Tips On How To Make Keto Work For You

Tips On How To Make Keto Work For You

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Whilst the Keto lifestyle mainly works due to minimal carb intake with much higher fat and protein based meals, you can do other things to help it along.

You may find yourself lacking in energy before the benefits of Keto start kicking in, you can aid this by drinking lots of water. Water plays a huge part in the lifestyle, keeping you hydrated and also helping you to flush away the toxins. Drinking plenty of water helps skin’s elasticity, so aim for at least 2 litres a day.

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So, you’ve taken the plunge, you’ve worked out your macros, you know where to start, let’s have a look at how to make Keto work for you!

Tips On How To Make Keto Work For You

help skin's elasticity


You may not feel like exercising much in your first few weeks on Keto, however once your body has adapted you will find yourself feeling totally energised. Long walks, cycling and just generally moving around are a good way to ease yourself in whilst adjusting to the lifestyle, however in order to tone up whilst losing weight on Keto you will certainly need to up your game. Strength training (weights) and cardio workouts such as running, cycling and swimming are all fantastic for helping your body keep up with the diet. There is a lot of information on how exercise can affect the Keto lifestyle, however it is best to take it at your own pace and find what fitness routine suits you.

Collagen Ultra


If you find yourself suffering with headaches, fatigue or muscle cramps whilst following Keto, increasing your electrolyte intake can help with this. That just means increasing your daily intake of sodium, potassium and magnesium and also increasing your water intake. Whilst there are electrolyte supplements available, I tend to eat a lot of meat and vegetables and also add Pink Himalayan Salt which is a staple on the diet! I do however take collagen supplements such as Collagen Ultra (prices start from £26.95 for a month’s supply from Stirling Health) to help my body adjust to the weight loss. Our natural collagen production depletes as we age, but also when dieting – collagen helps with bone, joint and muscle recovery and taking the supplements for an added boost can also help aid skin’s elasticity too.

Pamper your skin on Keto

Pamper your body

You are quite literally putting your body through the ringer on the Keto diet! By decreasing the amount of carbohydrates you consumer on a daily basis, the state of being in ketosis means your body is using fat stores to produce the energy you need to function, hence why Keto is great for weight loss. However, there are so many great health benefits to following the Keto diet too when you realise how to make Keto work for you!

Take baths in epsom salts to help ease your body; massage in body creams such as the Hydrosil Tumeric Butter & Hypoallergenic Milk Salve (£9.95 for 75ml from the Skin Shop) which helps to moisturise and protect skin’s natural oils and repair skin barrier. Much needed in throughout Winter when your skin can appear dry due to the harsher and colder weather.

Most importantly, just enjoy the Keto diet and ensure you research thoroughly before you embark on your new lifestyle. The contents of your fridge will change completely and whilst you do not have to stop socialising whilst on Keto, you do need to stop eating Warburton’s crumpets! 😉

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Make Keto work for you


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  1. Shannon

    Great tips! I have never tried keto but have heard so much about it. I just can’t seem to get myself to work out lately at all but i am starting with super baby steps and starting to just eat a lot healthier!

    1. S1m

      It’s all about the baby steps, they really do add up! Keto has totally changed how I see food, the benefits are amazing!x

  2. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    Great tips that I intend to follow #pocolo@_karendennis

    1. S1m

      If you are looking into the Keto diet, feel free to give me a shout!

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