A Guide To Sleeping When Stress Is Keeping You Up At Night

A Guide To Sleeping When Stress Is Keeping You Up At Night

Life is a bit all over the place for most people at the moment. While some naturally introverted people may be used to spending a lot of time at home or a lot of time alone, this concept is brand new to a lot of people too. Plus, it doesn’t always matter that you’re used to spending time alone – when you know there’s a global pandemic, things can feel pretty stressful no matter what.

If you’re finding that your stress is keeping you up at night, then finding a way to get some sleep is a must. Even if you’re not working right now, getting enough sleep and staying in a routine will give you some semblance of normality and help you to function. Below, you’ll find some advice that will help you if stress is keeping you up at night:

A Guide To Sleeping When Stress Is Keeping You Up

Have At Least An Hour To Wind Down

You need to have at least an hour to wind down before bed – more is ideal. This means no TV, no phone, and no blue light or screens at all. You should also spend time in a dark room. Reading is an ideal way to spend this time. You can’t expect to spend time working on the computer only to hop straight into bed and expect to drop off. If you’re particularly stressed, you need to give your body and mind this time to relax. 


Meditation is an extremely powerful tool, and there has never been a better time to try it. See if you can get into a meditation routine – 5 minutes a day is great to begin with, and eventually, you can increase the time. Even if you build up to just 15 minutes a day it should help you to find your center and feel much calmer. All it takes is commitment to the practice. There are apps and videos that can help you, many of them free! 

A Guide To Sleeping When Stress Is Keeping You Up

Stretch It Out 

Stretching before bed can have lots of benefits. You should find that you drift off to sleep far easier if you use yoga poses for sleep before you jump under the covers. Try to get into the habit of doing this and you’ll let go of so much tension you’ve been holding on to. 

Take A Warm Bath

A hot bath can actually keep you awake longer, so try a warm one instead. You can use oils, salts, and other bath additions to make it even more relaxing. See if you can light a candle and keep the lights down low to make it more effective. 

Listen To Relaxing Music

Relaxing music in the bath or before bed can help to chill you out and make you feel ready for sleep. 

Try A Bedtime Story

A bedtime story could be a better way to go. You can read, as mentioned earlier, or listen to one using YouTube or audible. More often than not, you’ll fall asleep if the story is relaxing enough! Alternatively, there’s the Sleep With Me podcast

Use Aromatherapy Oils 

Pillow sprays and oils on your pulse points can be another wonderful way to relax. Breathe in lavender for the best results.

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