Give Recruiters More Reason to Hire You

Give Recruiters More Reason to Hire You

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in your career, but if you’ve worked in the same job or the same industry for your whole working life, you might feel as if this is it. However, it’s never too late to make a change in your career, but you need to have the right tools to do so. 

When making a shift from one industry to another, you’ve got to make up for your lack of experience with other skills. If you’re thinking of making a move soon, here are ways you can give recruiters more reason to hire you

Give Recruiters More Reason to Hire You

Learn Valuable Skills

You should always be learning, and if you’re looking to transition to a brand new role, it’s essential to brush up on or even embrace new skills and knowledge in your spare time. You may not have the experience that they expect, but proving to employers you are willing to work to improve yourself in your spare time presents and can-do attitude, and it also means you’ll enter your new role with the basics necessary to build on. 

There are plenty of online courses available. Some of these will cost, but many of them are free. You can complete them in your own time, and it will help boost your CV to make you more appealing to recruiters. 

How to work with recruiters

Be Available

If there’s one thing that every employer needs to know, it’s whether you drive, but having a license is only the beginning; you need a car of your own to show that you are available and able to get to work come sun, rain, or snow. 

If you’re sharing a car with a relative or partner, this can be a problem. You can try to work around it by sharing responsibilities or dropping each other off at their work. This isn’t always possible, though, so you can find your own vehicle by using services such as Instant Car Finance. Employers want to be able to rely on you to make your way to work every day, and while there is always public transport, it’s never as reliable as a car. 

Develop An Online Presence

Employers will always look at your social media, so it’s essential to have a positive online presence that will impress them. 

For all its faults, LinkedIn is an excellent way to show off your professional side, and if you engage with connections in your network, they will be able to see how you will interact with your future coworkers. However, they may also look at Twitter or Facebook, so it’s important to clean these up, just in case. Employers may not want to hire someone who posts everything thought that pops into their heads, but they won’t want to hire a ghost, either. 

Your Next Career Step

Experience matters a lot for a job, but you can’t wait around expecting people to provide that experience for you. Instead, you’ve got to take action and do what you can to make up for any lack of expertise and focus on other aspects of the job that employers will find crucial. With this, they won’t be able to find any excuse not to give you the chance you deserve. 

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