Dealing With The Most Common Causes Of Stress

Most common causes of stress

We all deal with stress at some point or another. For some of us, the causes may be so tangled and myriad that managing the stress itself with the help of a support network is the best way forward. However, for many, the stress does have a direct cause that we can address directly. Sometimes tackling the root of the problem doesn’t help, but many people will find relief in addressing the source. For that reason, let’s look at some of the most common causes of stress and what we can do to address them.

Clock watching when stressed


Swamped, slammed, snowed under, having a lot on your plate. There is, simply, a lot of ways to say that we are busy to the point of detriment. Modern life is becoming increasingly busy, and many of us have trouble keeping up with all of our obligations. There are systemic reasons for this worth looking at, but when it comes to your everyday life, the most practical solution is to look at ways to be more efficient and organised. Guides such as How To Save Time In Daily Life can help show a few of those, helping you free up some of the time needed to spend on yourself or to simply relax when you need it.


Very much related to the concerns named above is how much of our time we spend on work every day. Some people simply see that as the sacrifice needed for success, while others think that sacrifice is getting too great for too many without giving enough success in return to justify it. If work is causing you undue stress, it may be time to consider what your priorities are and what they should be. For instance, taking on overtime work too often has been shown to be one of the greatest causes of work-related stress around. Furthermore, work-related stress casualties (i.e. having to take time off of work due to stress caused by work) is on the rise.


Financial stress is all too real and affects way too many of us. It might be due to an increase in financial obligations, such as having to pay off a new mortgage, or it might be due to sudden costs, or failures to meet savings goals. Dealing with money stress will be different for each person. However, whether you’re coping with unexpected debt or find yourself having to pay for upcoming obligations, learning to save is crucial. Guides such as 12 Ways to Save Money in 2020 can offer practical advice on how to give yourself some room financial to deal with new and unexpected costs. However, looking at other ways of becoming more financially secure, such as budgeting and investing, will improve your ability to deal with financial stress in the long term, too.

Getting a good sleep when stressed

Sleep (or the lack thereof)

Your physical health impacts your mental health. Getting regular exercise and eating more healthily have been shown time and time again to improve our body’s ability to respond to and deal with stress. However, more impactful than any of those is how we sleep at night. Every adult human needs 7-9 hours sleep and when we don’t get the duration and quality of sleep that we need, it can do a lot of damage to how our body deals with stress. Creating an organised bedtime schedule and using sleep clocks to make sure you wake up at the right time can be enough to start making a difference. There are many other ways sleep can be aided, such as using CBD oil which also contributes to helping reduce stress

Job insecurity

Another major concern linked to both our work and our money worries is that more people are becoming increasingly concerned that their job might not be there for them in the future. There is some truth to that, as well. Increasingly, people build careers not just in one company, but by hopping from position to position, marketing themselves upwards. Similarly, there are more freelancers in the “gig economy” than ever. If job insecurity is a concern, then it may be worth investing time and money into becoming more financially independent. Saving to start investing your money, even a little at a time is one way. Otherwise, you can invest your time by looking at going into freelance work yourself, so that you’re able to sustain yourself even if you don’t have the same job tomorrow.

Lack of play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s not just a chilling line from one of the best horror films out there, it’s an axiom, meaning that it’s true for everyone. Not everyone’s idea of “play” is the same thing. Some people just need to put on their favourite film, while others might want to organise a games night instead. Aside from ensuring you have enough time to deal with your responsibilities, take a closer look at whether or not you really have any opportunities for play in your life. If not, it might be an important goal to make time for it and to find a hobby to take your mind somewhere completely away from your daily stresses.

Dealing with loss

Bereavement and loss

From the loss of a family member to the loss of a job, any major negative lifestyle change can come with some profound effects on your mental health. For emotional pain that profound, then the best solution is to talk about it, whether with the support network you have in your own life or someone professionally trained to help you work through your emotions. Though not as suited to individual needs, there are tips such as Coping with Grief and Loss that can begin to help you process your own emotions and put together an organised approach to deal with your feelings, as well.

As mentioned, sometimes dealing with the root of the problem isn’t the total solution we need. If you’ve followed the tips above but found that you’re still coping with more stress than you should, it may be time to talk to someone about it.


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