Ways To Make Money From Home Suggestions

Ways To Make Money From Home Suggestions

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Whether you are looking to earn extra money for a family summer holiday break or to top up the rainy day fund, there are many ways to make money from home. Look around any room in your house and you will see countless items you no longer use. Enjoy writing/website design? Turn that hobby into something that can earn you money!

Let’s have a look at some suggestions on how you can earn some extra money

Ways To Make Money From Home

ways to make money from home by blogging

Start a blog

The setup you see in the image above is a general blogger’s set up! A phone next to a laptop, with a notepad and pen for jotting down notes and a very strong coffee! Whilst blogging maybe considered a hobby by most, you can actually earn money from running a blog. More than simply writing words on a blank screen, which in theory takes up around 20% of a blogger’s time, there is so much more behind the scenes work involved and a good phone/camera to take images always helps. In the short term, you are more likely to spend money becoming a blogger before you start earning, but the inital outlay is worth it if you see this as a long term contribution to your finances.

Ways to make money from home by providing feedback for surveys

Online surveys

If you have the spare time and a computer, then money can be earned from completing online surveys. Companies pay for feedback on their product range and you may even get a sneak peak into product ideas for the future, with your input being more important than ever. Working on online surveys may not guarantee you enough return for a break to sunnier climes in the short term, but every penny does add up! It is well worth taking some time to research paid survey sites available and signing up to those you feel suit you the best.

Selling unwanted clothes

Selling items online

If you find yourself with a wardrobe filled with clothes you no longer wear that are still in good condition, then selling these online will certainly help you earn money. Bundles of baby/toddler/children’s clothes always prove to be popular as these are so quickly grown out of and it is pointless buying designer clothes for children. That said, second hand designer clothes sell very well and it’s probably wise to sell these as single items.
Even if you do not have clothes to sell, you will no doubt have items you no longer use that someone else might. Don’t feel afraid to sell these online and make some money! Besides online auction sites such as Ebay, other sites offer an online selling market place such as Facebook or Gumtree. If selling online seems daunting, then car boot sales when the weather is less unpredictable are a fantastic opportunity to sell items and meet new people!

These are just a few of the more common ways to make money from home and whilst there are many opportunities out there, find something that fits in with you, how much free time you have available and go for it!

Can you add any other suggestions to earning money from home?

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