams come true. This might involve arranging travel and accommodation, leading tours, or anything else. The same principle can be applied to sporting and music events. Could you become a licensed ticket agent? 

Work the Systems

There are always ways to make money from the thing that you love. Take, for example, sports. You could end up as a professional footballer, but let’s be realistic — that’s not going to happen. In recent years, there’s been a rise in people choosing to bet on sporting matches. This can be harmless fun that helps to make those run of the mill games for exciting. But it’s not a very sophisticated system, and you could end up losing a lot more than you gain. There is another way to “gamble” on sports matches, however — in fact, it’s so reliable that it can’t really be considered gambling. Get involved with trading sports markets, and you’ll have the chance to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event. You might not make enough from this strategy to live off, but it’ll be a happy boost to your bank balance. 

Write a Book

You hear a lot about podcasts and videos these days — and it’s true that they are pretty popular. But there is another option out there, one that arguably makes more sense to get involved in because of the increased profit margins: ebooks. You can make videos, but you’ll need a lot of expensive equipment if you want to make money from them. Ebooks are easy. You can type the whole thing on a free program, and then upload it to the Kindle store, where you’ll get to keep 70% of the profit. If you know everything there is to know about your passion, then look at getting it down onto digital paper. If it’s a common interest, then you’ll find that there are plenty of people who are happy to pay the cost of the book to get your expert opinion.

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Online Courses

If your interest is more specialised, and can’t be covered entirely in one book, then you could look at putting together an online course. These are increasingly popular in recent years, perhaps because they’re directed learning (as opposed to a book, which can be quite isolating). They’re relatively easy to put together, though it’ll help if you have some teaching experience, or at least know how to structure a course correctly. The good thing about this option is that you only have to make one high-quality course to make a passive long-term income. So long as the content is relevant, people will keep on buying.

Trading Memorabilia

You know how much people can love certain things. They’ll consume everything that’s related! If you’ve got an eye for quality, then look at buying and selling memorabilia related to your passion. 

Get Involved in the World 

Finally, have a think about networking. If you’re involved in the world of your passion, then you never know which opportunities will present themselves from time to time. It’s all about who you know. If you’re hanging out with people with one toe in the professional world of your passion, then one day, they might just ask you to work in their world.


You don’t have to make money from your passion. It’s enough to enjoy them without any financial component coming into play. But it is pretty great to get paid for something that you love. Take the tips above, and you might just get to enjoy that sweet satisfying feeling soon. 


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