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Low Maintenance Interior Ideas For Your Home

by S1m
Low Maintenance Interior Ideas For Your Home

There is something so exciting about being able to choose the exterior and interior design of the home. Knowing that the finishing touches really were done by you, and knowing that you have put your own design ideas into play? That is so much fun to manage! You may have considered how many colours you could paint each room, as well as which flooring to lay through the house, but have you considered your lifestyle?

The choices that you make in regards to your house are going to impact everything for your lifestyle, and so it makes sense that you should match the life that you want. So, if you’re a busy person with a high-powered career who is very rarely home, it makes sense to have a low maintenance home. The same can be said for a house filled with children who are running around. The more low maintenance you go, the less you have to do in terms of keeping it updated. Still stuck for ideas? That’s okay! We’ve put together some ideas for a low maintenance interior.

Low maintenance interior design ideas

Paint – Not Paper. If you want to choose a finish for your walls that is low maintenance, you want to pick paint over paper. Paper can wear over time and fade, and paint can be washable if you pick the right one. If you have children, washable paint is a MUST for those mucky fingerprints.

The Right Counters. Granite counters may look beautiful, but have you considered that it needs to be sealed? You want to choose countertops that are easy to wipe down, easy to clean and offer excellent colour choices, too. The counters can be really beaten and battered with chopping, unpacking shopping and general use, so you want something hard wearing.

Solid Wood Flooring. A beautiful flooring option, solid wood is a better choice over carpet. Stone has too many ridges, making it a nightmare to clean. Linoleum is nice, but it looks cheap in some cases and you want to pick the floor that allows for easy cleanup. This is particularly true for high-traffic areas of the home. Natural stone is beautiful in the kitchen, but it’s not an easy one to clean. Bear this in mind when you choose your flooring.

Spotlights. Other than changing the bulbs, you won’t have to do anything with spotlights as they’re so easy! Lamps and chandeliers take far more dusting and maintenance, so it’s always worth having spotlights over other options.

The Right Bathroom. With motion sensitive faucets in the bathrooms, solid materials to avoid using grout and showers that don’t even require a glass door, bathrooms are far easier to maintain now than they ever have been before. After all, we don’t have the time to wipe down every surface after we have had a shower. We need materials that are waterproof, but are also stylish. Whether it’s high gloss white panels for the shower or stone flooring, it can save you a lot of time. For even better choices, go for a wall mounted sink and toilet; less to clean around and you can see any spills to be cleaned up far easier. 

A low maintenance home is an easy one to keep up with, and it’s these that get the most attention!

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