Week One – Eat The Cake!

Week One – Eat The Cake!

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I’ve been quiet on the blog recently -still  doing things behind the scenes – but blog posts have been tough to write. I started penning one in the early hours, but scrapped that as soon as I woke up. What is there I can possibly say at this moment?

Life as we know it has changed completely… and boy don’t we know it!

Week One – Eat The Cake!

When we are busy, we long for chill out time; now that we have that chill out time, we are realising it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Keeping occupied (and sane) is somewhat harder than expected. Homeschooling full-time is a totally new concept and it’s hard to find motivation when I have to try and squeeze work in too, but we are getting there.

Don’t stress and eat the cake!

Don’t worry about the fact your child isn’t completing 6 hours of school work a day. Take a step back, breathe and tackle little bits one step at a time. This is a huge life lesson for us all… old and young! With so many online resources offering their services for free during the Covid-19 situation, you will find you are all online more than you would expect, but embrace it. Do bits, take breaks, have fun, bake cakes… and then eat!

Eat the Cake!

Eat The Cake

OK, so I didn’t bake all of that, the delicious cake above is a reminder of my birthday afternoon treat last year, but scones are indeed keeping me going at the moment! Sod Keto... give me all the carbs you have!

Comfort eating is definitely keeping everyone going at the moment, do not feel guilty about it in any form! Tensions are understandably rising and will continue to do so the longer the lockdown and Covid-19 persists. How long this will continue is a guessing game at the moment, but even I would punt a bet on the fact this will extend beyond an initial 3 week lockdown!

Waking up daily to more ‘Breaking News’ notifications on your phone is a draining way to start the day. If you are looking things to take your mind off it all, how about entering giveaways? There are currently two giveaways on Sim’s Life, with more to come…

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Whilst you await new Sim’s Life giveaways, why not go and check out more ways to win fabulous prizes over at Missing Sleep. The lovely Karen has shared some fabulous giveaways and will continue to do so, in order to spread some cheer during this crazy time!

If you are looking for a concise and easy to digest daily update on Covid-19, check out Jen’s posts over on The Brick Castle Facebook page. For the past few weeks now. Jen has been compiling updates that make understanding what is currently going on and awful lot easier. She has spent a lot of time and effort compiling the posts, so make sure you go and check them out and send some love over!

I will be posting during the next week in the run up to Easter, hopefully it will be a non-Covid-19 related post. I don’t know about you, but all the information is a huge weight to take on and it’s nice to be distracted by something that releases you from reality for a time. In the meantime though, just remember:


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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Karen Langridge

    Awww thanks for letting everyone know about my competitions. I have been reading Jen’s informative updates over on facebook too, I think they are a really good read! I know what you mean about wondering what to write about, its hard to find the motivation for much at the moment, a week in and I am finding some aspects quite tricky! But cake will always cheer me up! I need to join you on the next birthday afternoon tea session x

    1. S1m

      You have some fabulous giveaways at the moment chick, hopefully they will spread some much needed cheer!
      Jen’s updates are fab, they are getting longer though, simply by the fact it is all more far reaching now. Just hope everyone stays safe and well!
      We are totally meeting up for cake on a regular basis after this, cake with friends is never to be taken for granted!x

  2. Samantha Donnelly

    It is hard at the moment with what to write, everyone is getting used to lockdown and yesterday it was suggested it might continue until June and possibly six months. Like you I am eating to make this less stressful x

  3. Yeah Lifestyle

    Absolutely agree, we are relaxed and doing some school work but more online stuff and yes lots of cooking and baking. Tomorrow we have decided to bake a banana walnut cake as well as a treat.

    1. S1m

      Ohhhh that sounds delicious – enjoy a slice for me when it is baked! I think we all just need to relax and take this in our stride, going to be our way of life for a while! Take care of yourselves!x

  4. Valerie

    It didn’t seem too odd that we didn’t do as many hours of schoolwork as there are hours in a school day. My son on the other hand would like to do more LOL.

  5. Jenny

    I love having my blog at the moment because it gives me something nice to do, it’s a great distraction.

  6. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Awww thanks mate. I do spend a lot of time on them, it was a lot easier when I started and it was mostly chinese translations I was reading! It’ll go back, but it’ll take a while.
    My boys do mornings with a break and then take the afternoons off and help me with making tea and watch movies. The kids will really be split when they go back to formal schooling, some children sadly won’t have even lifted a pencil.

  7. Anne Fraser

    I am finding it hard to find things to write about at the momment. I belong to a walking group and normally write about our walks. I think I need a few weeks to digest all the strange things that are happening.

  8. Jess Howliston

    Very true! For the first few days I stressed about everything being perfect! Trying to be the perfect parent, teacher, worker, hold down a job and clean the house, cook tea etc! But by day two I was in tears, the stress was too much! Then someone reminded me that this isn’t the norm, this isn’t homeschooling is “lockdown schooling”, this isn’t parenting its “lockdown parenting” and that nobody could be perfect at it because none of us had done it before.

    I think the most important thing for us all to remember is to take one day at a time. Be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty for winging it, we are all doing the same!

  9. Kara Guppy

    I am loving Jen’s round-ups, seem to be a lot clearer than what the government is telling (or not telling) us

  10. Charli

    I can definitely get behind the ‘eat the cake’ ethos. I’m getting so tired of all the ‘after isolation’ fat jokes – just eat the cake and enjoy yourselves. We have to have some enjoyment right now, right?
    C x

  11. Laura

    Mmmmm cake, I had a delicious chocolate one left of my doorstep yesterday! It’s such a strange time at present, I’m managing to write for the blog but my fiction writing has pretty much dried up.

  12. michelle twin mum

    Yes, I’ve been the same with blog writing, it just doesn’t seem so important right now and the one I want to write is taking me days!. I’m also eating far too much cake! Mich x

  13. Natasha Mairs

    My kids have been doing set work a day and it’s taking them about 2-3 hours, and once they are done they are free to do what they like. I am just glad we have a big garden, as they are missing being able to play at the park.

  14. Laurie

    I agree…eat the cake! I am eating a lot of comfort food right now. I think when we all come out of our forced hibernation we will all have gained 10 pounds! I am glad we can still get out to walk or run. I need it!

  15. chickenruby

    Some good advice there about coping with the current situation. Thanks for linking up to #pocolo and hope to see you back in 2 weeks time, stay well

  16. Julie Foster

    Comfort Eating . I’m Sure I’ve Put on Half a Stone . When I’m find my Mind is Vacant I Think I’m Hungry and Want Food . I Don’t think I’m the Only one . I’m Not going to Be Eating many Goodies over Easter so I Won’t be Baking Cakes or Scones Even though I’d Love Some
    Stay Safe & Well Everyone

  17. Susan Mann

    Those are some fab competitions you have, I will check them out. I do love cake and happily eat that at every meal. I love Jen’s updates, they are the best. I hope you are well and your gorgeous girl. Big hugs xx

  18. Stephanie 139a

    It’s definitely strange times – hope you and yours continue to stay safe and well. Take care, thanks for joining us at #PoCoLo

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