What Did We Do During Half Term

What Did We Do During Half Term

Just like that, the half term break from school is over in the blink of an eye and the fight to travel to school every morning has started in earnest again! What is with this weather?! With the flood water cleverly hiding potholes, it was a nail-biting 3 mile journey this morning, I need a bumper sticker ‘I am not drunk, I’m just avoiding potholes!’ Alas, I made it home and am now tucked away from the elements, hoping with all my might that we have the most awesome summer ever to make up for this awful weather!

What Did We Do During Half Term

How was your half term? Did you enjoy the week off school?

For us, it flew by in a flurry of flu like symptoms, floods, friends and food… lots of glorious food!

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The holidays started with Liv not feeling particularly great that first weekend, you get the chance to wind down and rest and it’s guaranteed someone will be ill! With high temps, aches and general tiredness it was a chilled start to the half term, to ensure Liv was better for our fun packed week ahead!

The Railway – Bromley Cross

What Did We Do At Half Term
It would be rude not to order a Black Pudding starter when on the menu!

Meeting up with new friends is always exciting and Liv and I had the most wonderful time checking out a local restaurant for lunch with friends early in the week. With a daughter Liv’s age, the girls were happy on one table whilst my friend and I dined at another and gossiped the time away. We met up at The Railway in Bromley Cross – somewhere I have never been before but will certainly be making an effort to return! The food was superb and the kids meals were excellent value for money. I was so impressed with the kids 3 course meal that I checked if adults can order it too… they can! That’s me sorted for our next visit then!

Croma – Manchester

Visiting Croma Manchester in the half term

The next day, we found ourselves strolling around Manchester City Centre, all the while surprised it was as quiet as it was! I would have expected to see more people milling around due to it being half term, but that wasn’t the case and it made for a pleasant visit to the centre. We made a beeline for Ellis Brigham on Deansgate and within half an hour I was declaring bankruptcy! Why are climbing shoes so expensive?! Sam from the store was so helpful and took his time to help us find the right pair of shoes for Liv to complete her NICS Level 1, there should be more Sam’s in the world!

A stroll across the road saw us walking into Croma Manchester for a restaurant review celebrating their 20th birthday of opening. It was quite a nostalgic review for me – the review will be going live on the site later in the week, so check back to find out why it was a memory filled review!

Plant Pet Club

Pet Plant Club

This little guy arrived last week to take up residency in our home! A banana plant that I named Barnaby from the rather funky Plant Pet Club! Perfect for someone like me, who isn’t green fingered in the slightest, the Plant Pet Club is a handy subscription service that delivers an indoor plant with easy to follow instructions, straight to your door. No mess, no fuss, a super easy process… even I can look after an indoor plant, right?! Check back for the review later this week… and keep your eyes peeled for a lovely giveaway, just in time for Mother’s Day!

China Cottage – Ramsbottom

I am jumping ahead a little now as I didn’t get the chance to take any food images in the China Cottage! My friend and I were too hungry and chatting far too much to breathe and take any images. To me though, that goes to show it was an awesome night!

Bella Italia – Reebok

Chicken pasta at Bella Italia in Half Term

There aren’t many people that make me look short, so I always love the chance to catch up with my awesome blogger buddy Jane from A Little Lyrical… and stand next to her! To me it will always be known as the Reebok, however Middlebrook Retail Park (and home of Bolton Wanderer’s FC) has a final selection of shops and restaurants and is perfectly positioned for Jane and I to reach easily for a meet up. On Friday evening, we managed a child free night out to Bella Italia for carbs and gossip and it really was the most tremendous night! Together we are a total comedy duo, causing mischief wherever possible – check out the video from our Manchester United hospitality day event to see just how much!

Half term was a whirlwind and even I have to admit to longing for normality, especially with Keto – I ate far too many carbs! Is anyone else excited to get back into the school routine again?

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  1. Joanna

    You definitely ate a lot of carbs in those mouthwatering looking pizza and pasta, especially if you’re doing keto. But I don’t blame you, all dishes look so delicious. The Railway sounds like a great place to go with your family as well.

    1. S1m

      I totally wasn’t Keto last week and didn’t even feel the tiniest bit guilty! 😉 We had some amazing meals out with friends and it was nice just to chill out and let someone else do the cooking and washing up for a change!x

  2. Lianne

    Sounds and looks like you had a lovely, and super yummy, half term!!
    We had a really nice relaxing week with some fun thrown in, but I’m glad to be back into routine today 🙂

  3. Rebecca Smith

    Wow, you ate some delicious food over the half term! I love Bella Italia but I don’t get to visit all too often.

  4. Kacie Morgan

    The Railway looks like the perfect go-to for brunch; I can never resist anything with black pudding on it either.

  5. Samantha Donnelly

    Looks like you had a great half term and those meals all looked amazing, I do love eating out whether just us or with friends x

  6. Liam Wilkinson

    Looks a good week, plenty of nice foods there, i had a great experience at Bella Italia recently, sometimes its great to have a child-free evening! lol

  7. Jaime Oliver

    wow you were a busy bee this half term! I must admit I am drooling at all the lush food!

  8. Yeah Lifestyle

    I am a huge foodie so love it when lots of food stops are involved, looks like you all have enjoyed yourselves during the half term holidays

  9. Bella at Dear Mummy Blog

    Gosh the weather was dreadful wasn’t it! We’re hoping that the summer makes up for it too! Alas, I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

  10. Jenny

    Sounds like you had a busy week. I was glad to get back to the school routine too, not long until the next break!

  11. Hollie Burgess

    Ohhh sounds like you had a great time and looks like a tasty week too! Roll on the next holidays!

  12. Jess Howliston

    It sounds like you had a great half term and enjoyed lots of yummy food too! I love the idea of the plant pet club that sounds amazing, I will check it out as I love plants but am definitely not green fingered lol! x

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