Saving the Most on Your New Car

Saving the Most on Your New Car

Even with all the information available on the internet, buying a car can still cause a lot of anxiety and worry for most people. It is a little like playing poker with a professional when you dabble once in a while. You are put at a disadvantage, and everyone knows it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you negotiate and navigate through the process like a professional. 

Saving The Most On Your New Car


The first step in any significant purchase is assessing your finances and establishing a budget. When it comes to buying a car, this means sitting down and honestly writing out a list of wants and needs for your vehicle. It would help if you also researched how much cars that fall into that category are going to cost, so you have a solid baseline. It would help if you had some solid research to lean on when it comes to finding the perfect car. Research online before going into a dealership to find out where cars in your budget are and what the asking price is for them. 


You will likely need some financing to buy a new car. Most dealerships offer financing at their locations, but the interest rates are usually very high, even if you qualify for a lower one. It would be best if you shopped around for financing before going in to buy a car. Starting with your bank is usually the best bet since there is a working relationship already there. You can even find places to help you to get car finance if you’ve got bad credit. 

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Think Long-Term

Buying a car is a significant long-term investment, so you need to think about long-term costs and value. It would be best if you only considered cars with high resale values. Even though you are just buying the car, you already need to think about what selling it will be like in the future. Many makes and models can be sold for more than others. You should also get a car with a clean title because that makes reselling much easier. 

The length of your loan is another long-term budgeting issue you need to think about before buying a car. Salespeople will try to push a more expensive car on you for less in monthly installments by extending the length of the loan. This may seem like a good idea up front, but in the end, you will spend so much more in interest. 

Add-ons and warranties are another way a dealership will try to get more money out of you. Any warranty they sell you is probably covered by the manufacturer anyway, so it doesn’t make fiscal sense. And add-ons at a dealership are much more expensive than getting them added on later from someone else.  


You need to know what your current car is valued at before you go to the dealership. You want to know you are getting a good deal on a trade-in. You should also not tell them about your trade-in until the price is established or they will try to work the trade-in amount to the total which won’t save you any money.

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