What To Expect From A Manchester Giants Birthday Party

What To Expect From A Manchester Giants Birthday Party

Have you ever noticed over time how difficult it is to organise a child’s birthday party with a difference? Something that is totally unrelated to any other party? Well, you may well be interested in the Manchester Giants birthday party we trailed recently and why it was something out of the ordinary!

What To Expect From A Manchester Giants Birthday Party

Manchester Giants training

Based at the George H. Carnall Centre in Urmston, which is literally just off the roundabout at Junction 9 on the M66 and super easy to find, the Slam Dunk Birthday parties are hosted at every Manchester Giants home match. There is ample free parking too – and if you turn up early (like we did), you may even get to see the opposing team arrive!

What does a Manchester Giants Birthday Party include?

Prices start from £350 for a standard package which includes:

  • A 1 hour basketball training session on the show court with coaches – Manchester Giants players will also get involved nearer the end which is a lovely touch.
  • A Molten basketball signed by all the Giants players as a special memento for the birthday child.
  • A Manchester Giants t-shirt for all children in the party.
  • Pizza, chips and soft drinks for after the training session and before the actual game.
  • 10 x children’s tickets and 2 x adult tickets for the actual home game.
  • All children in the party get to run out onto the court with the team as mascots before the game and join in the huddle.

The £500 gold package also includes a Molten basketball for all the party children and Giants foam fingers. Additional adult (£10) and child (£5) tickets can be added to any package. The parties are aimed at children aged 7 -11 years.

slam dunk training

Everyone meets in the cafe area which is located just through the centre entrance, offering a relaxing start to an energetic afternoon! Giants t-shirts will be handed out and children can change in the bathrooms opposite, which is when the excitement really does start!

Once kitted out, everyone makes their way to the court where an hour’s training session with coaches begins. I absolutely love sport, Liv isn’t as much of a fan as I am but was totally up for the idea of playing basketball. The coaches were excellent with the children and really got them involved with the sport from the get-go. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the beaming smiles were wide for all to see. The training sessions are very energetic so it maybe wise to stock up on refreshments and bottled water before arrival… both the children and you as the spectator will need them! If not, make sure you have change to hand as there are vending machines available in the main foyer.

basketball training

Children learn aspects of basketball such as dribbling, passing, shooting (and hopefully scoring) and more. Who knows, there could have been future Giants players in that training session!

Slam dunk birthday party

Slam dunk Liv style!

Nearer the end of the training session, a couple of Manchester Giants players will also join in the fun. It was great to see them interacting with the children, showing off a few moves and joining in as a star player on the teams. It’s a lovely way for fans to get to know the players… and vice versa!

Training with the Manchester Giants

After an hour’s running around learning basketball skills, the children definitely needed refreshments and adults who had been sat on the wooden bleachers, needed slightly comfier seats! We all headed to the cafe, where birthday tables had been set out for the children to eat their meals. Pizza, chips and chicken nuggets for those who do not like pizza were served and it all seemed to vanish in a quick minute! With chocolate cake to finish, it was the perfect (sort of) end to the party! I state ‘sort of’ end as next is the actual Giants game!

Manchester Giants birthday party meal

It is prudent to note at this stage that there are no adult refreshments. Unfortunately on the day the cafe was not open and a food van did turn up just before the game started, however if you are wanting to quench your thirst ensure you are prepared with either beverages of your own, or change. The vending machines offer the chance to use an app to buy a drink, but the free wifi can be a little hit and miss, especially when in the actual court area.

Manchester Giants warm up

Everyone slowly starts moving back to the court to take seats ready for the game starting at 5pm – this is a great chance to watch the players warming up and get into the spirit. With a party, seats on the bleachers are reserved, but if you are simply going to watch the game, then arrive early to grab a good vantage point!

Basketball games are totally action packed and unless you are a seasoned fan, you may not have a scooby what is going on, nor why music starts blasting out every so often. It doesn’t matter though, you are totally in the thick of it and have an opportunity to cheer your side on! The cheerleaders outnumbered the players about 3:1, yet it seemed I was the only one woman cheer squad that day. It’s great to support and encourage your team, it motivates them!

There are 4 break sessions to a game, which gives you enough time to have a stroll around. Taking a cushion to sit on isn’t a bad idea either!

Unfortunately on the day, the Manchester Giants lost to the Newcastle Eagles, but that did not matter as everyone had had such a wonderful time. At the end of home games the players congregate on the court to greet fans and sign Giants autograph sheets which are handed out at the beginning of the game. This is a great way for fans to up close and meet the sports stars they have just been watching and cheering on.

Meeting the Manchester Giants

Personally, I thought the party was marvellous! Something so different for children to experience and take part in, whilst giving parents a genius idea for a birthday party! It can seem a tad pricey, but it’s a great way to celebrate and create life long memories… you may even find yourself attending more games afterwards!

The next Manchester Giants home game is against the Cheshire Phoenix on Sunday 8th December and I have been reliably informed this is a big ‘derby’ match, with both teams neighbours. Tickets are priced at £13 for an adult and £8 for a child. The basketball games are totally family friendly and going along to offer your support is a fabulous way to get children involved with live sport.

Sim’s Life was invited along to experience a Manchester Giants Birthday Party for the purpose of this post.

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  1. Stephanie 139a

    Looks great fun! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  2. Chérylène

    The Manchester Giants birthday party looks like a brilliant idea! Definitely one to keep in mind for any birthday. It’s a shame though for the adult’s refreshments but something good to know so we can come prepared 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Paulina

    Thats a great idea for birthday party! I am sure that they will never forget such an amazing day!

    1. S1m

      It honestly was! Something so different, got everyone moving and something for the adults to get involved with too. Such a great way to introduce your children to live sport as it is totally family friendly.

  4. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    Now this is a fantastic birthday party idea, my eldest would love something like this. It’s great that they get a hands on experience as well as getting to see the stars in action.

  5. Emma Raphael

    What a fabulous idea for a party. I am always stuck for something to do for my older two, I think this kind of thing would be perfect for my soon to be 13 year old! 😀

    1. S1m

      It really is such a great party idea and something different for older children who have outgrown soft play centres. Great to get them all involved and running around!

  6. Rhian westbury

    This is such a nice and unusual birthday party, not the kind of thing I guess a lot of kids would be. I think hands on parties are like this are the best for kids x

  7. Rebecca Smith

    What a brilliant and unique idea for a birthday party! I bet it is totally an experience that will be remembered forever – I wish I lived closer.

  8. Liam Wilkinson

    That’s a really different idea, on paper looks expensive but in reality when you do the maths it isn’t, if there into basketball then the whole experience is in ever better. Great review.

    1. S1m

      The price could put people off at first glance, but when you realise you are getting several really enjoyable hours out and what the children get in return – the memories alone are priceless!

  9. Jess Howliston

    WOW love this idea! Its so stressful always trying to come up with new and interesting ideas for kids parties but I love the sound of this. I just wish it was closer to us as I know my sport loving son would love his next party here!

    1. S1m

      Couldn’t agree more – it is so hard to find something different for a party and this was awesome! It’s worth checking with your local team to see if they run any – great way to introduce close up live sport!x

  10. Melanie williams

    Oh wow this looks very cool and I can see why kids would love this. your pics are fab too by the way x

    1. S1m

      Aww thanks chick! It really was awesome… even I wanted to join in! 🙂 Those benches are totally not comfortable though! :/ x

  11. Becky

    This sounds like a great idea for a birthday party! And taking kids to watch sport is brilliant – it can really enthuse them for playing it themselves

    1. S1m

      It really was so much fun and so different to any child’s birthday party we had ever been too! Hard to think of fresh ideas but this was totally unique!

  12. Michelle

    We were at the party too, it was a great night and the boys loved it.

    1. S1m

      Aww I didn’t realise – I am absolutely terrible with faces and names! Glad your sons enjoyed it! 🙂

  13. Mellissa Williams

    If you love basketball I can see this is a great party. I can see how it would inspire children to play the game on a regular basis too

    1. S1m

      Absolutely! Such a fun way to introduce them to the sports and equally as fun for the adults too when the match starts!

  14. Crystal (The Busy Mom Diary)

    Ok, this sounds like an incredible way to spend your birthday. It sounds reasonably priced as well.

    1. S1m

      It really is the greatest party idea ever – something totally different to anything we have been to before and it was refreshing!x

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