Christmas Giveaway: Win A Big Potato Games Bundle

Christmas Giveaway: Win A Big Potato Games Bundle

It’s time for another Sim’s Life Christmas Giveaway and I am beyond excited to offer you the chance to win a Big Potato games bundle!

We have been lucky enough to put quite a few games from range to the test this year and even I have to admit to becoming a games fan this year! With a range featuring family friendly games or even a selection perfect for a games night with friends, I can guarantee lots of fun and laughter!

Easy to play, colourful and totally engaging, the Big Potato games range is perfect for family games time at Christmas! The prize bundle contains 20 Second Showdown and Santa Banter.

Christmas Giveaway: Win A Big Potato Games Bundle

20 Second Showdown from Big Potato Games

20 Second Showdown

Quick to understand the rules, this is a quick fire challenge game that will have everyone joining in! Split into two teams (yellow/blue team), appoint an adjudicator to read out the challenge, set the sand timer to the correct position and away you go! Aimed at children 10 years plus, I am sure you can get away with playing with slightly younger children too., just skip over any harder tasks. Challenges include ‘Count to 10 in a different language’, ‘introduce your team like they are a band’, ‘hang something from your nose’ and many more. Arrange your dream team and get ready to play! Things get more exciting as the timer starts to run dry, but don’t let the pressure of this super fun Big Potato game distract you! Don’t forget to pass the baton to the next team member for them to take up their challenge. Once you have completed a challenge, the time is flipped back over and a task given to the other team, the team who runs out of time is the loser – but simply reset the timer and play again!
You can purchase 20 Second Showdown from Amazon priced at £24.99.

Santa Banter from Big Potato Games

Santa Banter

This is a really great game to have to hand if you are preparing to travel over Christmas. Small and compact, Santa Banter packs an almighty punch in the fun stake though! A Christmas inspired take on another Big Potato favourite Obama Lama, this charades based game will delight all over the festive period! Trust me, there is nothing quite like watching your 10 year old child act out ‘Roast Turkey’! Grab people together in teams and mime or describe what is on the chosen card, if you remember the game is Christmas related, that will help a little! 😉 The game really is as simple as that to play! This is an adult based game, however you can select more ‘family friendly’ rhyme cards to play with! A fantastic gift idea, especially for a Secret Santa gift! You can purchase Santa Banter from Amazon priced at £9.99. 

If you are liking the sound of the Big Potato games prize bundle, why not enter for your chance to win below!
In the meantime, check out the awesome range of games available from Big Potato – I can highly recommend Weird Things Humans Search For!

For your chance to win a Big Potato Games Prize Bundle in time for Christmas (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win a Big Potato Games Bundle

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 8th December 2019.
Three winning entries will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winners will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a UK postal address to send to the official agent to arrange delivery of the prize will be required by the winners.
The winner will receive 1 x 20 Second Showdown and 1 x Santa Banter Big Potato Games Bundle.
Open to entrants in the UK only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.


Big Potato Games bundle giveaway

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This Post Has 184 Comments

  1. Tracy Nixon

    Up early to open pressies, a traditional roast turkey dinner, then play family games and watch Christmas tv!

  2. Jean Cassell

    I like to do a treasure hunt for my grandchildren

  3. Peter Watson

    We always get up late and have dinner late.

  4. charlotte isobelle

    we always go visit my gran in the care home and open presents with her, then on for christmas dinner and a sherry trifle


    We have toast together with some milk for the children and a cup of tea for the adults before we open presents

  6. Jackie Howell

    we all decorate the tree together and put carrots and water out for the reindeer, biscuits and milk for Santa and then we watch Santa and track Santa online.

    1. Karen Von kriegsheim

      Early rise, traditional Turkey dinner, afternoon film with mince pies and a glass wine or two

  7. Iain maciver

    putting up the decorations together

  8. Solange

    We open presents, have dinner and then play games and watch TV.

  9. Gemma Clark

    Opening pressies, Christmas dinner with family then on to visiting friends and family

  10. Suan Watts

    We make silly table presents

  11. Andrea Upton

    After we get up we eat some breakfast and then spend a lovely morning together opening gifts and the children enjoying their new things. Then a big Christmas lunch!

  12. Matthew Hudson

    Christmas Carol service Christmas Eve and then back to our house for toast gammon with friends!

  13. Priscilla Stubbs

    Up early, open our presents, have a cooked breakfast, visit family and friends, a snack lunch and have our Christmas Dinner about 5 pm. Strictly no tv on Christmas night, a game of Scrabble for us

  14. Amy Bondoc

    we go to my sister in laws for coffee at about 4

  15. Jane Willis

    Everyone in the family, young or old, gets a bag of chocolate coins and a satsuma on Christmas morning

  16. Hannah Lord

    so we have some odd ones, Stockings first, then breakfast which is Frosties as this was my treat as a child and I have carried it on. Presents.. then about a 3-4 hour lunch when my uncle always has to set off the smoke alarms with the flames from the christmas pudding, if he doesn’t its not flamey enough! Evening is always cheese.. mountains of it! Then work our way through my dad’s cocktail book and have our annual game of trivial pursuit. The TV never goes on on Christmas day.

  17. Leanne weir

    We always visit my parents in the morning and meet all the extended family

  18. Rachel Mccraith

    We do a family quiz, with prizes for the winners, complete with a trophy!

  19. Mummyuk86

    Caorls round the christmas tree in the morning and charades after lunch

  20. Rachel Walsh

    Open presents, have Christmas dinner with all the family, play Christmas games

  21. Margaret Gallagher

    Me cooking ! Simply adore it – the mpre the merrier

  22. Anthony Harrington

    I take the doggies out early at 5am for a walk in the countryside, when we get back we have warm mince pies for breakfast and then the festivities start.

  23. Susan B

    Children get up early to open their stockings, relaxing morning, open gifts under the tree then have Christmas lunch early afternoon.

  24. Katie

    We open presents first thing, then lunch at 1ish, and board games in the afternoon

  25. Kim Neville

    When the kids wake up no earlier than 7am now we go downstairs and they empty their stockings first then we open our presies before breakfast 🙂

  26. JonnyM

    Chilling out

  27. Claire Blakeley

    Making mince pies on christmas eve xx

  28. Justine Meyer

    We have new matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve

  29. Angela treadway

    having a drink before i start christmas dinner lol x

  30. Chloe Billington

    Sitting round after Christmas dinner and opening our presents. Each taking turns to open them and seeing the joy on everyone’s face

  31. jason w

    I always open my selection boxes first so i can stuff my face with chocolate while i open my presents!

  32. Maggie Coates

    Playing board games and cards

    1. Sarah Morris

      Open presents, eat chocolate, Xmas Dinner then a movie

  33. Rachael G

    Opening stockings in bed
    Pain au Chocolat for breakfast
    Christmas Dinner
    Followed by a lovely dog walk
    Then TV…and more food!

  34. Emma Ellams

    Always have trifle for breakfast and I always lose at Monopoly!!

  35. Amanda w

    We don’t really have a christmas tradition unless it’s the hubby taking the kids to the pub for a hour xmas day so I get some me time whilst I cook the dinner!!

  36. Susan Smith

    We dont really have a Christmas day tradition, its a free for all in the morning, but after the day is practically over, i do take a few minutes out to think about my dad

  37. Maria F

    A glass of champagne in the morning! Playing a board game after Midnight!

  38. Angie McDonald

    We all open one present when we all et up and then have a big cooked breakfast together of bacon and eggs!


    family get together for christmas dinner

  40. michelle o'neill

    we always let our granddaughter put the star on the tree, and we track santa every christmas eve.

  41. Sally Collingwood

    Have all the family around

  42. joanna butler-savage

    croissants and fresh juice for breakfast while opening presents, first glass of fizz at midday with nice nuts and a traditional xmas dinner with TV watching and sleeping in the afternoon.

  43. Sarah Heath

    Gammon for breakfast , out for lunch then cheese, biccies and choccies in front of the telly in the evening.

  44. hayley berry

    New pjs are opened christmas eve and we always have a bacon butty for breakfast on christmas day

  45. clair downham

    christmas lunch and a board game

  46. Lorraine Williams

    We have always had to wait for our son to get up, never an early morning with him! He has then opened some presents, prepare and eat lunch with family. Open other presents in the afternoon with a relaxed evening playing games with supper.

    1. Laura a

      LOVE Big potato games!
      Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then plenty of family games in the evening! Although this year it will be a boxing day Christmas due to 12 hour shifts on Xmas day

  47. Emily Hutchinson

    A stocking in bed, a game of darts, some quizzes, a glass of something sparkling then presents before Christmas dinner

  48. Annabel Greaves

    The family love to go on a Christmas walk to see all the lights on Christmas on Christmas Eve x

  49. Jade Hewlett

    We have family around for Christmas lunch and then play board games together

  50. Sonia Cash

    On Christmas Eve we drive round the local streets to see the Christmas lights. Then we put out some treats for Santa and the reindeer before hanging up our stockings before bed. Then it’s all up to Santa

  51. Dean T

    Dinner with the family then everyone opens their prezzies while stuffed

  52. andrea tinkler

    Just me and husband for dinner cos everyone else hates my cooking. Then off to grand daughters to watch her open her many presents

  53. Geri Gregg

    Each Christmas is different, as we visit various family. But in the evening we always put a Christmas film on and pig out on chocolate!

  54. Rebecca F

    Getting up, making a cuppa before going in the living room to open presents (no peeking beforehand and all the family have to be there pets included!)

  55. yasmin0147

    Eating too much and playing games. Also watching a lot of tv

  56. Nadia Josephine

    We always go for a long walk on Christmas morning to get some fresh air and work up an appetite!

  57. Pam Francis Gregory

    Christmas presents in the morning, my birthday presents in afternoon following dinner.

  58. Laura Wheatley

    Present opening, chocolate eating, christmas dinner then a visit to the inlaws

  59. Sean Eccles

    I normally wake up early to start the food then when kids have woken up we go wake up mummy we open our presents and then have breakfast then we play with our toys all day long together as a family then on the evening we snuggle down to watch a movie together and get a early night because it’s almost definitely been a very long day

  60. Mark Johnson

    Bacon Butyy before the present opening frenzy

  61. Ruth Harwood

    Christmas day is visiting family, then having a lovely meal and a chill together with a movie before bath and bed with clean covers, heaven!!

  62. Ursula Hunt

    No TV until 9pm

  63. Maria P

    we have an early family dinner and then we are opening presents

  64. Rebecca Sutton

    Our daughter comes to wake us up with her stocking, then we go down and have some brekkie, she opens a couple at home, then we take the rest to the mother in laws, once we pick up my stepdaughter they both open the rest together, then to the sister in laws for dinner

  65. Laura banks

    we chill and always play board games

  66. Mark R

    Bacon sarnies when get to parents, trifle for tea, and cold turkey with home made chutneys for supper

  67. Kevin Matthews

    Overeating and keeping my party hat on even as it rips with every turn of my head.

  68. Rich Tyler

    Watching ELF, having scrambed egg and salmon breakfast

  69. Katie B

    Lots of family time! We all meet at my parents and celebrate together. Mum Cooks lunch and we have drinks and play games!

  70. sallie burrows

    we let my daughter choose the food as its her birthday

  71. Dan P

    Up early, open pressies and this year I’m going on a big bike ride out.

  72. Susan Trubey

    we don’t have any.

  73. Laura Pritchard

    We always go for a long walk on Dartmoor whilst lunch is cooking.

  74. Lynn Neal

    We love to play board games on Christmas Eve and have new slippers and PJ’s.

  75. Helen-marie Porter

    sharing Christmas dinner with the family and friends

  76. Danika Lillelund

    My family loves board games! Always loads of laughter and fun.

  77. Tammy Westrup

    Opening stockings upstairs on the bed together before going downstairs to check if santa has gone or if he is still there! A chilled morning before lunch, then a walk and board games.

  78. clara

    starting the day with a glass of bubbly

  79. Jodie Green

    We dont really have any, as long as we have the traditional dinner then everything else is just a case of ‘whatever happens’ really – with 8 children, life is very unpredictable!

  80. Sarah Lambert

    We are up super early to open presents then family visit to see the kids have a mince pie and a small brandy/ sherrie and then usually have dinner around 2ish then sit down playing games and eating chocolate

  81. Charlotte G

    Up early to open presents with my kids, then out for the day to see family & to have dinner 🙂

  82. Sarah Ann

    My sister and I always bake Christmas cookies for our friends and family

  83. Amanda Aspinall

    The kids all climbing into my bed and opening their presents from Santa.

  84. Chris Andrews

    we don’t have any, we just go with the flow

  85. Keith Hunt

    I always watch the 3 Holiday on the Buses films on Boxing day.

  86. Lyndsey

    Nobody is allowed in the living room until a grown up has checked to see if Santa has been

  87. Robyn Clarke

    The kids wake up and find their stockings on their bedroom doors, they bring them to our room, we all open our stockings in bed. Then we go downstairs, to get them a little more excited we get the kids to wait till we’ve made a cup of coffee before they can open any presents, it drives them crazy 😀

  88. Natalie Burgess

    We open stockings then all gp dpwnstairs to open a few presents each. We then have a glass of bubbly and have breakfast before going in for the kill! We then look at our presents and watch films before Christmas dinner xx

  89. Tee Simpson

    We have dinner at my inlaws and play games and get merry.

  90. Helen Tovell

    Christmas day with the immediate family and then Boxing day with the extended family

  91. Hannah Carroll

    Up, presents, breakfast, more presents, bucks fizz, chocolate, more presents, then just eat and drink for the rest of the day!!

  92. Jayne Townson

    A lovely family Christmas dinner and then a few hours of board games and TV.

  93. Samantha Mytton

    We are waiting to create some new traditions with a baby on the way.

  94. Paul Bingham

    5am start ,with the stockings , breakfast then onto tree presents ,pick parents up then dinner

  95. Claire Willmer

    going downstairs altogether to open gifts, followed by breakfast (and chocolate lol) then we usually get dressed for the day and spend it with the rest of the family having dinner and playing games.

  96. Liam Bishop

    Bucks Fizz in the morning.

  97. Kat B

    Have a fight before breakfast and take it from there!

  98. Karen Usher

    Early start, stockings, followed by opening the presents, early lunch, relax and watch tv (play with presents) and then eat again, play a few board games.

  99. Sarah Whittington

    We always make each other a Christmas cracker

  100. Sarah Cooper

    Playing board games after dinner.

  101. Natasha Mairs

    We always have a cup of tea and biscuits before opening our presents. And on Boxing day we have a big buffet and play board games all day

  102. Iris

    We are always spending Christmas with my family in Switzerland, there we celebrate on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, weather permitting, we’re usually on the slopes skiing

  103. Shelley Jessup

    Funny Table Presents so every year someone buys a particular person’s table present that has to relate to something funny that has happened to them in that year, we open them in-between dinner courses & have such a great laugh & remember those memories we have made.

  104. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    This will make a change from the usual Monopoly after Christmas dinner #pocolo@_karendennis

  105. Sharon Hirst

    Just me and my hubby, but always have traditional dinner which is his specialty. Visit the local pub prior to dinner.

  106. Nicole Woods

    Eating as many Yorkshire Puddings as we can handle!

  107. Carly Belsey

    We are lucky enough to live near the coast so we always go for a walk along the beach to get the kids out in the fresh air usually before dinner

  108. claire woods

    Morning at home, afternoon at Mum’s house. We always have crackers and party poppers.

  109. Patricia Avery

    One present before breakfast then a mass opening! Tasty snacks and a cuppa mid-morning. Turkey dinner about 1pm. A walk then listening to the Queen followed by snoozes before a night of games

  110. Claire Nutman

    A fresh family walk after breakfast, and the obligatory Baileys in the evening………..

  111. Kristyn Harris

    The children coming into our bedroom to open their stockings and we all go downstairs and family are invited over to have a huge cooked breakfast together!

  112. Danielle Spencer

    We usually open presents, have lunch, play games then snuggle down for a film. Visiting relatives all over the Christmas period.

  113. Kate Sharman

    Presents, lunch, walk the dog

  114. John Hammond

    We always meet with family in the afternoon

  115. A.E. ADKINS

    Santa gifts, breakfast, visiting, lunch, family gifts, queens speech, play, tipple & bed!

  116. Emma Farrell

    No screen time…we never had the TV on, a tradition that has had to widen a bit.

  117. kimberley ryan

    we don’t have a Christmas dinner on Christmas day that way the little ones can enjoy their chocolate treats and spend more time playing. I do make a special buffet up, we have xmas dinner on boxing day

  118. Danielle Graves

    We don’t have any traditions really, we get up, open presents, play with presents and have a dinner. We just enjoy each others company

  119. Siobhan Coyne

    Having all the family together

  120. Kim Carberry

    We have all the family together, selection boxes for breakfast and watch the big Christmas day film x

  121. Gary Topley

    We always go for a walk after Christmas Dinner. Thankyou for the competition x

  122. jmcd3096

    our extended family have a large boxing day party and games evening, it’s my favourite part every year!

  123. Tarbs Gill

    We wake the children up as we are excited on Christmas day!

  124. Mark Mccaffery

    Watching the Christmas movies with the family.

  125. Katherine Coldicott

    Early morning walk on Christmas day with family, friends and dogs, the home for hot mince pies.

  126. Kate Gronow

    Recently come back from New Zealand, where the tradition was start with a swim in the sea, pretend it is cold and have the full roast dinner and then onto the sunny deck for some games & a nap.

  127. ashleigh allan

    Opening presents and family games

  128. Sarah McCaffery

    Personally, I like nothing more than a nap after dinner.

  129. Gerri Tennant

    See November 15th for my original post which backs up my last comment.

  130. Margaret Mccaffery

    Waking up at the crack of dawn to open the presents.

  131. Elizabeth Cooke

    We all get a present from ‘the tree’ on boxing day – there is a small gift hidden in the branches of the Xmas tree and it is really sweet when we find them on Boxing day


    Getting up late, cooked breakfast, pressies. More food, walk in the afternoon, buffet, tv and sleep!

  133. Gerri Tennant

    Stockings on beds and little ones can open when they like but mustn’t get up before it is light outside. Presents under the tree in pyjamas. Family members not staying turn up for drinks and nibbles at around midday. Big blow out traditional lunch with all the trimmings at about 2pm. Walk orQueen’s Speech at 3pm. Board games and charades etc until 7 or so when the little ones go to bed, more games or TV and wine during the evening. Wonderful!

  134. Julie Ward

    I don’t have any since my kids left home, I just please myself

  135. Jo W

    A few presents opened in the morning, prepare and eat Christmas dinner then rest of the presents open later

  136. Emma H

    We don’t have Christmas Day traditions of such and just go with the flow. But the one thing we do stick to every Christmas morning, is that the kids sit on the end of our bed and open all their presents!

  137. Lucy

    We do the presents first thing then get ready and have a nice Christmas lunch and play games after in the evening 🙂

  138. Sheri Darby

    Eating far too much we have a huge buffet lunch, afternoon tea and roast dinner

  139. Emma England

    Our Christmas Day tradition is presents and then breakfast. We don’t really have any other traditions because we’ve done different things every year.

  140. Greig spencer

    We do a family quiz, with prizes for the winners, complete with a trophy! xxxx

  141. Kevin Pike

    Games and drinks after the big lunch!

  142. Karen Stirling

    We get up early and my son opens his stocking in his bedroom 1st. We then go downstairs and make a cup of tea before checking if Santa has arrived!

  143. Cara Towers

    Stockings first, breakfast and dressed then the rest of the presents and a chilled out day with games and Xmas films

  144. Rebecca LL

    Early morning bucks fizz and vegan BLT’s – followed by presents. Then we start the veg prep and create a massive veggie roast feast for everyone – before sitting down to plough through our chocs and sweets and falling asleep in front of this year’s blockbuster!

  145. Vicky H

    Our traditions are christmas eve boxes turkey and beef roast dinner all the family and loads and loads of games.

  146. Sarah Rees

    Christmas dinner and a lazy afternoon with a good film

  147. Susan Willshee

    We always let the kids open presents without worrying about little things like having breakfast! We try to encourage them to take it in turns to open one each and let us open one each. Last year, Leo was a bit little to understand this and just wanted to rip his own presents open. But this year we are hoping he we be a bit more understanding.

  148. Jessica Hutton

    We always start the morning with crumpets and cheese followed by opening our gifts. Everyone takes turn opening one gift including the dogs haha. Then our family come over for lunch. When everyone has gone home we finish the night playing games and watching a movie xx


    Saving 1 present to open at teatime

  150. Troy Easton

    Always open the presents in evening on Christmas after food.

  151. Vivienne Moreno

    Always open 1 present at a time, starting with the youngest & going to the eldest, then do it in reverse till all the presents have been opened.

  152. donna l jones

    dinner with all the family games after dinner and then everyone comes round at night

  153. Katie Witherington

    Games after dinner

  154. Angela Kelly

    Someone always has to go down to the living room to check whether Father Christmas has ‘been.’ Only then can everyone go down.

  155. Ian Yates

    Champagne pre 10 a.m. generally followed by real pain the rest of the day….

  156. Matthew Warman

    A bit of a lay in, then like lunatics cleaning and cooking for when everyone turns up in the afternoon!

  157. Jocelynne Harrison

    Walking the dogs in the woods before lunch. Family games night with some snacks and then snuggling up with a movie.

  158. Deborah Bird

    My son wakes us up with his stocking and he usually opens it on our bed before we all go downstairs and open presents together! We always have a traditional Christmas dinner and play some games together 🙂

  159. Andy Craig

    Sitting on the stairs beforehand while we check if Santa’s been!

  160. Teresa Sheldon

    Christmas Eve we take a box of goodies and dog treat to the local homeless shelter my parents took me as a child now I take my kids makes them realise how lucky we are

  161. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    We open our pressies before breakfast then we get ready to go out to the in-laws for Christmas dinner

  162. Emma Gosling

    Playing a board game after dinner. Its usually a struggle as everyone is so full!!

    One year we chose twister. It was a nightmare haha

  163. Jennifer Potter

    We always have Christmas at home. We love to have belgium waffles for breakfast such a yummy treat

  164. Joan Hewes

    Playing daft games after Christmas dinner!

  165. Jennifer Toal

    Watching top of the pops

  166. Emma Middleton

    Watching it’s a wonderful life

  167. Victoria Prince

    we open stockings together in the bedroom before we get up, other than that no traditions I can think of!

  168. Adrian Bold

    We go for a walk after the main meal.

  169. Caroline Shepherd

    Up early to check Father Christmas has been and investigate the stockings, then a special breakfast before the present-fest!

  170. Janet L Palmer

    We wrap the front room door so my daughters tear their way through! We open presents before breakfast and then enjoy a light breakfast before we begin the big cook out

  171. Karen Dixon

    Open prezzies over bacon sarnies, then get ready for family arriving, then a massive xmas dinner, then sofa and drinks.

  172. Lesley Cohen Wright

    We go to our daughter’s to see her and the grandchildren and give them their Christmas presents and then go back home to get Christmas dinner ready. They then all come down around 4pm for dinner with us.

  173. Emma Davison

    Decorating the tree

  174. Cathryn Crawshaw

    We do a treasure hunt for the big pressie

  175. Angela L Paull

    The family game of Newmarket on Christmas night – such competition over a 10p kitty!

  176. PhillW

    Freshly baked pastries for breakfast then unwrap presents.

  177. Maria Jane Knight

    Stockings to be opened at the end of the bed.
    Daddy goes downstairs to shout “his been, his been” before anyone else is allowed downstairs.
    Opening of presents with Christmas tv on in the background.
    Christmas lunch at my mum and stepdads house.
    Presents exchanged after lunch.
    Walk after present opening.
    Christmas tv and snacks.

  178. Jo Nichol

    Opening presents – eating dinner and then having a nap!

  179. Yvonne Dimbleby

  180. Tammy Neal

    Opening one small present on Christmas Eve x

  181. ellie spider

    we all have new pjs for xmas eve, christmas day everyone comes to ours and bring a plate of food and we have a buffet rather than traditional roast, then boxing day we go to our local toby carvery and have the full christmas dinner – it works for us 🙂

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