Tips On Travelling To Kenya

Tips On Travelling To Kenya

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My destination bucket list is ever growing, making me realise how much of the world I have yet to see and experience. Though looking back on the amazing places I have already visited and one particular vacation springs to mind, spending a two week Christmas and New Year holiday in Kenya. Carry on reading to find out my tips on travelling to Kenya!

It seems like many moons ago now, but I remember travelling to Kenya like it was yesterday, namely for the 17 hour journey there – don’t worry, flights are more direct these days! Whilst I saw a distinct difference between the rich and poor in the country, I will never forget the large smiles and warm welcome we received. I picked up some fabulous tips on travelling to Kenya to pass on!

As a family holiday, it was the most amazing experience ever and I cannot recommend visiting Kenya enough for making life long memories! If you are looking into a trip to the country and do not know where to start, hopefully this post will offer some Kenya travel inspiration!

Tips On Travelling To Kenya

Tips On Travelling To Kenya

Kenya Visa

All travellers wishing to visit the country will require a travel entry visa, alongside at least two blank pages in their passport and six month’s validity. Proof of yellow fever immunisation is also required. The visa process is quite simple as you are able to apply online for a tourist visa for Kenya. Make sure you have a printed copy of your e-visa with all your travel documents before embarking on your journey to the country. Visa processing is generally quite quick at a 2-3 day turnaround, however for peace of mind, ensure you complete this as soon as you can.

Tips On Travelling To Kenya for holidays

What To Do In Kenya

Whether you are looking to holiday by the beach and soak up the sun or take a ride on the wild side with a safari – or a mixture of both, there is no denying that a trip to Kenya makes for a wonderful holiday. Make life long memories by immersing yourself in the country’s beautiful culture whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Safari in Kenya

If you plan to enjoy a safari whilst on your Kenya holiday, a trip to the Maasai Mara National Reserve is an absolute must!

Maasi Mara National Reserve Kenya Safari

If you are an animal lover, be an observer in the day to day life of animals in their natural habitat and capture the true essence of what Kenya has to offer. If you are travelling between July and October, the annual wildebeest migration is truly a sight to behold. Watch as over two million grazers, including wildebeest, zebra and gazelles move throughout the Maasi Mara and Serengeti ecosystems in search of new grazing pasture.

There are many different safaris on offer, ranging from experiencing the migration, feeding giraffes, hot air balloon rides over the reserve and more. It is advised to have a couple of safaris in mind to avoid disappointment if fully booked.

Beaches in Kenya

Beaches in Kenya, based on the east coast of the Africa benefit from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and offer visitors the chance to relax on powder soft sand whilst dipping toes in the bluest of water.

Danai Beach Kenya

One of the most renowned beaches in Kenya is Diani beach, located around 30 miles south of Mombasa. It’s picture postcard views are utterly idyllic and you may find yourself never wanting to leave! The softest powder white sand, the bluest of waters and beach bars available for when you need to quench your thirst, it is a sun worshipper’s and snorkeler’s dream! Be wary of the sellers on the beach though – a polite no thank you will ensure you are left in peace to enjoy your relaxation time. The beach is well maintained, make sure you look out for beautiful shells whilst walking along (it is 11 miles long!) and there are activities to take part in if you want to keep busy!

What To Pack

You do need a Yellow Fever immunisation before you travel to Kenya and will also need the paperwork to prove this. It is wise to ensure you take lots of mosquito repellent with you and even pack a mosquito net for use in your hotel room and just as a precaution cover up.

If you have space in your case, why not pack some pens, pencils or any outgrown tshirts! Schools in the vicinity of where you stay in Kenya will most certainly be grateful of items which they can put to good use!

Giraffe in Kenya

I hope this Tips On Travelling To Kenya post has inspired you to visit the beautiful county of Kenya – just do not forget your visa and Yellow Fever immunisation too!

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Travel to Kenya

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