Flexible Jobs That Would Suit Parents

Flexible Jobs That Would Suit Parents

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There is something that most people are going to agree on, especially in today’s climate, is that we could all do with some extra money. Having a side hustle is something that people have been doing for years, to get an extra income, especially if you’ve got children and need a job that works around them. But what are the kinds of jobs that work best for parents wanting to work flexibly, around childcare and family commitments? Here are some of the most flexible jobs that you could do as a parent, as long as you’re prepared to work various hours or to set your own schedule. Which would work best for you around childcare and babysitting services?

Flexible Jobs That Would Suit Parents

Flexible Jobs That Would Suit Parents

Estate Agent

Estate agents or letting agents can set their own working hours, but generally, will be busiest on evenings and weekends, for showing people properties. This could work well around a family, rather than a standard weekday job. You could work from home on all other aspects, and take calls on the phone, which can be done anywhere. Plus, with the rise of many people using sites like Airbnb to rent out their homes, you could work as a sort of letting agent, taking care of the home and letting people in and out of properties, but do so for a fee. 


If you are someone that knows how to fix a lot of things, or has trained to do specific things in the past like plumbing, then you could work as a handyperson servicing your local area. There may be some times when emergencies are needed, but generally, you will set your own schedule and then just go from there. It is worth checking the required qualifications, and asking, do you need plumbers insurance? Then you can make sure that you’re covered, though a general handyperson like a decorator, needs experience rather than a formal qualification.

Virtual Assistant

So much of the working world is based online these days, and as a result, it means that there is a big demand for remote work and virtual assistants. For someone working from home, without an office space, they can just contact you through email or on the phone, to go through the things that they need from you. You could help them with bookings, appointments, social media, email drafting, copywriting, running a business blog, photo editing, or video editing, just to name a few. It can all be done in your own time, as long as it is done by the deadlines.

Bar Work

If you are looking for a job that gets you out of the home, but is still flexible and allows you to be someone else other than mum or dad, then bar work or general restaurant work could be a good idea. A lot of shifts would start in the early evening and run until late, which could work if you have children who are school age. You get the benefit of tips with this kind of work as well, and it can be good for parents that like to be social at work.

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