Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Planet

Changes you can make to help save the planet

The scale of the challenges facing our planet is huge. That is why it is so important that we all play our part and do what we can to help.  Here are examples of simple changes you can make day to day and join millions of others in the fight against global warming and climate change. Even if you feel you can only implement one of these, it will make a difference.

Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Planet


Recycling is probably one of the easiest changes you can make. Whether it be glass, paper or certain plastics, recycling as many things as you can will make a difference. This allows waste to be converted into new products, reducing the need to grow or extract new materials. Your local council will usually supply you with different coloured recycling bins making the process even easier.


Composting is a great way to help the environment. Not only does it reduce valuable landfill space, it also creates nutrient-rich soil for your garden.  Vermicomposting using a wormery is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential settings. They don’t smell, don’t take up much room and it’s a great way to teach children about the wonders of worms!


Reducing your carbon footprint should be something we are all mindful of every day. Instead of taking the car to work every day or driving the kids to school, consider walking or cycling. You could even take the bus if walking isn’t an option. Whilst buses still create carbon emissions, every ten passengers equates to ten fewer cars being driven around.

recycle more


Some companies have started reducing their use of unnecessary packaging.  Do your bananas need to be in a plastic bag? Do the prepacked apples taste any different? If we all start buying loose produce when we can, companies and manufacturers will take note. It’s a simple supply and demand exercise. When shopping remember and take shopping bags with you. Keep one in your bag and some in the car. The fewer plastic bags used the better. Most stores now charge for a bag, so remembering them will save you money too.

In terms of drinks, there are now lots of cafes and coffee shops that welcome the use of reusable cups. Keep one in your bag. Not only will you get your drinks cheaper but its one less paper cup being used. Don’t forget your metal or bamboo straw!

Around the home

Reducing our use of plastics, both single-use and recyclable, will make a huge difference. There are many changes we can make around the home.  Consider switching to shampoo and conditioner bars. There are now hundreds available in shops and online. If you consider how many plastic bottles one family gets through in a year, this switch could save masses of unnecessary waste. Bamboo toothbrushes are also widely available and far more eco-friendly. Next time you need to buy a new toilet brush, consider buying silicon instead of plastic. Even better, stop using one altogether.

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