Baylis & Harding Royale Garden Giveaway

Baylis & Harding Royale Garden Giveaway

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Whether you are looking for a gift for Mother’s Day or inspiration for the future, the newly launched Baylis & Harding Royale Garden collection offers something all Mums will love and appreciate!

I am a huge fan of the range and have a good stock in my bathroom, but the Royale Collection is something quite special! It is so, so pretty, to the point you won’t actually want to use the products!

Baylis & Harding Royale Garden collection

Capturing the fragrant beauty of nature, the new collection features soap petals (£10), individually wrapped soap stacks (£4), a filled wash bag set (£25) and handwashes. You can check out the range here.

How stunning are the wrapped soaps? Whilst gorgeous to look at, soaps are coming in very handy (no pun intended) at the moment – so not only is this a fabulous gift idea, it’s a very practical idea too!

Baylis & Harding Soaps

I have never used soap petals before, they almost seem too delicate to use! The beautifully presented selection of rose, poppy and vanilla soap petals are the perfect excuse to run a bath and totally relax. Bathe amist the fragrant petals and relax as you watch the strains of the day simply fade away!

Baylis & Harding Royale Garden soap petals

Available from Next (£25), the stunning wash bag contains Rose, Poppy and Vanilla fragranced Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Hand and Body Lotion. Totally apt for the Royale Garden collection, the delicate floral fragranced body care products are totally inspired by scents from quintessentail British gardens. Leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered after using, be warned though… you may long for Summer after using!

Baylis & Harding Royale Garden Wash bag

The Baylis & Harding Royale Garden collection also includes a selection of hand washes, with fragrances Peach Peony & Jasmine, Verbena & Chamomile and Lemon & Basil. Definitely a few to try there and the beautifully decorated bottles are the perfect addition to any home!

Royale Garden collection

Baylis & Harding are offering one lucky Sim’s Life visitor the chance to win their own Royale Garden Wash bag! Great for gift inspiration, or treating yourself! Let’s have a look at how you can enter the latest Sim’s Life giveaway!

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Latest Sim’s Life Giveaway – Win a Silentnight Duvet Set

For your chance to win a Baylis & Harding Royale Garden Wash bag (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!
We all need cheering up at the moment – I’m hoping comment entries will make others smile too!x

Win a Baylis & Harding Royale Garden Wash Bag


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 19th April 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Baylis & Harding Royale Garden wash bag.
Open to entrants in the UK.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Conor

    My daughter.

    1. Mrs Sarah caunter

      Really appreciate letting me enter your competition, plus getting a really great look into this site,ive bookmarked it so i can come back,& keep looking at ideas, thanks again im severely disabled & visiting here today has really cheered me up thanks x

    2. Sharon Freemantle

      My wonderful hubby. He keeps me smiling through all the worries

      1. sarah morris

        My grandson

  2. Mindy DeLisi

    My son came down the stairs and told me the school test he was working on yesterday was due that day but the following Tuesday!! He worked on that hard too!! Well at least he have nothing to do in that class for a little bit now, lol

  3. Ritchie Dee

    My wife

  4. justine meyer

    My kids

  5. Danielle Pooley

    My son giving me a hug and telling me everything is going to be okay

  6. Harry G

    The sun!

  7. Elizm

    Potting up some new herb seeds in upcycled jars in my kitchen this morning – it felt good to be growing something new whilst making good use of something old

  8. amy Simpson

    A letter from my mum x

  9. SueB

    Being given the ‘all clear’ from the hospital today

    1. Sharon Everett

      Being given some positive news this morning for a change!!!!!

  10. Danika Lloyd

    My son’s face when he was so proud of his huge duplo tower

  11. Claire Blakeley

    Spending time with my children xx

  12. MichelleD

    My daughter this morning 🙂

  13. Ashley Murray

    My boyfriend made me smile this morning!

  14. leanne weir

    My hubby having heard the school’s have just shut

  15. Jo Young

    My cat chasing its tail!

  16. caroline howard

    A squirrel playing in my garden made me smile.

    1. Jordan Neilly

      My partner and dog !

      1. Lindsey Cross

        Family game time

  17. Karen hutchinson

    Having a cup of tea with my mum before we have to self isolate

  18. Tracy Nixon

    I actually managed to buy toilet rolls today at Morrisons! They have been sold out for the past 5 days!

  19. Mary Lucking

    My son returning my missed call but me not remembering what I called for.

  20. Jackie Howell

    seeing all of the beautiful daffodils and bluebells when out walking

  21. kim neville

    my son getting excited for his birthday on Sunday

  22. Sue McCarthy

    Joking around with my favourite postman!

  23. Helen Best

    My Daughter & granddaughter xx

  24. Anthony Harrington

    the adorable Mothers Day card our little Gandson made for his Mummy, so cute and heart-felt

  25. LucyBo17

    Learning that my macho tom cat is scared of the rain and will only go outside in the sun

  26. Amy Bush

    Spending some quality time with my Mum and Daughter

  27. Iain maciver

    my wife

  28. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Getting out to the beach for a walk with my 2 youngest – so nice to get some fresh air after being stuck indoors for 2 weeks!

  29. Joo Dee

    hearing back from friends overseas!

  30. Karen Langridge

    I watched an episode of Friday night dinner with my eldest after a walk and we both laughed lots! Love that show

  31. Jo Jones

    I had a telephone call from little Amelia telling me she had got all ten spellings correct in her test.

  32. Christine Dodd

    I went for a walk and spotted a beautiful camellia climbing up the front of a house, almost to the gable.

  33. Katie

    Speaking to my super cute niece

  34. Anna Wood

    My husband, after day 2 in isolation hes finally cracked on with the list of house jobs!

  35. Maggie Coates

    cute pics of animals

  36. Alice Dixon

    My son has made me smile today, he said it sounded like I’d had a busy day whilst he was at school and I should get to relax tonight

  37. Peter Watson

    My granddaughter made me smile when she told a joke over Skype.

  38. Helen S Wright

    My husband coming home with toilet roll 🙂

  39. Susan B

    A neighbour knocking on the door to make sure I am ok. Bless him.

  40. Lisa Jones

    My lovely nieces!

  41. Suan Watts

    A text from my 6 year old grandson say he had lost his first toof

  42. Rebecca Cann

    My Mum.

  43. Rebecca Williams

    My boyfriend

  44. Paul Green

    Eastenders getting cancelled made me smile today

  45. Yasmin0147

    I have been watching cute cat videos all day

  46. Danielle Spencer

    I went to the dentist and was anxious and was seeing someone different, but he was lovely and made me smile!

  47. Rachel Mccraith

    My neighbour’s new fence has made me smile! Sounds strange, but she’s been making all sorts of ornaments from recycled materials and she’s really brightened up her fence with them. You can’t help but smile as you go past

  48. Mark Thomas

    A baby laughing made me smile today .

  49. Mel Pennie

    My dog. Acting like an absolute loon in the garden!

  50. fiona waterworth

    my children playing on the trampoline

  51. Anthony W

    My lovely wife


    Watching my niece and nephew making silly videos on the ipad

  53. Laura Johnson

    Coming home to my husband and cat 🙂

  54. Sophie Roberts

    My amazing boyfriend! And knowing my mum is coming to visit on Friday

  55. Derek Wilson

    The neighbour’s cat sitting outside my back door waiting for a treat 🙂

  56. Andrea Fletcher

    My grandson made me smile.

  57. Fiona jk42

    A video of my granddaughter singing “Break my Stride”. We had watched numerous Tic Toc videos of it when I last visited her a couple of weeks ago, so it was very amusing seeing her version of it.

  58. David

    I smiled today by seeing a pretty horse in nearby fields.

  59. Natalie Charman

    Watching a video of penguins running around an aquarium!

  60. Solange

    My kids

  61. Rebecca Sutton

    I have not had a vast amount to smile about today as told I have to work from home until its safe to return and that schools are closing! But I sat down with my daughter and explained what the next few weeks/months could be like and she took it so well, that made me smile!

  62. Margaret

    A video of penguins at Chicago zoo

  63. Susan Smith

    Talking to my Granddaughter, she told me not to go out and stay indoors as she said i was old and i have to look after myself, bless her, but certainly put a smile on my face

  64. Sheena Batey

    Having a lovely hot chocolate

  65. A.E. ADKINS

    Lil’ Peewees attempt at dancing

  66. Denise Wilden

    Listening to my granddaughter tell me a story about her new book

  67. Marycarol

    My 2 cats

  68. Sarah Bailey

    My other half has he made dinner and it was delicious!

  69. Kerry Kilmister

    My 5 year old has been really upset about school closing. Our golden retriever puppy decided to cheer her up, and curl up on her lap. Then proceeded to give her a tongue bath, making her giggle lots.

  70. jacqui rushton

    Playing with my lovely rabbits, Niles and Frasier!

  71. michelle o'neill

    my husband

  72. Karen Richards

    Getting up early for work and I’m nice and refreshed after having a restful sleep.

  73. Kelly Y

    My son

  74. Ben Audsley

    my cat daisy

    1. Dave C

      This giveaway made me smile today. I’ve never seen a more lovely Bayliss and Harding set and it made me happy for the chance to win, and gift, this if I won.

  75. barbara daniels

    watching corrie wiht acup of tea and choccie biccie

  76. Carole Nott

    I smile at the wildlife in my garden, watching the robins feed

  77. Sue Cook

    Seeing my dogs waiting for their walk, with their tails wagging and being so happy, it just made me feel normal and made me smile after all the doom and gloom.

  78. Marylyn Hammersley

    My husband had a pacemaker fitted 4 weeks ago, and has been to the hospital for his first check up. All is going really well thanks to our wonderful NHS, so we are both smiling now, it’s a good day.

  79. Janette

    My cat Stan

  80. clair downham

    the birds singing

  81. Paul Bingham

    My stupid Dog

  82. Priscilla Stubbs

    Chatting on FaceTime with my granddaughters

  83. Keith Hunt

    An early morning trip to a empty beach with the dogs.

  84. Amandeep Sibia

    Hearing my son laugh this morning and knowing how lucky we are that my GP wife and all the other NHS superstars are doing so much for us at his crazy time.

  85. Rich Tyler

    Watching my little boy play

  86. Clara

    My baby laughing

  87. Rachael McCadden

    my cat made me smile

  88. Lorraine Williams

    A wry smile, sons University is keeping Halls open so the students still have to pay their full rents!

  89. Shelly G

    nothing honestly. i have a thumping migraine and if I hear anything about that virus today I will scream. So fed up of it now.

  90. Margaret Gallagher

    My neighbours kids playing tig in their garden

  91. Margaret Clarkson

    My garden

  92. Victoria Schrader

    The nutter that is our cat!

  93. ashleigh allan

    My children!

  94. Sandra Fortune

    My grandson barged into the bathroom while I was on the loo and said ‘What’s the big deal in here then ! I’m bursting ‘! Lol he’s just gone 6

  95. Char W

    The Spotify Throwback Thursday playlist. Nothing like some upbeat music to keep your spirits high while working a very busy day

  96. Jayne Townson

    Getting outside for a big long walk made me smile today, the sun was shinning and I felt so happy to be out enjoying the fresh air.

  97. Natalie Burgess

    My little boy has just started walking xx

  98. Christina Curtis

    My 6 month old had the giggles and it really made my day

  99. Rachel B

    My little girl singing along to Frozen made me smile 🙂

  100. Lindsey Stuart

    I am actually surprised at how much I have smiled today, I smiled lots at a video of a dog herding deer it was super funny! I am sure you have maybe seen it, the dog is called Quentin hahaha

  101. lynn neal

    My grandson made me smile!

  102. Rebecca Beesley

    Making my kids banana split with sprinkles on and how they appreciated it so much during these troubled days. Such a simple thing brought such happiness.

  103. Laura | Tales of a Natural Spoonie

    Today I am smiling as a new member of our family came to join us. Our labrador x rottweiler puppy Sonja, my heart is bursting with love already! x

  104. Katie B

    My boyfriend! I’m on holiday and kind of isolating at home and he checks in on me and makes me smile

  105. Charlotte isobelle

    My little one, he’s 4 months old and makes me smile everyday

  106. Sally Collingwood

    Walking around my garden looking at all my bulbs coming up and plants budding!

  107. Joanne Hall

    My children

  108. Dale Dow

    a kindness card posted to me to tell me how I am doing great and my boys should be proud of me. It was a lovely touch

  109. Heather Haigh

    My hubby made me smile today, he’s such a joker

  110. Caroline Tinsley

    The beautiful blue sky and sunshine made me smile today!

  111. Helen Tovell

    A sad smile for my daughter who finished her high school education today with immense emotion.

  112. Jazz Fulcher

    Finally seeing some positive news amongst all the corona virus panic

  113. Amy Bondoc

    walking my diva dog!

  114. hayley berry

    Seeing a photo of my dad sat up in his hospital bed. Recovering well

  115. kkhimji2001

    My daughters face when she was so proud of her huge duplo

  116. Lucinda P

    Sitting in the sunshine, watching my little boy playing with stones in the garden.

  117. Samantha M

    I spent some time playing with my pet this morning which made me laugh because she’s so silly!

  118. Helen Thurston

    Looking at the washing on the line in the sunshine – Spring’s here x

  119. kathy Glamour cakebread

    all the spring flowers blooming

  120. Helen Arlow

    Watching reruns of “Friends” has cheered me up today x

  121. Carolyn E

    I really like Baylis and Harding. So much better value than another brand I used to buy and I love the variety of fantastic fragrances.

  122. Adele Knight

    Having a cuppa in the garden

  123. Maurice Haigh

    My wife sayong ‘alexa remind me cake’s ready in 30 mintes’
    Alexa – ok I’ll remind you in 38 days…

  124. Mary Heald

    My dog trying to make my husband stop what he was doing to feed him.

  125. Joanne Hutchings

    Teaching my little boy how to play Top Trumps.

  126. ellie spider

    my niece who lives in beijing facetimed me today and showed me how she washes her hands properly by singing baby shark lol

  127. Michelle Smith

    Seeing some lovely photos of my granddaughter having fun playing in the garden.

  128. Rachel hockley

    Lots of arts and crafts with my son

  129. Denise Coy

    My son came down from Scotland for Mothers Day and the sun was shining.

  130. Megan Kinsey

    My Mum with her usual rubbish jokes!

  131. Elaine B

    If made me smile today that the sun finally came out and I was able to get some gardening down

  132. Denise Cross

    my neighbour dropping me off some food

  133. dan

    sounds great!

  134. Gemma Massey

    My lovely chug Arthur (with a little help from my lovely mum) I had a beautiful bundle of daffodils and a lovely card for Mother’s Day, made my day and smile

  135. Lucy

    Talking to my Mum and being able to spoil her

  136. Shital Sapariya

    A good samaritan moment.
    My asda shopping didnt turn up. It had some essentials I needed for the current situation. The person it was wrongly delivered to, walked half a mile to come and personally deliver it to me. My faith in humanity was restored!

  137. Ruth Harwood

    This morning I smiled when my favourite song came on my amazon playlist – out of nearly 400 songs it came on first xx

  138. Catherine Deacon

    The sun in the garden made me smile today

  139. Sirley Young

    The smell of freshly cut grass

  140. pete c

    just a very small thing, but getting no junk mail today for a change!

  141. Ruth T

    Today has been my little boys 4th birthday. Although we were unable to get out and do anything and we didn’t manage to get him anything but a small toy car and a little cake we spent the day together at home playing. His face lit up at the sight of 4 balloons and candles on a cake.

  142. Fiona Johnstone

    My cat Humphrey playing with a feather in the garden made me smile. He was so funny, scampering about.

  143. H

    My son, nature and wildlife, the garden birds sang great again.

  144. Lisa Wilkinson

    My daughter making up lots of dances for her grandparents over Skype

  145. Petra B

    Ladybirds, birdsong (there is less traffic so I can hear) and signs of Spring

  146. Lorna Ledger

    Going out for my walk, the sun was shining the birds were tweeting

  147. Laura banks

    my son giving me a quiz as we are in isolation

  148. Marc H

    Just sitting in the garden and feeling the sunshine on my face.

  149. sarah dunsbee

    The end of ” Jane Eyre” !

  150. Melissa Lee

    So far today it has been feeling grateful for the things I do have in my life 🙂 at this difficult time. Best wishes to you.

  151. Eileen Hindley

    Hearing the birds singing and the sun is shining 🙂

  152. Christina Palmer

    Speaking to my youngest grandson on the telephone today really made me smile . I miss seeing him so much and can’t wait for everything to go back to norma.

  153. Alison Johnson

    My friend who I haven’t spoken to in a long time made me laugh & smile today. We used to spend a lot of time together but we went on different paths & we had a lovely chat today.

  154. Linsay Weller

    Finally managing to get a fresh chicken today! Yay 😀 Stupid stockpilers.

  155. Jules Eley

    Playing musical chairs in the garden with my four children.. made me smile today x

  156. Michaela Turner

    Waking up and knowing i have my gorgeous family with me everyday

  157. chickenruby

    I love Bayliss and Harding products they make a lovely gift, thanks for linking up with #pocolo hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you back next week

  158. Sarah-Jane Carter

    my wonderful partner x

  159. Michelle Ferguson

    Watching my dogs play without a care in the world

  160. bex allum

    Watching the relationship my children have with our dogs and what comfort they bring during this time.

  161. Sarah Roberts

    Seeing photos on messenger of our 2 month old grandaughter as carn’t see her at the moment with lockdown so we all get on messenger together

  162. Ani Costa

    My dog made me smile as she’s so loving and cute!

  163. Tania Atfield

    Seeing the sun, always make a difficult day better

  164. claire woods

    Watching the birds in the garden.

  165. F Chowdhury

    I caught the giggles of my daughter this morning

  166. Hannah Rowley

    My 4 year old little girls smile

  167. Patricia Avery

    Talking to two of my grandchildren on Skype

  168. Kim Carberry

    My girls playing out in the garden together. x

  169. Emily Aston

    Spending time with my husband

  170. Elaine Savage

    Waking up fit and well, and hubby the same

  171. Ursula Hunt

    Face-timing my little granddaughters

  172. Nadia Josephine

    I baked bread and it rose perfectly! Love it when my baking goes right (which is not often!!)

  173. kay sherman

    my children cleaning my house for me x

  174. Sarah swainsbury

    All the great rainbows today while out for my daily walk

  175. Jodie Hutch

    Facetiming with my friends & family

  176. Tammy Tudor

    watching my pet dog and cat play together

  177. Amanda Deacon

    Seeing the bottom of my washing basket

  178. Orange23

    Training my puppy how to play fetch

  179. Sarah Fielding

    Definitely my boyfriend!

  180. Claire Nutman

    My sons, they make me smile every day, thank you…..

  181. Hannah Igoe

    My kids playing nicely together – it doesnt happen very often!

  182. Ross Leech

    Taking my walk over the fields in the sun.

  183. Natasha R-M

    The birds and squirrels in my garden.

  184. natalie s

    Sitting quietly and having a coffee with the sun on my face made me smile today.

  185. Julie Ward

    A phone call from my grandson telling me his mother was going to kick him out of the house (he’s 14) stressed out

  186. Hekna

    Watching my little one relax in the garden with not a care in the world

  187. Zabaglione

    Taking a short walk in the sunshine!

  188. Magsd

    FaceTiming my grandson seeing his beautiful smile and hearing I love you nannie just made me smile

  189. Annabel Greaves

    My kids have been playing board games together and having a great time


    My first Grandchild cut his first tooth today.

  191. J Matcham

    my Kids and nature I am used to working full time and volunteering so this is a massive culture shcok for me but I am counting my blessings and focusing on my kids and nature around us.

  192. Nuala

    My son showing all his characters on his computer game he was just so sweet it just made me smile watching him talk

  193. Suzanne Walkingshaw

    These are lovely sets, bought many as gifts but for some reason I don’t know I have never treated myself to any.

  194. Katrina Adams

    I’ve started setting myself goals each day and I’ve managed to complete all of them by noon today. It’s got me smiling and feeling pretty pleased with myself.

  195. Karen Stirling

    Getting a smile from a stranger during social distancing.

  196. Rachel Craig

    Kindness and consideration of others. Fiancé brought in newspaper and magazine. Local individuals, businesses, charities organising practical support for the many who are in need now :- Due to Self Isolation, etc. Stay Safe, Save Lives.

  197. Lyndsey cooksey

    What has made me smile today is my daughter smiling. She’s had a lot to deal with these past few weeks, never mind being on lock down, and to see her smile today has melt my heart. At my expense though! Turning my quilt around, making the pressed studs up the top of the bed ( it’s a phobia of mine, I can’t have the pressed studs by my face,makes me all queezy!) and me blaming her dad, whilst it was her all along!

  198. Amie

    My children doing so well with home learning and accept ion so well that they can’t see their Nannie during isolation

  199. Elizabeth Yeates

    My step daughter Sophie learning to play the ukulele… she is very bored

  200. Katie Harmer

    I was reading a book today and it was about using gratitiude for everything, like all your body’s processes, for your heart that keeps you alive, the air that you breathe. When you think about this, everything falls into perspective and you cannot help but smile.

  201. Scott Fallon

    The nice weather

  202. Rupert Summerton

    speaking with my family knowing there all safe

  203. Natasha R-M

    Listening to the wonderful, uplifting, cheeful, birdsong in the garden, during this sunny Spring day.

  204. Charmian Filewood

    My partner being funny, we are both as daft as each other!

  205. Jade Brailsford

    My boys made me smile this morning, as they do every morning.

  206. Caroline Signey

    Going for a walk with my 2 children on their scooters in this gorgeous weather

  207. Kristy Fallon

    The sunshine

  208. Allan Wilson

    A nice phone call from my father to let me know he is ok.

  209. Colin A Gault

    The 4 Dogsa

  210. Katie Witherington

    My partner

  211. Keith Hunt

    The wife being home tonight as she is a Senior A&E nurse by night.

  212. Terrie-Ann Wright

    My baby boys beaming face as I looked over his cot and wished him a Happy Easter.

  213. Natasha Mairs

    Doing an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Hid mini eggs and still can’t find one of them and I have forgot where I put it!

  214. Layla Thomas

    Watching my little one look for Easter eggs made me smile, a little bit of normal in this craziness

  215. Mandy Doherty

    Waving and blowing kisses to my grandchildren on my daily dog walk past their house

  216. judy kennedy

    I made my first ever microwave cake

  217. Terence May

    May wife would love it

  218. Louise Fairweather

    Playing bug bingo with family over the internet

  219. Jodie Green

    playing board/other games with my daughters

  220. Ellen Stafford

    My dog smiling. He is so funny.

  221. Francesca H

    My puppy, my boyfriend, and their endless cups of tasty tea!!

  222. Samantha Butler

    My little girl – she makes me smile everyday 🙂

  223. Susan Hoggett

    watching the birds in my garden and seeing nature go on, it’s so peaceful

  224. Gillian McClelland

    I had a day off today and I really enjoyed just being in my garden in the sunshine

  225. donna jones

    seeing my grandchildren on zoom

  226. Victoria

    My sourdough starter XD

  227. Elizabeth Haggerty

    A nice bit of sunshine letting me relax in the garden and read a good book

  228. Laura Pyper

    My kids (teenagers) spending a few hours playing family games with us

    1. Kerry H

      My toddler keeps trying to get me to dance with him today.

  229. Lauren Old

    The lush sunny weather!

  230. Joanna Orr

    I managed to beat my husband playing a pop quiz on the radio! I never beat him usually! SMUG was the word!!

  231. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    My daughters

  232. Sallyanne Rose

    the plants in my garden

  233. Sheri Darby

    Hearing everyone clapping the NHS again

  234. Lisa T

    The lovely weather, had a lovely day out in the garden with the family

  235. Patricia Barrett

    People banging pots and clapping to celebrate the NHS at 8pm made me happy and smile today.

  236. Pam Smith

    Playing my ukulele

  237. Laura Love

    a little robin bathing in the garden

  238. Lorraine

    My son’s new Lego Red Bull race video that he has made

  239. Amanda tanner

    My neibours cat makes me smile every day, she just wanders in my house and goes to sleep.

  240. Judy Prescott

    Fantastic blog and giveaway

  241. Joanna Kiely

    The robin that has been visiting my garden!!

  242. Carolynn Woodland

    Classified Ad: Single man with toilet paper seeks woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.

  243. Emma Middleton

    My son with his cuddles out of the blue

  244. Troy Easton

    Watching the time tunnel today.

  245. Susan Willshee

    Today I dropped some toys off from our house and left them outside my daughter’s house for the grandchildren. This afternoon I had a video call with the grandchildren who were loving the ‘new’ toys.

  246. Julie Wilson

    Speaking to my sister makes me smile.

  247. Paul Meulen

    Watching two seagulls fighting over some nesting material

  248. Laura Green

    my sons singing 🙂

  249. Leslie Evans

    Listening to my Music CD’s Like Maria Callas

  250. Adrian Bold

    Watching the new Red Dwarf episodes made me laugh and smile.

  251. Anthea Holloway

    A friend popped round and offered to do some shopping for me – how kind was that!

  252. Sandra Foreman

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  253. Allan Fullarton

    My little Nephew making me laugh on a video-call.

  254. jo liddement

    Finding some tomato plants on my doorstep from my kind neighbour.

  255. Charlotte Wilde

    Feeling better after having concussion – this is the first day i have been able to go out for a walk!

  256. christine westlake

    Cheeky robin in the garden

  257. Michael Knappett

    The lady on the checkout in the supermarket today.

  258. Laura Pritchard

    My sister setting up a Zoom family quiz for tonight!

  259. janh

    The birds feeding in the garden. They were there all day, on and off – they must be feeding young. It brought a smile to my face that life is going on despite this virus.

  260. Lyndsey Bruce

    Going for a walk on the beach on a glorious sunny day!

  261. Chirag Patel

    Catching up with a friend after many years

  262. Jessica Hutton

    We did a family quiz on zoom. It was lovely to laugh with anyone

  263. Patrick Moran

    Helping a friend move into their new house

  264. Victoria Bazley

    The birds in our garden feeding on the sultanas we left out for them.

  265. Amanda Kahs

    My bunnies running round the garden

  266. Anna Brown

    My son giving me lots of cuddles and telling me he loves me.

  267. Sam Cornford

    My daughter showing me her TikTok videos. She thinks there amazing, but they a little bit pants

    1. Deborah Clarke

      My Romanian rescue dog Buddy. He is such a funny character! I adore his hige mountain dog hugs.

  268. Rebecca Roberts

    Our new puppy who was asleep on my daughter watching TV super cute

  269. Globetrotter

    That first cup of freshly-brewed coffee, in my favourite mug, served by my hubby…………………

  270. Deanie Gillies

    My daughter & pooch making TikTok videos together , we’ve laughed so much!

  271. Joanne smith

    My dog running around like a loon

  272. Geri Gregg

    My son trying to get the hang of walking

  273. Karen R

    My Morrisons online order came (early as is the new usual!), with very few substitutions and as always, a friendly delivery bod xx

  274. Sian Buckingham

    My children have been making me smile lots, as well as pulling my hair out at times! ❤ Love their crazy souls!

  275. paula cheadle

    My daughter could do with a new one

  276. Jo Nichol

    Waking up this morning to seen the sun shining through my blinds

  277. Elaine Stokes

    while taking my walk the blossom trees in full bloom, walking underneath them and getting there scent and petals falling over me

  278. Dawn Andrews

    Watching a funny film with my partner.

  279. Ruth Steel

    The sun shining in the garden.

  280. Stef Acaster

    I received a fridge magnet with a picture of my baby grandson yesterday and it makes me smile every time I pass it

  281. Jeanette Leighton

    My son Charlie 3 he always makes me smile and laugh

  282. susan cordwell

    beautiful design

  283. Daphne Monk


  284. Alison

    A walk in the sunshine with small boy and dog

  285. Pam Gregory

    My cats make me smile every day!

  286. Tracy Gladman

    Getting to see my 6 month old grandson on facetime.

  287. Hazel Christopher

    The sun coming out has made me smile today.

  288. Lesley Cohen Wright

    Seeing my granddaughter, albeit at social distancing, for the first time in over 3 weeks. Missed not being able to give her a hug and kiss for her birthday which was at the beginning of the week.

  289. sharon martin

    the sunshine and the bees collecting pollen

  290. Rachael Sexey

    My three amazing children

  291. laura stewart

    my daughter always makes me smile xx

  292. gillian hay

    our puppy jumping all over my son and licking him it was the cutest thing

  293. Alba Garcia

    Talking to my family <3

  294. MERYL Thomas

    My dogs

  295. Mara

    Cooking my family a lovely roast dinner

  296. Emma Davison

    My dog

  297. zoe corbin


  298. Richard Saunders

    My wife’s smile always makes me smile

  299. Tammy Neal

    My partner

  300. JennyB

    Watching the One World concert tonight.

  301. Hazel Rea

    Siting in the garden in warm sun with my husband made me smile today.

  302. JW

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

  303. AJ

    The sunshine!

  304. Kay Broomfield

    My children. They seem oblivious to the. stresses of this lockdown and are having so much fun! Just how it should be.

  305. Tracy B

    Hearing Captain Tom’s fundraising for the NHS has now reached over £26 million made me smile today, he’s amazing

  306. Darren Bourne

    My kids doing a silly duet dance.

  307. Georgie Wright

    My dog always makes me smile!

  308. Joy Winn

    My partner Trevor- He,s found new skills now he,s ‘furloughed’

  309. Lorna-Jane Holland

    My cats! They’re always doing crazy things that make me smile x

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