Indoor Plant Fun With Plant Pet Club

Indoor Plant Fun With Plant Pet Club

I am not green fingered in the slightest, my grandad would be appalled!

Whilst I grew up watching him tend his colourful gardens, complete with fruit trees, mine resembles something out of the Day of the Triffids! I learned a long time ago that if I just leave flowers, plants and even an indoor plant to their own devices, they grow – I try and ‘help’ them and something inevitably goes wrong… :/

Imagine my own surprise when I agreed to work on a Plant Pet Club review… that involves keeping an indoor plant! I did though and last week, the latest addition to our family arrived… ‘Barnaby’ the Banana Plant – I decided to give the plant a name because it may help nuture it successfully!

When the Banana Plant from Plant Pet Club first arrived…

Plant Pet Club

A week on in my care…

Plant Pet Club week 1

Now, it may not look as if much has happened, besides the fact I have managed to keep an indoor plant alive for a week – but a new leaf will be emerging soon!

Following the advice on the included Banana Plant Care Card carefully, I have successfully managed to guide Barnaby through his first week in the Sim’s Lifeindoor  house!

Plant Pet Club Care Instructions

What is Plant Pet Club?

Plant Pet Club is exactly what you would expect, a subscription service for people who love indoor plants – or complete beginners who have no idea where to start. Choose from an indoor plant subscription box (single and multiple month options available) or Jungle Bundles – both ideal options, especially for novices wanting to add foliage to their homes.

Founded by Anna who is a plant lover and loves to share her passion, she realised people are becoming more aware of the benefits of keeping air purifying indoor plants. It’s true that plants do make us happier and I can wholeheartedly state that looking after Barnaby this week has given me a purpose and I’m overjoyed the plant is doing well! After losing our beloved pet last year, our home has felt empty without a fur bundle to look after and whilst a plant isn’t as cuddly, it is giving Liv and I something to look after. Though if you do have pets, all the plants received from the Plant Pet Club subscription service are pet friendly!

How does the Plant Pet Club work?

Subcribers to the Plant Pet Club can be rest assured they will receive beautiful hardy plants that have been nurtured by Anna before free plant delivery to your door. All plants include a really easy to follow 4 step care card to help you look after your plant as soon as it is out of the box! You have several subscription options to choose from with each plant arriving in it’s own beautiful pot – which is super handy for people who do not have a plant pot to hand. Hardy plants are sent out to begin with, giving you time to find your green fingers, so when you find your feet you can be introduced to more exotic varities.
You can check out the subscription and Jungle bundle options here and a rather special Mother’s Day special option here.

Whilst we may not actually be growing any bananas soon, unfortunately the weather conditions in the UK aren’t ripe for that (see what I did there!), we are enjoying nurturing our banana plant and will continue to do so!

Make sure you check back soon for a lovely Plant Pet Club Mother’s Day giveaway and the chance to win a lovely gift for your mum! 🙂

Are you a keen gardener? Do you have a house filled with indoor plants? Do you have any tips on looking after a banana plant?

Plant Pet Club Pinterest

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  1. Claire

    I think I might have to check this out. My partner thinks our whole house should be filled with plants.

    He doesn’t seem to understand that I could kill them off just by looking at a plant!

    I’m the child of 2 very keen gardeners… my dad is a professional gardener! I must be a huge disappointment

    Claire x

  2. Sarah-Marie

    My Mother in Law despairs of me when it comes to plants and says I’m brown fingered! I must make more of an effort as I’d love our house to look more green! #PoCoLo

  3. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Awwww no bananas? I’m gutted! I thought you would get some maybe. Well, maybe a tiny one 😀 That’s so cool. I hope you are talking to him plenty 😀

  4. Hayley Warren

    I am awful with plants! My nan regularly comes round and takes mine off me to nurse them back to health. That’s such a cool big plant though I would probably kill it.

  5. Kara Guppy

    My grandad would also be so disappointed with my lack of gardening skills, his garden was his pride and joy. I do need some plants for inside the house

  6. Rhian westbury

    I’m a bit like you and struggle to keep anything alive, I even killed a cactus once! So this sounds like it could be ideal to try out for me x

  7. Kacie Morgan

    I need to splash out on some new indoor plants. I had a basil plant which has survived for over a year but it’s just died now, so time for something new 🙂 A succulent, perhaps 😀

  8. Rebecca Smith

    The Plant Pet Club sounds like a great idea! I don’t trust myself with indoor plants as I can’t keep them alive!

  9. Mellissa Williams

    I love having indoor plants so the Plant Pet Club sounds like such a fantastic idea! I might have to check it out myself.

  10. Melanie Edjourian

    We’ve always managed to kill off our plants or give them away in the past. I do fancy trying again with something that might be more likely to last. Sounds like a great subscription service.

  11. Michelle Twin Mum

    Like you, I’ve always been a bit rubbish at keeping house plants alive. It sounds like the banana plant you had might suit me and this is a great club for plant lovers. Mich X

  12. Melanie williams

    Ooo now this is right up my street. I am not great with the garden so this is a much better plan xx

  13. Yeah Lifestyle

    I need to subscribe to the Plant Pet Club as my indoor plants keep dying on me all the time and I need to replenish it. Such a great idea as it will save me the time and effort to keep going out to buy new plants!

  14. Jo | My Anxious Life

    This sounds great. I consistently kill house plants, despite my best intentions, so will have to give this a try. And remember to give the plants a name!

  15. Elizabeth Williams

    Even though I love plants I am far from green fingered and struggle to keep plants alive. Would love to introduce indoor plants into our home and Plant Pet Club sounds like a great way for me to do so.

  16. Ashleigh dougherty

    I will definitely be checking out this company! I do have a tendency to buy too many plants! 🙂

  17. Debbie

    Hi Sim, of course, a plant must have a name (as must a bicycle, car, wheelbarrow). I look forward to seeing Barnaby’s first crop of bananas! I was brought up with a house full of lovely green plants and my dad kept a beautiful garden, but I’m not so green-fingered. I will say I’m okay with cactus, but that’s a bit of a cheat as they thrive in this climate and love to be neglected. My herb garden does okay too… Again I put that down to neglect too.


  18. Stephanie 139a

    Hey – well done you. Though seriously plants are programmed to grow so unless they’re really not happy, you should be ok. Love the idea of a plant pet club – thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo.

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