4 Great Ideas To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

4 Great Ideas To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

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We all know that buying and running a car can get pretty costly. Perhaps you’ve got a feeling that you might be paying too much for your car insurance? Either this or your just curious to see how you could stand to save money on your car insurance. For those looking to make their pennies stretch a little further in the car-insurance department, read on!

4 Great Ideas To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Get the discounts 

Now, if you’re not clued up on the discounts, you could fail to reap the rewards. Many companies offer low mileage discounts- so if you don’t often rank up the mileage, it could be worth asking for this. Another common discount is related to anti-theft. If your vehicle is equipped with some good anti-theft protection, an insurer might give you a lesser price. Other companies will offer reductions for drivers who haven’t been in any accidents, so if your records clean- let them know!

Used cars can often be less expensive to insure than brand new. With this in mind, if you’re buying something, a used car could be the way to go. Companies such as Quick Car Credit offer some great used cars with attractive finance options for a range of circumstances. 

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Compare prices 

Doing a thorough price comparison is an easy way to get yourself a better deal. You’ll likely have a policy in place that renews automatically. If you simply have a shop around before it’s renewal time, you could find something cheaper and stumble across car insurance providers such as One Sure Insurance. Some providers will keep their cheapest prices and discounts for new customers. When you consider this, it’s sometimes worth ditching your current policy and becoming a newbie elsewhere! There are plenty of price comparison tools online (so the shop around doesn’t have to be much of a headache). 

Up your excess

If you up the price of your voluntary excess, you could make your premium go down. Of course, this will vary from company to company, so you’ll need to check. Ensure that you keep the excess affordable in the case of a claim. It’s vital that you are entirely comfortable with what the payout would be before you increase your excess. 

Add a second driver 

Sometimes, adding a second driver to your policy could help you to get a better deal. The driver will need to be more experienced for the price to be reduced. Often, new and younger drivers will their add parents to policies for this reason. Remember, if you’re choosing this option, the second driver will actually need to be using the car. (otherwise, you’ll land yourself in some legal trouble)!

Taking a little time choosing your insurance can save you money in the long run. Don’t be tempted to go for the first option you see. Get yourself several different quotes and keep looking if you’re not satisfied. Lastly, those who’ve taken a defensive driving course are always considered less of a risk to insurers. Defensive driving courses are beneficial generally speaking to stay safe behind the wheel. With car prices increasingly all the time, you’ll likely be happy with a few hacks to cut your car costs!

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