Posterlounge Review And Giveaway

Posterlounge Review And Giveaway

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It’s hard to believe Spring is upon us, but as of March 20th, we will officially be in spring time… no matter what the weather offers! This time of year is synonymous with a big Spring Clean, in order to start afresh. Fling open your windows to let the fresh air drift through your home and then crack on with the decluttering. You may well be considering decorating for Spring but, there are much easier ways in which to spruce up a room without deciding on colours of paint to use!

Adding new accessories to a room helps you to create a totally different look and feel without the need of drastic action. A new rug, a new collection of bold coloured cushions or even new artwork for your walls can totally add a whole new ambience in your home.

With this in mind, when an opportunity to work on a Posterlounge review and giveaway landed in my inbox, I jumped at the chance! Artwork is distinctly lacking in my house, especially after fully re-decorating Liv’s bedroom last year and pictures on the wall are such a great and easy way to liven up a room. Check out Spring wall art inspiration to give you some pointers!

Posterlounge Review

With a vast selection of artwork that would appeal to all ages, for any room in the house, Liv and I set about choosing what we liked and felt would fit well in our own little spaces. It was inevitable Liv would choose artwork relating to dogs and this cute and highly amusing picture of ‘Funny Dog Faces’ was the perfect choice for her room. You can check out the artwork here.

Posterlounge review Funny Dog Faces art

I on the other hand chose a very bold and moody picture of Steve McQueen to feature in my lounge. You can check out the artwork here.

Posterlounge review Steve McQueen

Prices depend on the size of picture you choose (there is a handy sizing guide), with all pictures available in a range of formats such as wall sticker, foam board, acrylic/wood board or even a premium poster. Delivery is super quick, simply a few days wait for your new artwork to arrive, with my larger pictures arriving via DPD. Wall fictures are also included with the delivery… someone to hang the picture is not unfortunately!

The Posterlounge site is really easy to use, prices change and are clearly stated dependent on your choices and the check out process could not be any easier. If you are wondering how you can make a big chance in your home for Spring, but do not want the hassle of decorating, then wall art is definitely the way forward!

I am over the moon with our choices, they really will make such a difference to our house, adding a more homely feel.

Posterlounge Giveaway

What about you though? I am sure you want to head over to Posterlounge now and have a look at the art available… but first, why not enter the giveaway below to win a £50 voucher to spend at Posterlounge!

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How To Win A £50 voucher to spend at Posterlounge

For your chance to win a voucher to spend at Posterlounge (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win a £50 Posterlounge voucher


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 12th April 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a £50 Posterlounge voucher code will be emailed to the winner.
The winner will receive 1 x £50 Posterlounge voucher.
Open to entrants in the UK and EU.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Posterlounge review pin

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  1. Rachel Mccraith

    I love seeing my garden come to life again. There’s nothing more beautiful than nature in the spring time!

    1. Sharon Freemantle

      I love seeing the new shoots in the garden and the warmer weather

  2. Fiona K

    I love Spring because of the start of longer daylight hours

  3. Hannah S

    The longer days and warmer weather – I’m a sun seeker and love it when you can go out without a coat!

  4. john prendergast

    I like spring for the warmer weather

  5. Claire Blakeley

    The longer days and more sunshine 🙂 it always lifts my mood xx

  6. Lucy Wright-Booth

    I love Spring because I love daffodils, and it means it’s almost summer!

  7. Peter Watson

    I love the Spring flowers because they brighten the mood.

  8. Robyn Clarke

    Daffodils, I love having a bunch in my kitchen, always cheers me up.

  9. Solange

    I love the warmer weather because it really brightens my mood.

  10. Mark M

    The amount of daylight. Particularly in the early mornings.

  11. Dobbin

    Watching the garden begin to grow again !

  12. Lucinda P

    I love the bluebells in spring, they are beautiful and always feel very special.

  13. Carrie H

    The evenings getting lighter. I’ve got so much more energy!

  14. Laura Linsey

    i love the lighter nights, it makes you feel more energised.

  15. kim neville

    The sun popping out and being outdoors more and seeing the flowers start to blossom

  16. Karen Langridge

    I love the fact warmer weather is on the way! Less heating costs, lighter evenings and just a more optimistic feeling! x

  17. Sophie Roberts

    Hearing the birds singing late at night whilst sat in the garden watching the sun go down!

  18. Rachel Walsh

    I love how the weather starts to warm up again and the plants and flowers come back to life!

  19. Deborah Bird

    I love seeing everything spring back to life and the colour returning to the world, it makes me happy!

  20. Ers

    Not so cold

  21. Zoe C

    I like the brighter and warmer days

  22. michelle o'neill

    walking the dog through the bluebell woods

  23. Rebecca Williams

    Warmer, lighter and daffodils.

  24. Phil Darling

    I love seeing the garden start to change colour from its winter hues

  25. Danika Lloyd

    Playing out and planting seeds with my little one

  26. Jayne Townson

    Mine is when my tulips come into flower because I know warmer days are on the way.

  27. tracey bowden

    I just love the warmer weather, brighter and longer days. I love the print you chose too it looks fab! #pocolo

  28. Sarah Parker

    i love lighter nights 🙂

  29. Alice Dixon

    The lighter, brighter, warmer days. It’s nice to be able to get out in the garden and see it blooming


    once it reaches spring I know SUMMER is round the corner

  31. michelle hall

    long evening walks in the park with my dog now that its staying lighter for much much longer 🙂

  32. Harry G

    I just like sitting outside in the fresh air, reading a book.

  33. Phil B

    My favourite thing about spring is getting down to my croft (Allotment) and planting veg. I’ve been itching to do it all winter

  34. Hayley Jane Wakenshaw

    Spring has always been my favourite season! It’s just so hopeful, and I love seeing colour and life return to the world.

  35. Iain maciver

    wwather improving hopefully

  36. clair downham

    i love hearing the birds sing in the morning

  37. Michelle C

    Not really a fan of Spring in general (prefer Autumn, Winter), but will have to say Easter eggs for obvious reasons

  38. Caroline Tinsley

    I love seeing the ducklings at my local park

  39. Rich Tyler

    Lighter / Sunny mornings 🙂

  40. Christine Dodd

    I love my garden so spring means a daily patrol of the plot to see what’s popping up.

  41. Karen Weedon

    I love Spring because the days are longer and there’s lots of flowers to see when I’m out walking

  42. Joo Dee

    the lighter mornings for sure

  43. Sandra Fortune

    New life – spring lambs buds and leaves appearing spring flowers and lighter nights

  44. Jacob Barnard

    My Favourite Thing about Spring is the weather finally starting to get better! 🙂

  45. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the lighter evenings so I can take my dogs out on nice long dog walks

  46. Karen Dowle

    I love it when the clocks spring forward, the evenings are lighter and the flowers are in Bloom. I love to see the lambs in the field, the deep blue skies and bright sun.

  47. Lindsey Stuart

    I love the lighter mornings I find it so much easier to get up, I also love seeing and hearing the baby lambs aww they are super cute!

  48. Lisa Rickard

    I love to see the crocuses peeking through the earth

  49. Libby Noack

    Feeling the sunshine on me is wonderful x

  50. Nuala

    I love up how it is fresh and you wake up to light and come home and it is still bright.

  51. Char W

    The lighter nights and warmer weather starting & no longer having to wear a big jacket with you everywhere you go

  52. Andrea Smith

    I love the lighter mornings and the new beginnings of life in my garden!

  53. Nicole Woods

    I love all the new baby animals everywhere being brought into the world!

  54. Priscilla Stubbs

    I love the longer days and hopefully warm weather too. I like to get out and about and it is so much nicer when I’m bot bundled in layers of clothing

  55. laura stewart

    love seeing the new lambs xx

  56. fiona waterworth

    I love spring as the flowers are waking up and I know my garden will have colour now right through to winter


    For me it has to be the flowers they are starting to come out ready for summer and it just looks beautiful

  58. melanie stirling

    The weather warming up and sunshine, it makes me feel so much better in myself.

  59. Joanne Hutchings

    Seeing all the flowers coming back to life cheers me up after a long winter.

  60. Elizm

    Waking up when it is already light outside, much easier than in the dark of winter

  61. ribs

    The Spring Garden starting to wake from its winter sleep and I know summer is on it’s way!

  62. Mel Pennie

    The lighter evenings so I can go on a long walk with my dog after work.

  63. Gemma Holland

    I love the lighter days with the blue skies. I work shifts and its lovely to wake up to light and not come home in the dark!

  64. Laura Johnson

    The Daffodils, always makes me smile to see them.

  65. Patrick Quilty

    sunshine and heat , so i am not cold all the time

  66. Sheena Batey

    The beautiful spring blossom

  67. Hekna

    I love watching all the new life bloom all around us

  68. chickenruby

    I love the poster of the dogs, would look great in our dining room. I’m looking forward to Spring in the UK so I can get outdoors and sort the garden. Thanks for linking with #pocolo and look forward to seeing you back next week

  69. Amy Bondoc

    all the beautiful blooms! flowers just make me hapy and smile!

  70. Lydia Graham

    The fresh smell in the morning and seeing all the greenery appear in the woodland at the back of out house

  71. justine meyer

    I just love the fact that I can put my coat back in the cupboard and get my flip flops out and embrace the warmth

  72. Rachel Pitts

    Spring walks in the sunshine

  73. Chloe Bates

    I love the lighter days, you can get out more and do fun things!

  74. kathy Glamour cakebread

    The warmer weather..and it’s light when I wake up!

  75. ashleigh allan

    Lighter nights and longer days – it makes you feel like you get more done!

  76. Susan B

    The cherry blossoms that come to life are my favourite thing about Spring. They are so beautiful and make lovely nectar for the early bees.

  77. Carol Thomas

    The end of along bleak winter where everything has been stripped bare is an amazing sight to behold with the morning dew and the pesking through of the spring flowers letting us know that all passes and light and love will always push through and win in spring.

    Lighter night, evenings on the patio, balmy summer days and lifted mood are just some of the things to look forward too in the freshness of spring

  78. Angela treadway

    the lighter evenings and the pretty flowers make everything look fab x

  79. David

    Hello, I like seeing all the bulbs coming up in spring as they are very pretty and colourful.

  80. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    I love the lighter nights and the fresh air!

  81. Vivien Taylor

    Feeling the sun on my skin again

  82. Danielle Spencer

    I love all the baby animals, watching all the wild baby bunnies running around.

  83. Jazz Fulcher

    Daylight finally being a sensible time I hate walking home from uni in the dark

  84. Lucy

    The longer and lighter days

  85. Mark Johnson

    Warmer weather and lighter evenings

  86. A.E. ADKINS

    Tulips & daffodils to liven the garden combined with brighter longer days

  87. Sacha stacey

    My favourite thing about spring is all the colourful flowers that come out

  88. hayley berry

    i love spring because of the bright colours instead of it being dull

  89. Lorraine Williams

    I love the garden coming in to colour with the Magnolia tree, lilac and clemetis in full flower, beautiful

  90. MichelleD

    I love going for family walks in the woods, getting some fresh air and seeing the signs of new life!


    the smell of newly cut grass – so fresh after the winter

  92. Lucy Barlow

    My Favourite thing about Spring is the Hope. The potential. The promise

  93. Lucy Barlow

    My Favourite thing about Spring Is the Hope. The Promise and the Potential

  94. Angie McDonald

    I love seeing all the beautiful Daffodils flowering in the local park

  95. Susan Smith

    The garden coming to life, the bulbs shooting and the trees turning green

  96. Samantha M

    I love the temperature, it’s not too hot and not too cold! Everything just feels so chilled.

  97. Tammy Tudor

    I love that everything is new! New colours, animals and weather


    Watching the ‘neighbours’ nesting in the ‘apartment block’ – That’s the many species of birds popping in and out of the conifers at the back of our garden. I love to watch them and can’t wait to see their babies emerge from the nests.

  99. leanne weir

    I love Spring because of the change from witner

  100. Ruth cartwright

    the longer evenings

  101. Katie B

    Longer evenings and the green wildlife coming back to life

  102. laura nice

    The lighter evenings so we can go for family walks!

  103. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    The cherry blossom appearing on the trees – so beautiful and reminds me of my childhood

  104. Laura banks

    its nicer weather to walk to work in

  105. Natalie Burgess

    The sound of all the neighbours mowing their lawn really signifies spring to me! It always makes me so happy and iI love the smell of freshly mown grass xx

  106. Fiona Rennie

    The yellow daffodils brightens everything up, not forgetting the super cute lambs in the fields

  107. Karen hutchinson

    Daffodils and tulips – after the doom and gloom of winter they just cheer me up

  108. Yasmin0147

    I love it when daffodils spring up.

  109. Mark R

    The garden coming back to life again combined with more daylight to be out in garden sorting it all out.

  110. shelly G

    Seed planting. I love it when the new babies start to grow.

  111. Carole Nott

    I like the warmer weather and watching my plants all bloom

  112. lynn neal

    I love to see the blue bells

  113. Ruth Harwood

    Seeing all the new life being born and grow on the trees outside my door xx

  114. Lisa Wilkinson

    My neighbour has a blue wisteria tree which blossoms in the spring. It’s so beautiful

  115. Lucinda P

    Playing in the garden with my little boy

  116. caroline howard

    I love my garden coming into life – it’s a time of new beginnings.

  117. Katie Harmer

    I love the emergence of spring flowers and the pretty blossoms on the trees. I also love it when you notice that the grass has become very green and the temperature is slowly going up.

  118. Rachel B

    I like getting out in the garden more and playing with my little girl

  119. Stephanie Coals

    Definitely the longer lighter days, it makes such a difference to my mood and motivation levels. Everything is better when the sun is shining!

  120. dan

    longer days

  121. Sirley Young

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  122. H

    Seeing nature wake from it’s Winter sleep and sharing it with my son.

  123. katrina walsh

    I like heading off for a family day out bright and early in the morning to see the lambs and newborns at a local farm driving past all the spring bulbs blooming on the roadside on our way

    1. Dave C

      I like spring as the gloomy days start to get brighter

  124. pete c

    it start to get lighter on an evening which means I can enjoy doing more outside

  125. Gemma Hendry

    My favourite thing about spring is mine and my daughters birthday

  126. Neha Chauhan

    More of Sunshine and Easter holidays

  127. Eileen Hindley

    Spring flowers and warmer weather

  128. Nadia Josephine

    I love being able to get out in the garden to see things grow and enjoy the sunshine

  129. Annabel Greaves

    I love the lighter evenings to spend more time in our garden

  130. Alison Johnson

    Brighter evenings & the chance to tidy up the garden ready for all the seeds I’ve planted to bring colour to my garden.

  131. Kim Carberry

    I really like the lighter nights and seeing the sunshine more. It really makes a difference to my mood. x

  132. jacqui rushton

    Beautiful spring lambs because they are so cute

  133. Sarah prescott

    Seeing the daffodils and snowdrops.

  134. Paul Johnston

    Some decent weather so I can finally cut the grass!

  135. Chris Fox

    I love the flowers, it brings you out of the dullness of Winter and shows you that life is starting again. It gives me a lot of hope in these hard time.

  136. Sarah Roberts

    l absolutely love all the daffodils and crocus’s coming through and of course the Blossom trees it’s so lovely after a long winter!

  137. Carolyn E

    Fresh crisp mornings, long dog walks, blossom and lambs 8n the fields. Breakfast outside and optimism in the air

  138. claire woods

    Warmer weather, not a fan of the cold.

  139. Jo F

    All the daffodils and the other spring flowers

  140. Emma

    Warmer sunnier days and the flowers coming out


    when the sun is warm enough to sit on the back step and enjoy it

  142. Karen Stirling

    Spring lambs bouncing arounnd in the fields. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

  143. Ursula Hunt

    i love the ability to get in the garden and doing the first grass cut and weeding of the year, the smell of the fresh mown grass is the best

  144. Katrina Adams

    I love seeing all the wildlife and the flowers all starting to bloom.

  145. kay sherman

    i love seeing all the flowers coming out x

  146. min

    All of the flowers coming into bloom!

  147. Sarah Fielding

    Definitely the change in nature!

  148. Kerry MacIntyre

    Lighter, brighter days allowing for lovely long walks down the harbour front.

  149. Orange23

    Spring flowers, because they’re colourful and make me feel more cheerful

  150. Allan Wilson

    1. Allan Wilson

      Oops – over typed reply – the new life budding through in the garden

  151. Rai

    Bluebell woods – just the most beautiful and peaceful place.

  152. Hannah Igoe

    I love that mix of cool winds but warm sun on your face!

  153. natalie s

    The feeling of the warmth on the chops and sounds of the birds tweeting

  154. Tina Glover

    I love being able to hang the washing out instead of it being inside x

  155. Gary Topley

    I just like the birds singing, seeing lambs in the fields and just the beginning of new life. Thankyou for the competition x

  156. dave johnston

    seeing that it gets warmer as

  157. Claire Nutman

    The early bird song and the sunshine, both make me smile…..

  158. Colin Gault

    Longer days and warmer weather

  159. angela sandhu

    Longer days

  160. Charmian Filewood

    Seeing the snowdrops, daffodils and crocus come through and flower. Makes me think if they can manage to break through no matter the weather etc that that then gives me hope to get through things

  161. Rachel Craig

    Birds chirping in the trees :- A positive sign / signal of new life, brighter and milder weather.

  162. Pamela Henson

    It has to be the longer days, I suffer frm SAD so the sun brings me happiness literally ♥️

  163. Jessica Forster

    Freshly cut grass

  164. Layla Thomas

    The lovely sunshine and working in the garden

  165. Sare Davies

    I love all the spring bulbs in the garden. the new life always fills me with hope, optimism and energy

  166. Scott Fallon

    The change of weather and seeing all the new flowers and nature.

  167. Caroline Signey

    The lighter evenings because I get to go outside for longer and start enjoying my garden more

  168. Kristie Metcalfe

    Getting woken up by the sunshine rather than an alarm clock

  169. Emma England

    My favourite things about spring is the warmer weather and the longer days. Also seeing leaves on the trees again.

  170. donna jones

    love seeing all the flowers popping up in the garden

  171. Jade Brailsford

    I love spring because it brings the warmer weather!

  172. Sandra Foreman

    love seeing everything coming back to life again

  173. Marc H

    The longer, warmer days. I always feel my mood start to improve when the sun comes out.

  174. Allan Fullarton

    Love the brighter mornings and everything seems to be more alive.

  175. Susan Hoggett

    I love watching the birds build their nests and feed their young

  176. Amy Webb

    I love being able to potter about in the garden without a coat on!

  177. Stephanie Tsang

    I love the nice weather and being able to hang my washing outside to dry!

  178. James Travis

    The warmer weather and the longer days because of being able to do more stuff outdoors

  179. Gillian McClelland

    I love the lighter brighter nights

  180. Amy Sam

    Gardening, due to the longer lighter evenings and weather becoming warming makes it the perfect time.

  181. Leslie Evans

    The Flower Buds breaking through the Earth

  182. Joanna Kiely

    It has to be the butterflies making an appearance!! I love seeing them in the garden!

  183. Angela Kelly

    I love the smell of spring. It’s not one thing, like cut grass or flowers…It’s a smell I can’t describe.

  184. cat jamison

    Spring flowers, because they’re so cheerful

  185. Anthea Holloway

    I love hearing the birds sing and watching them gather bits and pieces for their nests.

  186. Pam Gregory

    Love the bluebells. They are so pretty.

  187. Tracy B

    Nature springing back to life, flowers, lambs, blossoms on the trees, birds singing etc and the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight

  188. Greig spencer

    love seeing all the beautiful spring flowers blooming

  189. Adrian Price

    l love the hint of summer

  190. Jules Eley

    My favourite thing about spring is seeing all the beautiful tulips and daffs popping up and making it all colourful.

    1. Beccy Rowley

      I love seeing butterflies emerging in the warmer weather.

  191. Lorna-Jane Holland

    I love the beautiful spring flowers because they put a spring in my step when I’m out and about!

  192. Chantel L

    I love the extra sunlight & warmer weather as it’s nicer to wake up to in the morning!

  193. Patricia Barrett

    My favourite thing about Spring is the better weather and longer days.

  194. Laura Green

    Lighter evenings and the cute little duckilngs on the canal

  195. Hayley Lynch

    Definitely all the spring flowers in my garden !

  196. Catherine Bullas

    I love the blossom on the trees, it’s so beautiful and always makes me feel happy

  197. Diana

    I love everything turning green and blooming and weather getting warmer but not too hot as it is in summer. Spring is my favourite 🙂

  198. Kim M

    Love seeing the garden coming to life x

  199. Adrian Bold

    I like the longer days and all the flowers popping up.

  200. Chloe m

    Blossom on the trees and birds singing

  201. Chirag Patel

    Seeing the garden come to life

  202. Andrea Johnson

    Seeing things come to life

  203. Deborah Preston

    The lighter mornings and evening as I seem to be more energised and enthusiastic as well as hearing birdsong

  204. Victoria Bazley

    Tulips, all the different colour breathing life into the garden again.

  205. Emma fox

    Seeing all the flowers come to life and baby animals ❤️

  206. Lucy carter

    I love the warmer weather and the sunshine.

  207. Geri Gregg

    Me and my son love the warmer weather since it means more days out and adventures!

  208. Caroline Cordery

    My favourite thing about spring this year is having the time and the sunshine to clean and repaint the garden.

  209. paula cheadle

    I love to see all the spring flowers start to grow and bloom, I love the riot of colours.

  210. Claire Noke

    Easter weekend. Family time, Sunshine and chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate.

  211. Leanne Perrett

    i love all the flowers even with hayfever

  212. Paul Meulen

    Gotta be the sunshine!

  213. Sian Buckingham

    I love seeing all the blossom on the trees in spring!

  214. Debbie Burfoot

    waking up and hearing the birds singing and tweeting

  215. Lucy Robinson

    I love when Spring arrives I can’t wait to have a Spring clean around the house. Always leaves me with a good mental attitude.

  216. Stef Acaster

    I like the sunshine and spring flowers because they brighten up everything

  217. Theresa Thomas

    I love the milder weather and the lighter nights.

  218. Natasha B

    I love being able to relax in the garden with a good book! Doing a lot of it at the moment…

  219. Ruth Amy Wollerton

    Love the lighter evenings and the chance to spend more time in the garden

  220. Ali Fanstone

    we moved into our new house just before Christmas, and now our garden is coming to life, there are so many surprises in every corner, its awesome

  221. Erica Hughes

    Spring flowers really cheer me up

  222. Mandy Doherty

    I love hearing the blackbirds song and seeing the plants waking up after winter

  223. Amy Jo

    The blossom! I love seeing the beautiful flowers.

  224. Katy Hacket

    The blossom on trees because when it falls down like confetti my children dance under it

  225. JennyB

    The sunshine and all the beautiful spring flowers that come out.

  226. zoe corbin


  227. Jessica Hutton

    The flowers and the longer days

  228. Sheena Read

    I love the signs of new plant growth in Spring

  229. Tammy Neal

    Love seeing the flowers blossom x

  230. Naomi Williams

    I love the warmer weather and all the spring flowers

  231. monika Bascombe

    I love warm days and longer days

  232. Lindsey Smith

    The possibility of a whole new wardrobe to choose from

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