Win The New Astonish Cleaning Range

Win The New Astonish Cleaning Range

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Urgh, cleaning is the bane of my life, but a necessary evil! I am all for products that make my life easier and cut down on the time needed for scrubbing away at pasta sauce stains. Imagine my surprise when I became aware of the ‘magic sponges and pastes’ from Astonish recently – you too may have seen the TV adverts slotted in-between the soaps on ITV!

We already have a cleaning cupboard stocked with Astonish products, I tend to pick them up on my weekly Home Bargains visits. I’ve found the range performs very well against brands that cost ever so slightly more – but that is just my personal opinion! Let’s check out the new range…

New Astonish Cleaning range

Featuring an Oven & Grill Specialist Cleaner & Sponge, Hob & Cooktop Specialist Cleaner & Sponge and Cup Clean, the products are part of the new Astonish Premium Edition range. If you are looking to prepare for a big Spring clean to freshen up your home for the warmer weather, this range will help to make light work of what is normally a tedious chore!

I’m not the only to agree as Astonish, the British manufacturer of cleaning products, has just had its Oven & Grill Specialist Cleaner & Sponge announced as Household Cleaning Product of the Year!

Astonish Cleaning Range Specialist Products

To celebrate this latest accolade, Astonish have teamed up with Sim’s Life to offer 2 lucky readers the chance to win an Astonish prize package to include top-selling products from the specialist range; our award-winning Oven & Grill cleaner, Hob and Cooktop cleaner and Cup Clean. Giving you the opportunity to check out the #AstonishingResults from using the range, yourself! Don’t forget to check out the full range in Home Bargains!

Don’t forget to enter to Win a Gardenia worth £30 for Mother’s Day!

How To Win The New Astonish Cleaning Range

For your chance to win one of two packages of the new Astonish Cleaning range (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win one of two Astonish Prize Packages


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 15th March 2020.
Two winning entries will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winners will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a UK postal address to send to the official agent to arrange delivery of the prize will be required by the winner.
The winners will receive 1 x Oven & Grill cleaner, Hob and Cooktop cleaner and Cup Clean from Astonish.
Open to entrants in the UK only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Carol Bell


  2. Emma H

    My top cleaning tip is to mix lemon juice with baking soda, spread over the kitchen sink and draining board and leave for 20 minutes or so. Rinse it all off and it will have removed the limescale and be sparkling clean, plus the lemon makes it smell nice too!

  3. Mark Mccaffery

    My top cleaning tip to simply clean as you go.

    1. Lorna Forsyth

      Clean as you go and use an app to remind yourself when things need done

  4. Priscilla Stubbs

    My top cleaning tip is to mix bicarb and white vinegar and let it fizz and apply to your wooden bread board

  5. dave johnston


  6. Iain maciver

    keep on top of it

    1. Rebecca Tennant

      Always clean up and put away as you go, and make it fun for your little one to do jobs and tidy away toys

  7. Karen Christmas

    White vinegar and bicarb are cleaning essentials – cheap but effective

  8. Heather Haigh

    Do as much cleaning as makes you feel happy in your home but don’t get obsessed by it, nobody wants, ‘I wish I had cleaned more’ on their headstone.

  9. Ritchie Dee

    Clean a wooden chopping board with salt and lemon juice.

  10. Nicola Dean

    Declutter and keep on top of it doing a little bit each day

  11. pete c

    always clean up spills the moment they happen, leaving them any longer can make it so much harder to remove

    1. Joanne Hutchings

      Set a timer as your cleaning. Sounds bizarre but it keeps you really focused.

  12. ashleigh allan

    Mine is to keep on top of it!

  13. Katie B

    Cleaning up as you make a mess. I keep trying but with a full time job and a messy boyfriend it’s hard!

  14. Emily Clark

    Smelly scouring pad or jaycloth? Get it damp and microwave it to freshen it up. Add some lemon juice for a nice lemony smell!

  15. Sarah McCaffery

    Rope the children into helping out with the little tasks.

  16. Joo Dee

    little and often keep on top of it

  17. Vivienne Wilkes

    Microwave a bowl of water in the microwave with lemon juice in to get rid of smells

  18. Sheena Batey

    Work from the bottom to the top as dust rises

  19. Emily Hutchinson

    It’s got to be little and often so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

  20. Caroline H

    Having a routine so the mess and dirt doesn’t get out of hand is my top tip (and it includes everyone else in the house doing their bit too!).

  21. James H

    Microwave hot water to wipe clean your microwave!

  22. Solange

    Use your washing powder as a general cleaner. It really cuts through dirt, grime and grease, very good on shower trays, baths and sinks. Put some down the loo and watch the stains disappear, no need for other high priced cleaners.

  23. Karen Barrett

    Use dental floss to clean around cooker knobs

  24. Tayla Courtice

    You only need a good microfibre cloth and water to get the best results on your windows

  25. Margaret McCaffery

    Lemons are natures little degreasing marvels.

  26. Andrea Fletcher

    To do little and often. I use lots of lemon juice & bicarb they clean all sorts of things.

  27. Mari Sutherland

    Always leave the vacuum cleaner out – then people assume they have interrupted you cleaning and forgive the mess

  28. Rachel Walsh

    I use zoflora everywhere and anywhere, disinfects whilst making your home smell gorgeous!

  29. daniel baugh

    lemon juice in water in the microwave before you wipe it down

  30. Danika Lloyd

    Make it fun and it will get done

  31. Anna Wood

    Little and often, focus on a room a day and dont let it get too bad!!

  32. Kim Neville

    Keep on top of cleaning during week and then at weekend have a good blitz

  33. Carolyn E

    A flat sharp blade to clean the baked on stuff from the hob.

  34. fiona waterworth

    vinegar and newspaper will clean smoke off car windows

  35. Jayne Townson

    My top cleaning tip is little and often so it doesn’t build up.

  36. Mel Turner

    Little and often keep on top of things

  37. Robyn Clarke

    Peanut butter! It’s great for getting stickers off things and then washes away easily.

  38. Yasmin0147

    White vinegar is great for mould, limescale and pretty much anything, use it with bicarbonate of soda for the oven


    It has to be using old newspaper with washing up liquid and water to wash the windows

  40. Maggie Coates

    My top tip is to save your old t-shirts to use as cleaning rags

  41. Helen Tovell

    Little and often is my motto so it never gets a chore

  42. Steven Grimble

    Love these products good luck everyone ❤

  43. Fiona jk42

    I have a cleaning schedule, and clean something every day, as well as do at least one load of laundry daily.

  44. Amy Bondoc

    baking powder with a little water cleans the oven hob and even pans nicely without scrubbing

  45. Ben Audsley

    use a lemon in water for microwave cleaning – it gets rid of all of the grease!

  46. Lynda Jones

    My top tip is to carry a bag or box with you as you are cleaning everything that is out of place goes into the box. Then once you have finished cleaning the all the things in the box can be put back where they belong. It saves making several journeys

  47. Margaret Akel

    clean up as you go along, have a bowl of warm soapy water in the kitchen sink

  48. Kelly Y

    Use baking soda to scrub kitchen sinks clean

  49. Mark R

    If you have burnt something in a saucepan, boil up some rhubarb for a few minutes and the pan is like new again

  50. Val swift

    I use Bicarb and white vinegar for most cleaning job – especially drains, burnt pans and cleaning the grout around sink and bathroom

  51. lynn neal

    Little and often works best for me!

  52. Rebecca Sutton

    pour a capful of Zoflora down the plughole and leave for a bit kitchen will smell lovely

  53. Jonathan Bright

    It is one of the best range of products ive ever used

  54. clair downham

    use toothbrushes to get into tiny places

  55. sallie burrows

    I keep my place clean enough in case we get unexpected visitors

  56. Katie

    use white vinegar and newspaper for sparkling clean glass

  57. Lorraine Williams

    Cup of fabric conditioner to warm water with get rid of soap scum on shower glass. Wipe on, leave for a few minutes and wash off with warm water.

  58. Lucinda P

    White vinegar for cleaning taps, they will sparkle.

  59. Mel Pennie

    I allocate a room to clean for 5 days of the week. Never builds up / over faces me doing it this way

  60. Rachel B

    Do little and often so it’s never an overwhelming task.

  61. kay sherman

    tackle one job at a time so its less daunting

  62. Alex McKay

    My top cleaning tip is to go out and let your husband do it. I buy him the best products and he enjoys it x

  63. Margaret Gallagher

    Bicarbonate of soda – a store staple – great gor cleaning deodorising and removing stains

  64. Laura Pritchard

    Lemon juice concentrate or white vinegar gets most things clean!

  65. justine meyer

    Do a bit of cleaning everyday so it doesn’t become overwhelming

  66. Amandeep Sibia

    Use The Pink Stuff

  67. Claire Blakeley

    Vinegar is a little dark horse when it comes to cleaning! That, and the pink stuff xx

  68. Mark Johnson

    a little and often is the way to keep on top


    my tip is to use lemon juice for cleaning everything

  70. Emma Nixon

    i put on a good music playlist. Then it makes the cleaning fun and i get more done

  71. suzanne drummond

    I have a spray bottle of diluted lenor and I clean my radiator with this and spray to freshen up cushions and rugs and my home smells fresh and clean


    i do try most stubborn cleaning jobs with vinegar and bicarb, cheap too

  73. Angela Treadway

    i use vinegar to clean everything lol x

  74. Bob Clark

    Keep on top of it – do some every day

  75. Teesimpson

    My top tip is to use washing powder in your mop bucket to help get floors gleaming

  76. hayley berry

    lemon juice and water in microwave before cleaning down

  77. Charlotte isobelle

    I do certain rooms on certain days so I don’t get snowed under with it

  78. Rich Tyler

    Cleaning microwave glass with old teabag

  79. Catherine Deacon

    white vinegar on everything

  80. Tracy Newton

    A place for everything, and everything back in its place is my mantra. Then it is easier to find things and clean. Unfortunately my boys don’t seem to follow the same beliefs

  81. Geri Gregg

    Clean one room at a time and take your time, to avoid being overwhelmed x

  82. Christina Palmer

    Clean as you go so you always stay on top of things.

  83. Dale Dow

    I swear by using a citrus based essential oil and hot water for cleaning stubborn stains on surfaces, as they have antibacterial properties it’s as good as most surface cleaners

  84. Lindsey Stuart

    Always line your oven trays with tin foil before cooking them remove before washing! You will not have to soak the tray or scrub hard as the foil will collect the mess!

  85. Helen W

    clean your windows whilst the sun is off them otherwise it dries them before you can get the blade on them

  86. Michelle Smith

    Diluted vinegar is great for getting rid of limescale in kettles

  87. leanne weir

    My top tip is to plan in advance

  88. laura nice

    Set your alarm 15 minutes, it feels more manageable and you work harder and faster against the clock.

  89. Lucy

    i really like the pink stuff but also just making myself do it in the breaks of a programme for tidying as you feel like you want to get it done quicker to get back to the show!

  90. Michaela Turner

    Give the radiators a rub down with zoflora after cleaning to make your home smell gorgeous

  91. Keith Hunt

    Ask mom to house sit for the day then when you get home the house is nice and clean.

  92. Tina H

    Scrubber attachments for your drill make quick work of cleaning tiles and grout.

  93. Laura banks

    listening to music whilst doing it it makes it more fun

  94. melanie stirling

    I like to do a bit every day that way it doesn’t overwhelm you and become too much.

  95. Claire Hennighan

    Save old toothbrushes and use them for fiddly scrubbing jobs – they’re great on taps!

  96. Iris

    I do some every day if I have time to keep on top of things

  97. Carole Nott

    Little and often cleaning is the answer – so grime cannot build up!

  98. Jo Glasspool

    DO little bits as you go, saves them piling up.

  99. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Move out and live on your own with no husband or kids!
    Put coke in the loo to get rid of limescale!

  100. LouiseM

    Use kitchen roll to polish mirrors and chrome.

  101. Ruth Harwood

    I divide all the cleaning jobs into small part on a piece of paper on the fridge with a tick space and room for the date, and I make sure I always mark off when they’re done so I know when they’ll need another top up clean – makes me feel like I’ve achieved something everytime – a boost like a kids behaviour chart loil!!

  102. Jennifer Toal

    Use newspaper to clean smears on a window

  103. Carly Belsey

    Used scrunched up newspaper to clear windows and mirrors.

  104. Mrs Carol Thomas

    When all else fails to clean the marks away from the oven for example, the old fashioned Brillo pad still answers all those problems

  105. David

    Hello, my top cleaning tip is to use an old toothbrush to clean behind taps.

  106. Patricia Avery

    Twice a year we work our way through the house doing a big de-clutter followed by a deep clean. After that its a doddle to keep on top of everything. Little and often is our mantra!

  107. natalie s

    do one room at a time it’s easier to manage. I do one room one day then a couple of days later do another.

  108. chickenruby

    I could’ve done with reading this post when I first got back to the UK, I paid someone to clean my oven it was that bad after 9 years of tenants. Am struggling to keep the cups clean though, so this would be handy. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week

  109. Amy Louise Butler

    Use a toothbrush to scrub remove limescale and grime from taps and other hard to clean areas

  110. Pat Healy

    Vinegar on glass makes it sparkle

  111. J White

    Bi Carb of soda gets rid of any smell on a carpet!

  112. Lynda Graham

    I use Sparkking Water on stains as soon as they happen. Get great results – if stubborn apply a little salt or lemon juice and rub in circles to get into materials.

  113. F Chowdhury

    When you have juiced a lemon keep the half skins, they make great scourers

  114. Kirsty Hosty

    White vinegar and newspapers to clean wibdows works wonders

  115. Danielle Spencer

    To get deep/strong stains out of the carpet use bicarb and apply white vinegar on top, clean up with hot water.

  116. claire woods

    Scrub the bathtub clean with grapefruit and salt.

  117. Naila M

    My tip would be to clean as you go, makes the job so much easier.

  118. Sarah Lambert

    Use mayo for crayon marks on the walls rub it on and then wipe off works a treat

  119. Maegan Boyle

    White vinegar and bicarb to clean around the taps and sink plugs!

  120. TrishS

    My top cleaning tip would be, pay someone else to do it!

  121. Kim Carberry

    Get the kids to help. Make it fun and the work is done in half of the time. x

  122. Simone Griffin

    My top tip is to do little and often so it doesn’t build up too much x

  123. Leanne Redpath

    Soda crystals mixed with white vinegar & a capful of Zoflora in your sink plug hole leave it 10 minutes then wash down with boiling water. It leaves your sink smelling lovely

  124. Elizm

    Get a cleaner – I really can’t bear cleaning!

  125. Amanda Baggott

    White wine vinegar is great for cleaning ovens and microwaves

  126. Amanda tanner

    I always use pure white vinegar for cleaning white tiles they come up gleaming

  127. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    Clean often but little

    1. Tammy Neal

      White vinegar is great for cleaning x

  128. Sandra Fortune

    Bicarbonate of soda great for cleaning burned pans and an eggcup with water and a pinch popped in fridge deodorises

  129. Cristina McDowall

    White vinegar has so many uses – cleaning your washing machine, cleaning clothes of strange smells, cleaning windows, adding with bicarb to unblock your sink (VERY effective at that!)…. the list goes on.

  130. Kat Allinson

    Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener in the washing machine, it keeps the machine smelling fresh, gets rid of bacteria in the cloths and stops any slimy build up in the machine

  131. Natalie Crossan

    Nothing cleans better than elbow grease – remember that!

  132. Orange23

    Lemon juice and bicarb of soda mixed into a paste is great for cleaning stains

  133. Hekna

    I use vinegar and bicarb for lots of things – cleaning the washing machine, plugs, stuborn stains on stainless steel pans.

  134. A.E. ADKINS

    Toothbrush (not one in use!) is great for scrubbing nooks & crannies

  135. Tammy Tudor

    Research how to make your own cleaning products it’s much cheaper and works better

  136. Amie

    My top cleaning tip is to write a list of everything you need/want to accomplish and tick them off as you go

  137. Gaynor Vincent

    Well leaving aside don’t have children or pets (both of which I have!!) try and do a little as you go along!

  138. Joanne Hall

    I always keep on top of it, and it never gets that bad.

  139. Susan Hoggett

    have a rota so you know what jobs have been done when and by which family member. If everyone helps it makes life so much easier and keeping on top of the small jobs stop work dirt mounting up!

  140. Emma England

    My cleaning tip is to enjoy it. It’s doesnt have to be a chore. Put some music on and have a boogie as you do it.

  141. jackie

    Clean a little but often. That way it becomes less onerous but gets it done.

  142. James Travis

    Always keep on top of it, by setting a routine of the list of jobs to do each day. This way you’ll break it down and it won’t get on top of you.

  143. Jo W

    Use a 2p to get limescale off of taps, works a treat

  144. Paul Johnston

    I prefer to clean as I go along rather than have a big, exhausting clean.

  145. Gemma ewer

    My tip is. To clean and Hoover every day then do a major clean once a week

  146. Robyn Clarke

    Peanut butter is great for getting sticky residue off things, my daughter went through a sticker phase and stuck them everywhere, the peanut butter removed all evidence.

  147. Laura Green

    Little and often. I do little bits every day so it never feels overwhelming

  148. Samantha M

    White vinegar is fab for tough carpet stains.

  149. Anthea Holloway

    Little and often – don’t let it get on top of you.

  150. Marie Rungapadiachy

    My top cleaning tip is to do it as you go along. It softens the blow.

  151. Jane Morfett

    My best tip is hot soapy water. I have pets!

  152. Laura Whittle

    White spirit on your tiles to remove stubborn stains x

  153. jayne

    lemon juice on mirrors

  154. Nuala R

    My top tip is get a cleaning fluid you like the smell of, it really helps when you are cleaning not to have to battle the smell too

  155. Troy Easton

    Clean in least once a week to keep down dirt.

  156. Sheri Darby

    Try and do a little every day to stay on top of it

  157. Dobbin

    Give the cleaner time to soak in before rubbing it off.

  158. Kim M

    I use a squirt of washing up liquid down the loo every day x

  159. Caroline Signey

    White vinegar to get rid of limescale

  160. Sara Mc

    Make your duster slightly damp, it will catch more dust!

  161. Jo Nichol

    Scrubbing ketchup onto stainless steel helps to reduce rusty looks

  162. Chirag Patel

    always keep on top of it do it often and in small amounts

  163. Ian Yates

    Gotta have a routine- and stick to it. Dull though it may be….

  164. Joanne smith

    Get your whole family involved so the pressure isn’t just on one person

  165. Philip Hall

    I have a cleaning schedule, and clean something every day, as well as do at least one load of washing daily.

  166. Leslie Evans

    Do not throw away your toothbrush when you have finished with it for cleaning your teeth, keep it for those hard to reach places in the home and car, like between the spokes on your car wheels.

  167. Cerys John

    Always have white vinegar and bicarb in the cupboard – cleaning staples and useful for so many things!!

  168. Stephanie

    White vinegar

  169. Deborah Preston

    Put some kitchen roll or newspaper on top of kitchen cupboards to collect the grease and dirt, so you only have to roll it up and throw away

  170. Erica Hughes

    Use vinegar on windows to avoid streaks

  171. Maddy

    I’ve been introduced to white vinegar as a descaler. It’s brilliant!

  172. Jules Eley

    Top tip use a dish washer tablet slightly wet to losen and remove hard to move grease stains.

  173. Phil Bowell

    If it’s mouldy, bleach it

  174. linda curtis

    lemon juice and white vinegar are fab to clean with leaves everything sparkling and smelling fresh

  175. Daphne Monk

    Use milton to clean yellowing tupperware

  176. Ross Leech

    When parents go away on holiday, move the vacuum cleaner from downstairs to upstairs or vice-versa so they think you’ve done it.

  177. Allan Fullarton

    Little and often keep is the best way to do it.

  178. Mary Baldwin

    If you have sweaty shirts to clean, soak them in vinegar overnight. Then, pop in the machine and wash through with more vinegar to remove the smell ad help clean your machine.

  179. Victoria Prince

    White vinegar is great for getting rid of stubborn stains or smells!

  180. Denise walton

    I use vinegar to clean windows

  181. Sheena Read

    Use wet newspaper to clean windows.

  182. Georgie Wright

    I keep a small dish of bicarb in the fridge to absorb odours!

  183. Patricia Barrett

    Little and often! Don’t try and do everything at once or you’ll be discouraged.

  184. Lou anderson

    Listen to music while dancing round the room cleaning

  185. Herbert Appleby

    don’t make a mess, and laudry powder to degreece

  186. JennyB

    Use cooking oil and kitchen roll to clean the top of the cooker.

  187. Tracy B

    Clean up after yourself as you go

  188. Pete

    I use newspaper on the windows to avoid streaks

  189. Jessica Hutton

    Clean as you go and do a bit of detailed cleaning each day

  190. monika Bascombe

    I love using vinegar to get rid of limescale

  191. Adrian Bold

    Dust from top to bottom in a room so you don’t displace dirt to lower levels you have already cleaned!

  192. PhillW

    Bicarbonate of Soda and lemon juice works wonders on a greasy hob.

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