Top Places To Eat Out In Manchester

Top Places To Eat Out In Manchester

As a blogger, when asked what my favourite reviews are to write, my answer is generally food related reviews! Easily swayed by food, restaurant reviews not only give me the opportunity to try a completely new meal, but they also mean that I do not have to cook or wash up!

Over the years, Liv and I have dined out at many amazing restaurants in Manchester, where the majority of reviews can be found over at Manchester MummyHowever, I thought it was about time I did a round up of our favourite Manchester restaurant reviews to give you inspiration on where to dine out!

Top Places To Eat Out in Manchester

Top Places To Eat Out In Manchester

Bill’s Restaurant Trafford Centre

I’m starting with Bill’s Restaurant as it was one of our most recent restaurant visits and is still fresh in my mind. This is a fabulous family friendly eaterie based in The Orient in the Trafford Centre. With so many other places to choose from, why should you dine here? With a quirky style and offering comfort away from the hustle and bustle, Bill’s offers pan-European style food at reasonable prices. Their Autumn menu has just been updated and is seriously worth a try, with tempting meal options such as Mojo marinated chicken skewers, you will not be disappointed!

George's Restaurant Worsley - Squid starter from a restaurant in Manchester

George’s Worsley

What can I say about George’s Restaurant in Worsley? Well, it’s the restaurant I take my mother too! Based on the outskirts of Manchester city centre, the restaurant is spacious and serves ridiculously tasty food at reasonable prices, the menus adapt to the change in season’s. With the colder season upon us,  we all look to Winter warmers to keep us fuelled and the George’s Sunday Roast is no exception! Keep an eye on their website for speciality evenings and offers!

The best corned beef hash from a restaurant in Manchester

Albert Square Chop House

Want to try the best corned beef hash in Manchester? Then you definitely need to head to the Albert Square Chop House! Part of  a trio of Victorian style chop houses, expect lots of yummy British cuisine on the menu. I had wanted to try their famous Corned Beef Hash topped with a poached egg for a long while, it was well worth the wait when I finally did! If you are planning on visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets, this restaurant is right in the heart of it and worth a visit!

Scene Indian Restaurant in Manchester

Scene Indian Restaurant

Liv and I have always loved a good Indian foodie feast and that is exactly what you can expect from this gem based in Spinningfields, in the heart of Manchester. Open for lunch time dinners and for evenings, it is well worth booking before you head down to Scene as it is extremely popular! The food is divine, the hardest decision is knowing what to order as everything is so tasty! If you can ever make it through to the end, the dessert menu is quite special, but if you are like me, you will not be able to move passed the starters!

There are so many wonderful restaurants to dine in in the Manchester area, with so many food options available. This is just a tiny roundup of our top places to eat out in Manchester that we have visited over the years. Wherever you choose to dine, it is well worth booking a table at Manchester restaurants beforehand to ensure availability, especially in the run up to the Christmas Markets opening! Not Manchester based? Don’t worry, you can can find a whole host of restaurants around the country where you can book a table at a restaurant near you!

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Manchester that you can recommend?

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