Win A Silentnight Duvet Set

Win A Silentnight Duvet Set

Is there any better feeling than that of sliding into a freshly made bed? Well, how about the chance to win a gorgeous new Silentnight duvet cover to enhance that feeling? That’s right, the latest Sim’s Life giveaway to win a Silentnight duvet set is perfectly timed – if ever there was a time we all need a good night’s sleep… it is now!

Win A Silentnight Duvet Set

Seersucker Stripe Silentnight duvet cover

Silentnight recently launched a brand-new collection of stylish bed linen in a mix of on-trend colours, prints and textiles, to suit every bedroom. Featuring gorgeous designs such as the Seersucker Stripe set above, guarantee yourself a restful night’s sleep whilst offering a new charming style to your bedroom.

The new duvet set range is available across single, double, king and super king sizes, complete with pillow cases. Featuring a modern palette of chic greys, neutral tones, pinks, denim blues and subtle mustard accents.

Silentnight Seersucker Duvet Set

The Seersucker Stripe Blush set is a stunning addition to any bedroom. The white and pastel pink and grey tone stripes sit perfectly alongside each other to create a really refreshing look for any bedroom. A crinkled texture to the material offers the duvet a completely different look and feel. The set offers a 180 thread count percale, made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and washes really well.

Prices from range £25 to £55 depending on the size you choose. Check out the collection and full range of Silentnight products that aim to provide a good night’s kip over on their site here.

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How To Win A Silentnight Duvet Set

For your chance to win a King Size duvet set (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 3rd May 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Silentnight King Size duvet set.
Open to entrants in the UK.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Fiona K

    I am doing indoor aerobics, reading more, watching box sets and working from home keeps me occupied

    1. Jade Linnen

      Cleaning out my kitchen

      1. Gemma Holland

        I’ve been cooking and baking more thank I usually would and doing more in the garden. I’m a nurse so I’m still at work, but I’ve enjoyed a more relaxing pace of life on my days off

    2. Karen Garwood

      Gardening great at the moment weather is fab.

    3. Sharon Everett

      Netflix and coffee. ♥

  2. Zabaglione

    Learning French

    1. Catherine Gregory

      Baking lots with my toddler and doing lots of crafting

  3. Rachel Walsh

    I’m still working as a key worker so not much time to spare at home!

    1. Julie Camm

      I’m managing to read more, and do some family history research

      1. Carol Thomas

        I’ve moved everything online. As busy as ever, if not more. Never spent so much time on the phone or in Zoom meetings. It has given me sometime though to reflect and do more in meditation and self care being at home all the time. I’ve also decided to get back to not Greek studies which went by the wayside when my late husband was very ill

        1. Lorna F

          Lots of arts and crafts and trying to keep the kids entertained!

        2. Kate Phillips

          More cooking, which can’t be bad, but way too much tv!

    2. Andrea Fletcher

      Trying new recipes, lots of reading, gardening and planting lots of veg on our allotment.

  4. Vanessa F

    Don’t have much free time as I’m looking after my disabled dad, but I’m reading when I get a spare minute.

  5. Jayne Townson

    Lots of baking, reading, spring cleaning and a brisk daily walk.

  6. cat

    having to work extra , so no time to get bored…#nhskeyworker

  7. Andrea Smith

    Spending time in my garden when I can

  8. Louise craney

    Lieing on the sofa like a veg

  9. Megan Kinsey

    I’m doing lots of reading and playing the piano

  10. Lindsey Stuart

    I am really enjoying it but it is all new.
    Family time is brilliant (so far)
    I have spent alot of time crafting with my daughter Heidi we recently made a bird house, painted some pepples and this next week we plan to decorate some plant pots.

  11. glenn hutton

    TV and youtube

  12. amy Simpson

    reading,writing letters to loved ones,comping,gardening

  13. justine meyer

    Baking, playing games and crafting

  14. Suzanne

    Knitting, reading and guitar

  15. Tania Atfield

    Baking, gardening and redecorating spare room

  16. mcp

    im still working. so no real boredom YET


    Working from home, but doing a bit of cupboard clearing too.

  18. Cyril Rowlands

    Catch up in the Garden



  20. james jordan

    Fantastic Prize keeping my fingers crossed

  21. Bardan C

    Internet, internet, internet and more internet for business and pleasure. Entertainment, communication, business, research and education.

  22. Belinda Mears

    I’m doing loads of gardening and decorating.

  23. donna skelton

    doing housework and keeping kids entertained

  24. Peter Watson

    I’m doing lots of reading.

  25. Nicola

    Work! Yoga, reading and gardening.

  26. Daniel

    Mainly Netflix, with a little Prime Video when there’s nothing good left

  27. georgie pope

    drawing, and playing with my cats

  28. Joo Dee

    unusual times, but spring cleaning, gardening and generally using the time to do those odd jobs you keep putting off

  29. Danika Lloyd

    Doing fun activities with my boys

  30. Carole Nott

    i am doing lots of sorting out and clearing cupboards

  31. Debi Lowe

    Reading books and spending time in the garden

  32. Laura Love

    I am reading lots

  33. Lorraine Tinsley

    I don’ think anyone with young children will be bored, I’m struggling to home school them and still work full time. I’m a key worker so I have to keep working.

  34. Mari Sutherland

    spring cleaning and jigsaws

  35. Karen Hughes

    I have taken up jogging! only been out twice but it is going ok so far. Also doing yoga and baking cakes(hence the need for jogging!)

  36. Jean Cassell

    I’ve been doing a lot of gardening

  37. Mary Lucking

    Gardening and knitting

  38. Katie

    I’m a key worker so I’m still working. However, at the weekends and evenings I like to do gardening and watch Netflix

    1. Bryony Sayburn

      Reading, baking cakes & spring cleaning

  39. Lisa

    i am working at home full time and managing the home schooling so not much time to get bored!

  40. ashleigh allan

    Trying to keep busy – lots of baking, arts and crafts. waking etc!

  41. Noreen

    Gardening, reading tv and browsing internet.

  42. Lucy

    I am doing puzzles, workouts at home and also some pub quizzes. Making sure I facetime lots of people!

  43. Elaine Savage

    I’m doing lots of baking and gardening

  44. Suan Watts

    Reading and gardening

  45. Hayley Fyfe

    Working from home – eating lots of naughty food!

    1. Deborah Clarke

      Ive been learning yoga through an online course. Its been keeping me mentally and physically refreshed each day.

  46. Katie B

    Playing lots of scrabble! Reading and watching far too much TV!

  47. Ken McB

    I’m painting garden fencing and organising a virtual birthday party for my wife.

  48. Janette

    Spending time in the garden and doing jigsaw puzzles

  49. Karen hutchinson

    We,ve had the structure of school work , reading , watching tv and face timing friends

  50. Shelley White

    I read and listen to calming music.

  51. Sarah Bailey

    I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and playing Animal Crossing to be honest lol.

  52. Sue McCarthy

    Planting some seeds and sewing; I make kids clothes to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  53. sarah parker

    reading 🙂

  54. Emma Larkin

    Cleaning. I’m doing a LOT of scrubbing, disinfecting, bleaching and laundry.

  55. Paul Green

    mainly getting my garden up to scratch

  56. Teresa Lee

    Lots of artwork and few bits of DIY around the house. Next week I’m planning on giving the loft a full declutter – been meaning to do it for years.

  57. Tracy Nixon

    I’m enjoying my arts and crafts, more baking and cooking, and more family time!

  58. Rebecca Williams

    I’m still working during the day and in the evenings we watch movies or play games


    By having a good clean out, watching movies,reading books, spa days at home and spending time with my family too

  60. Liz Bennett

    Trying to get jobs done in the house what I dont usually have time to do!

  61. dan

    Lots of netflix and junk food!

  62. pete c

    by reading some of my crime thriller books and doing a bit of light decorating

  63. Iain maciver

    sorting the garden,reading

  64. Zoe C

    Getting a load of much needed diy jobs done

  65. caroline howard

    I’m catching up reading blogs I’ve not had time for, reading books and watching everything I’ve recorded but not had chance to watch yet.

  66. Margaret Clarkson

    I’m a keyworker, so still working. When at home I’m reading a lot.

  67. Christine Shelley

    Im helping at the foodbank , cooking in the morning and sorting out then using ipad in afternoon

  68. Hannah S

    Doing lots of jobs around the house and some gardening

  69. Sandra Fortune

    Some housework entering competitions watching films and knitting

  70. Magsd

    We’ve been doing bits of diy every couple of days, baking bread and cakes, playing on Playstation, reading and knitting

  71. Priscilla Stubbs

    I keep busy, cooking meals from scratch, baking and found some jigsaws in the attic.I also love reading so I don’t get bored

  72. ValB

    Spring cleaning and gardening

  73. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Reading and watching Netflix

  74. Annabel Greaves

    I am helping my daughter with her PE lessons in the garden

  75. Marylyn Hammersley

    Doing lots of baking (and eating) and gardening!

  76. Angela Walton

    Reading, writing and watching TV

  77. C Parkin

    working, looking after kids, watching theatre on youtube and reading

  78. Gary Topley

    I am still at work so its not too bad. Thankyou for the competition x

  79. Amandeep Sibia

    Reading and catching up on boxsets!

  80. Julie Foster

    I Have a Long Term Chronic illness That Leaves me Bedbound for Most days , So I Watch TV & Use Social Media A Lot . When I am able , I Love to Sugar Craft & Also Paint .
    Thank You for A Wonderful Giveaway .
    Stay Safe & Well Everyone

  81. Dale Askew

    Going for a daily walk to places I haven’t been before

  82. Danielle Spencer

    Talking to friends, making new ones online, playing on the consoles and watching films.

  83. Solange

    I’m doing arts and crafts, binge watching box sets, reading, practising self-care and lots of cooking and baking.

  84. Sharon Griffin

    i am being creative and making needlefelt easter decorations and brooches

  85. Sheena Batey

    Doing some crafting and lots of reading to escape

  86. kim neville

    Homeschooling, Exercises at home, enjoying being outside in the garden and relaxing in the sun 🙂

  87. Cherry Lloyd

    Gardening, diy and phone calls and films in the evening.

  88. Tracy Newton

    My husband is a critical key worker. He is working very long hours and is starting to get really tired. I am busy studying, working from home, gardening, laundry and general cooking and cleaning. Plus home schooling reluctant to learn kids. I don’t have the time to get bored, or lean a new interest.

  89. melanie stirling

    As someone who rarely leaves the house anyway, very little has changed for me. I still watch loads of tv, read a lot and use the internet all the time. I’m missing my family visiting though.

  90. sherri Hough

    I’m a key worker so no rest for me!

  91. J Matcham

    I lost my job as an Alevel /gcse teach and exminer so i have been in shcok a little and very anxious. but I have been home schooling my kids and also making lesson plans and teaching resources for friends I email them out. We love nature so we have made fat balls for the birds pabted seeds. I have been baking and crafting with the kids. I am not used to satying in but in the last three weeks i have left the home twice for essientials. I have been reading more blogs and watching more tv than ever before and my home is so clean its lovely


    I’ve been reading, binge-watching tv, sleeping and eating.

  93. Chris Andrews

    well, the house has never been so clean and inbetween times l am researching my family history

  94. Zenath

    Working from home and cooking everyday which is very unusual for me! I have even been very inventive to use up food and throwing out less.

  95. Kathleen Marsden

    Haven’t had a chance to be bored yet as I’ve been really poorly for 4 weeks so I’m just relishing the fact that I can now sit up in bed

  96. Ritchie Dee

    Lots of cooking and baking

  97. dave johnston

    laughing is the best medicin e !!!!

  98. ribs

    Learning Horticulture and planting veg in the garden

  99. khan

    watching a lot of TV box sets and films

  100. fiona waterworth

    I have no chance of being bored, I have 3 young children my husband drives a lorry, and my sister works in sainsburys, my time bounces between happiness with the kids to worry about the hubby and sis, so glad never to be bored

  101. Hayley Atkins

    I am used to being at home due to disability but I spend my time reading ,gardening and enjoying the company of my pets.

  102. Keshia Esgate

    decorating the bathroom

  103. Kimberley


  104. Bernie

    Our school has stayed open for key workers children, over Easter too. So I’m looking forward to sitting in my garden on Good Friday and doing absolutely nothing.

  105. barbara daniels

    reading, cleaning, painting, writing, thinling and walking round my garden

  106. Caroline H

    I’m working my way through the to-do list of jobs that needed done around the house. I was always putting it off (partly because most of them felt boring but I’m so glad of them now!).

  107. Ian Campbell

    By completing Jigsaws, doing easter egg hunts in the garden and taking a brisk walk every day – thus exercising mind, soul and body in equal measure 🙂

  108. Susan Smith

    Ive been doing all those little jobs i never seem to had gotten round to, also having a good spring clean

  109. Nigel

    Master baking

  110. lynn mitchell

    mostly gardening and reading

  111. Laura Johnson

    Comping, Sims2 & Netflix

  112. Denise Wilden

    Cleaning decluttering crafting and reading stay safe all

  113. tony martin

    Gardening and Box set binges, with working from home through the week

  114. Mary D

    Spring cleaning, gardening, birdwatching and reading plus a brisk daily walk for me.

  115. Carolyn E

    Hoopla hooping and online Zumba classes

  116. Amy PJ

    I’ve been reading, watching streaming TV series and doing some exercise routines. Oh and eating chocolate!

  117. daniel baugh

    working from home and looking after 2 kids means there is no time to be bored

  118. Laura Linsey

    I have three children and a dog, I haven’t had time to be bored yet!

  119. Neil Pearson

    I can’t see boredom being a problem, too many unfinished projects to do, it’s a great opportunity to get on top of things.

  120. Elaine Hollis

    Catching up on sleep and TV recordings

  121. Peter Foster

    Working from home – helping my ‘key worker’ colleagues

  122. Tim A

    Recording music and studying and reading. A lot!

  123. Louise Laing

    I have been binge watching series upon series on Disney+ and Netflix!

  124. Nigel Evans

    Entering competitions!

  125. Margaret Gallagher

    Building dens baking and gardening – its reLly not too bad at all

  126. Steven Grimble

    Amazing prize thank you for the chance to win ❤

  127. Nuala

    To be honest I am busier than normal as I am working from home and helping my son with his homework he has to do. Put this together with my fibromyalgia I am not managing much else.

  128. Jamie Edwards

    Everyday the kids and I have a ‘dinner disco’ everyday while I’m cooking dinner, we dance and sing (very loudly) to some of our fav songs!

  129. Suzanne Walkingshaw

    Hope everyone’s staying safe! x

  130. Marion Payne

    Gardening, reading, knitting Skyping family

  131. Delia Pemberton

    Entering competitions!

    1. Helen Best

      Puzzles, crocheting, videocalling my family, I’v been decorating quite a bit really x

  132. Jo Dawkins

    Getting out in the garden, painting with the kids, playdough, getting the music on and dancing around…..oh and gin, lots of gin

  133. ellie spider

    I’m still working full time but from home, still doing PT sessions (over zoom) and have started cooking all my meals from scratch which is a good improvement

  134. Louise A

    Walking the dogs in the morning (counts as my exercise), cooking and crafting

  135. Fiona jk42

    I am keeping verty busy with lots of home improvement projects, a daily 4 mile walk and finding and printing lots of materials for my daughter to use when homeschooling my granddaughter.

  136. LouiseM

    As an NHS worker, I am still working, no chance of being bored!

  137. Angela treadway

    i don’t really have a chance to be bored, homeschooling two kids whilst looking after the dog and house cleaning keep me pretty busy! x

  138. jacqui rushton

    Watching lots of good movies

  139. michelle o'neill

    walking the dog for an hour and Spending time in my garden. reading and watching films

  140. Jayne Barnes

    I am walking on my treadmill. Mandy my hubby and I are learning how to Jive!

  141. Ben Audsley

    i am making online courses to sell!

  142. Maria P

    with lots of books, gardening and cooking from scratch

  143. Ruth Harwood

    I’ve decided to come to grips with reading from a kindle as well as paper books as I can get hold of books easier and of more varied authors than on paperback xx

  144. Jo m welsh

    We are homeschooling in the mornings and in the afternoons being more creative and doing baking ,painting, modelling .

  145. bex

    having a good old sort out in every room

  146. Emma Walton

    I’ve been cleaning and doing those jobs we always put off like sorting out clothes that don’t fit anymore and clearing out cupboards etc.

  147. Laura banks

    we’ve been baking and decorating

  148. Maureen M

    Painting the bedroom. gardening -GOING to Spring clean!!!

  149. Naomi Smith

    I have a 7 month old so I have no time to be bored. I make sure we go for a walk with the pram each day to get a break from the house tho.

  150. Anne Bardsley

    Lots of reading and arty hobbies, also video chatting with my nephews.

  151. Sophie Carter

    I’m doing a lot of gardening and I’m on day 5 of learning Spanish ( Yo hablo Español )

  152. Hayley Lynch

    I have been researching my family tree!

  153. Orange23

    Baking and listening to music

  154. Geri Gregg

    I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, baking and reading!

  155. Emily Hutchinson

    We’re both still working so keeping busy at the moment!

  156. Ms C Bryan

    Gardening, books and box sets

  157. Ursula Hunt

    I am reading more, doing cryptic crosswords, knitting and making a lego model

  158. Karen Langridge

    I am keeping in touch with a good friend online and she helps keep me sane! Plus I am playing computer games, reading, making some kind of effort to homeschool the kids (and coming up against a bit of a wall there!), I even cooked a roast – I never cook! x

  159. Charlotte isobelle

    I’m spending it with my 4 month old, not much has changed really apart from the visitors aspect so it’s all go in our house

  160. Tony Metcalfe

    I’m having to look after my mother, and watching more TV.

  161. Kathryn Cox

    I’ve started an online signing for the deaf class

  162. Sarah Lindo

    Trying out new recipes and entering competitions

  163. Adele Knight

    Lots of baking, reading, gardening and cleaning!

  164. Catherine Deacon

    I have a puzzle on the go at all times.

  165. Rebecca Cann

    Reading, cross stitch, baking, art.

  166. Eileen Hindley

    By entering competitions like this one 🙂

  167. Lynda Graham

    Wardrobe and cupcoard decluttering and gardening. With the odd, hopefully lucky competition.

  168. Rajdeep Mander

    I’m just happy I’ve got back into my photography again after many years, so trying to experiment with different photography ideas at home. As well as doing quizzes, reading books and finally playing games on my pc

  169. Ali Thorpe

    Playing old Tomb Raider games, cooking and contemplating writing an award-winning screenplay as I sit on the sofa.

  170. Nicola Dean

    I’m De cluttering the house, cleaning, gardening and running

  171. Kristie Metcalfe

    I have so many things that I would like to do!
    Already tidied up the house and cleared out all of the draws and cupboards.
    Next up is finishing all of the series that I have started but not yet finished, that should keep me busy for a while.

  172. Alix Smith

    Haven’t had a chance to get bored as we have a 7 year old & 5 year old at home all the time. I have managed to do more reading in the evenings though!

    1. Rachael Taylor

      Remote bike rides, baking, movies, darts aswell as working from home

  173. Jade P

    Adult colouring books and lots of them! Along with decorating and reading!

  174. Angie McDonald

    I’m baking, drawing, listening to music and planning all the re-decorating I’d love to do

  175. Yasmin0147

    I’ve done a lot of baking, knitting and reading.

  176. Claire F

    Running on my treadmill

  177. F Chowdhury

    DIY and gardening

  178. Susan B

    I have been enjoying reading blogs and entering a few competitions.

  179. laura stewart

    im doing alot of cleaning and eating 🙂

  180. Aileen Russell

    We have made a list of jobs to do around the House, to keep us busy, also done a bit of batch cooking and baking

  181. Jo

    I keep busy baking and gardening when I can.

  182. MichelleD

    Baking and crafting with my daughter plus we’d just bought a house before the madness so we’ve that entire thing to decorate!

  183. Karen Stirling

    I’m working from home and trying to do as much exercise as possible!

  184. clair downham

    catching up on things round the house

  185. Badgerlord

    Potting out lots of veg and flower seeds to hopefully brighten up the garden this summer.

  186. PhilA

    Continuing with my existing exercise regime and playing my guitar

  187. debbie gilbert

    Reading more and trying new recipes

  188. David Paterson

    Clearing out the attic

  189. Derek Wilson

    We’re cleaning parts of the house that have never been touched before. I didn’t know you could get cobwebs in some of these places!

  190. Lorraine Williams

    Working from home, gardening, painting the fences

  191. Michelle Ferguson

    I am reading lots and doing my cross stitch

  192. A.E. ADKINS

    Cleaning, reading, knitting, cooking,other hobbiesand keeping in touch on line & by phone etc, etc

  193. Jackie Howell

    working from home but I no longer have the four hour daily commute so getting jobs done in the garden which I love doing, some DIY, exercising, a lot of cooking and reading

  194. Shaun Tutt

    Coming up with new games with our two year old son

  195. Michell lintern

    Reading and catching up on housework

  196. Sally

    Mostly baking….and waiting to meet my new grandson

  197. Mark R

    Catching up on the gardening

  198. Ellen Stafford

    Playing games and doing jigsaws

  199. David

    Hello, I have been relieving boredom by doing some of my hobbies, like gardening, reading and writing letters.

  200. Lisa Wilkinson

    Reading, watching films, gardening

  201. Caroline Tinsley

    Life’s hardly changed for me as I’m at home all day anyway. I watch bird cameras on YouTube, there’s always something cute or interesting going on.

  202. RichJ

    Gardening, lots of gardening !

  203. Fay

    There’s not really much difference for us, we are still having to go to work every day, although we have introduced many more precautions, it is still a worry that we are putting our lives at risk for others but we’ve just got to keep calm and carry on! When we are home though, I’ve been working on our home renovation project.

  204. lynn neal

    I am spending lots of time in the garden trying to grow my own!

  205. Sharon Saunders

    I’m keeping my youngest busy with lots of arts and craft and messy play …. which is in turn keeping me busy!!!

  206. Jodie Hutchinson

    I am currently reading my way through a large pile of books, helps me to switch off for a few hours and get lost in a different world.

  207. Rachel Mccraith

    Reading, crafting, and coming up with our own silly garden games

  208. Heather Cain

    Catching up on some recorded tv programmes, but mostly working at the hospital.

  209. Lyndsey cooksey

    I’m stopping myself from being board by putting on the music channel and having a dance and sing! Music is the best medicine!

  210. Rachel Craig

    Aiming to keep in regular phone contact with loved ones. Resting. Staying informed with the up to date information regarding coronavirus (covid 19). As aiming to :- Stay Safe, Save Lives, Support and Appreciate the NHS, etc. Every Life Matters. So we have been reading, watching tv, aiming to eat healthily. Considering Spring Cleaning. Keeping mind active with learning opportunities :- puzzles, etc.

  211. Petra B

    Boredom? This is a government sanctioned sleep in!

  212. Elizm

    Not bored at all because I work from home and also have my two lovely teenagers at home with me

  213. Andrea Johnson

    Gardening and a lot of cleaning and tidying

  214. Pamela Henson

    I’m having a board game marathon with my daughter, baking and attempting some home improvements

  215. tracy james

    im decorating my bedroom,reading and watching far too much tv

  216. Natalie Charman

    I am going running, doing PE with Joe wicks, watching movies on Disney + and doing an online course on zoology.

  217. terri kelly

    I’m doing lots of relaxing, crafting and watching Netflix.

  218. Amie

    I am doing yoga, fitness videos from YouTube, reading, adult colouring, crochet and lots of home learning with the kids

  219. Kay Broomfield

    No boredom here! Our lives are normally so fast paced so we’ve really enjoyed quality family time with our children. We do daily circuit training and Muay Thai in the garden, lots of home schooling, baking, gardening, the list goes on.

  220. Kellie Steed

    Apart from trying to work and “teach” my son most days, I’ve actually been trying to reorganise the house. I already spent soo much time at home due to being disabled and working from home anyway, so my time out of the house was precious. No time outside at all makes me a little cuckoo (we don’t have a garden) but changing the look of my home has an element of newness and change. Funnily enough my husband, bless him, trying to help out, decided to buy a new quilt for our double bed (he bought king size), so we now have a cover-less quilt as none of ours fit it. This would truly be the ideal prize lol

  221. Karen Usher

    My children help ease the boredom, they are always wanting to play games, build forts, play outside, when Im not with them Im a paramedic and at work, never a dull day in this household!

  222. Dale Dow

    you don’t have much of a chance to be bored with teenagers but we have box sets we are all watching, puzzles to do together and funny tik tok challenges

  223. helen Legrys

    mucking about with the kids like a loon!

  224. kay sherman

    we have been doing lots of baking this last week

  225. Libby Noack

    Spring Cleaning the house, Exercising with my children, Gardening, playing video games x

  226. Sally Collingwood

    A lot of gardening and watching tv!

  227. Tracy Newton

    With home schooling on top of work, laundry, cooking and cleaning I have not had time for much else v

  228. Christina Palmer

    Giving the whole house a sprig clea ad entering lots of competitions oline

  229. Katie Harmer

    I have been doing lots of wordsearches and crosswords, watching a lot of TV and films, and entering lots of competitions.

  230. Denise Cross

    sewing badge son my camp blankets

  231. Jacob Barnard

    I’m still workinh so not bored, however when I’m not at work I’m enjoying relaxing playing on my ps4! 🙂

  232. Tracy Hanley

    Im still working , so no time to get bored

  233. Char W

    I am still busy working at home. However in my ‘spare’ time, I try and get out daily walks, do online exercise classes, bingo and pub quizzes

  234. Helen Tovell

    We are crafting,baking,walking, playing board games and watching tv to pass our time

  235. Heather Haigh

    I’m not bored as I have plenty of hobbies – photography, knitting, crochet, colouring, gardening, as well as housework and baking, but I do miss going out in the countryside or to the seaside and shopping is very hard.

  236. Maurice Haigh

    Painting rocks

  237. Chloe ellis

    Baking, tv and reading

  238. Marc H

    Video games, movies, weight training and cooking. Going to start fixing the garden up as well soon.

  239. Karen Robinson

    Gardening, baking and doing a general sort-out! And of course missing our grandchildren (the newest one born last Thursday)

  240. Anthony W

    Key worker, but mostly at home supporting the management of the deceased.

  241. Kathryn Booth

    letting my daughter do something she normally wouldn’t be allowed to do, nothing crazy but funny little things that she’d be used to me saying no to.

  242. Lucy Zelazowski

    I’ve been starting most days with a workout. But I’m at my living room table all day, as WFH. So I have no time to be bored.
    Then my kids are home, they are bored. Thankfully we are having lovely weather and we have a garden.
    I hope you’re not too bored.

  243. Gemma ewer

    Spring cleaning and a complete house overhaul

  244. Rebecca Sutton

    I am working from home as a housing officer for adults with learning disabilities, and also helping out on the floor supporting the guys as they are short staffed, other than that I am busy trying to keep an 8 year old from getting bored, we have turned green fingered and doughy hands over the past 3 weeks

  245. Emma Hussain

    Homeschooling, crafting, baking and exercising

  246. Dobbin

    Gardening and cooking

  247. Nigel Soper

    Am doing online competitions and giveaways just like this one(I am not at all sure of the difference between a competition and a giveaway – is one American and one English?)

  248. Rupert Summerton

    researching electric scooters on you tube and gardening

  249. Emma England

    Home schooling the kids, catching up with reading and watching Netflix.

  250. Clara

    Cooking new recipes

  251. Kim M

    Lots of gardening x

  252. Lynn Dibb

    Started drawing again after alot of years.

  253. Amy Bondoc

    reading, baking, arts and crafts

  254. Susan Trubey

    Entering competitions.

  255. Rachel Butterworth

    Striping the wallpaper in my bedroom, dining room and stairs.

  256. Patricia Avery

    So lucky never to feel bored. I love being at home and I’ve taken the opportunity to do a lot of the household jobs I normally skimp over. due to lack of time. Long walks and cycle rides get me out for fresh air and exercise before relaxing with a good book and entering competitions keeps me fully occupied

  257. Sacha stacey

    Been doing some baking

  258. Sandra Jenkinson

    Working out with Joe Wicks, gardening, decluttering and watching TV.

  259. Lynsey Harvey

    started online pregnancy yoga classes!

  260. Hekna

    Homeschooling is keeping me busy enough at the moment, and a little stressed!

  261. Becky John

    Have started knitting and baking again.

  262. Paul Bingham

    Entering competitions

  263. leanne weir

    Plenty of DIY

  264. Emma Bolton

    I’ve still been working as I am a teacher so teaching my class and making sure resources available but I have also made sure to exercise everyday – in fact it is the most I’ve done in a while!

  265. KX

    Drinking and doing ACE competitions mostly, shopping once every two weeks and having to queue has been alright because I’ve had really FUN fellow queue’s. Hope your all doing as well as me!! BE LUCKY… XX

  266. Stephanie Tsang

    Trying to keep the kids occupied with lots of activities.

  267. Ruth T

    I have broken the lock down of staying at home to staying at the hospital instead awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy. When we get out I’m sure I will enjoy my own bed and seeing the walls of my house. Thank you NHS.

  268. Tina Lawton

    I’m reading loads and loads and I’ve also started a crochet blanket. I’m making little squares to crochet together once I have enough, it’s definitely going to be a labour of love.

  269. Sarah Fielding

    Learning how to paint!

  270. Carole E

    gLots of reading and jigsaws

  271. Charmian Filewood

    I’m still working as i am a key worker. I’m trying to do a little spring cleaning when I’m off but to honest I’m more tired than anything else

  272. Allan Wilson

    We’re lucky that we live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours for miles, so apart from not visiting the shops or town life goes on.

  273. Jade Vaccaro

    By drinking gin and going in the hot tub

  274. Irene Gilmour

    we are baking lots of cakes scones and pancakes but need to do other things or we will need rolled out of the house lol

  275. Natalie Burgess

    Daytime has been lots of crafts and activities with the children, in the evening I have been reading lots and doing jigsaws xx

  276. Scott Webster

    A little but of this a heck of alot of that and Reading, lots and lots of reading

  277. katrina walsh

    Ive been redecorating the kitchen

  278. Rachel Lewis

    I’m a key worker so still working!

  279. Catherine Newton

    Cycling, walking, reading and cooking

  280. Gemma Hendry

    Im a nurse so still working, on my days off spending time with my daughter

  281. Susan Willshee

    Behind our house is a drive to our garage. it is long and thin. Hubby have started going round to this drive each day and knocking a tennis ball to each other to relieve the boredom

  282. Lauren Renee Sparks

    Exercising a lot more and doing some continuing education credits.

  283. Nicole Woods

    I’m lucky enough to enjoy being at home. I get on great with my partner, and love cooking, watching TV, cleaning, playing games etc

  284. Christine Caple

    I have been too busy trying to get an online shopping slot to be bored!

  285. Michelle Smith

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading and watching films

  286. kw

    Lots of reading, the odd game, and working through old DVDs that I’ve not watched in years.

  287. Iris

    Cross stitching, knitting reading or watching all the boxsets I never got round to watch. I don’t get bored really

  288. Keith Hunt


  289. Sarah Roberts

    Lots of crafting, baking and catching up on lots of series l’ve been meaning to watch forever

  290. Kelvin

    I’m doing some gardening, walking, household chores and of course entering competitions.

  291. Emma Walters

    i work in a pharmacy and post office so spending most my day there 🙁

  292. Natasha Mairs

    I have been doing a lot of reading while trying to hide from my kids LOL

  293. Gemma Massey

    Diamond art, playing with my chug Arthur, spring cleaning and sorting through and tidying my makeup and skincare, eating

  294. Alex Bell

    Gardening and DIY, also reading and relaxing in general 🙂

  295. Abby

    I’ve just had a baby a week ago so I’m very busy adjusting to life with a newborn and a 4 year old. Trying to keep my son occupied and not getting bored is a bit difficult but he adores his new baby brother and is absolutely brilliant with him. We are watching a lot of movies, playing board games and video games, spending a lot of time outside in the garden, my son learning to ride without stabilisers, reading books and playing with lego and cars 🙂

  296. Holly Harmsworth

    I’m spending my days outside in the garden with the kids in the sunshine and the evenings watching boxsets

  297. Dominic Jefferson

    Aprendiendo Espanol

  298. Nadine Holland

    We’ve being playing loads of games, drawing, painting, cooking together and I’m even trying to learn the Ukuele

  299. judy kennedy

    working, eating, gardening watching tv and sleeping a bit more than usual

  300. Terence May

    Great giveaway all ready for a spring clean

  301. Carly Belsey

    Lots of boardgames and playing in the garden with the kids. Eating far too much!

  302. Jodie Green

    Lots of crafts and fun with the children

  303. Becky Yeomans

    I’ve been sorting out cupboards and drawers, having a big spring clear out!

  304. Karen Worrall

    Lots of decluttering!

  305. Claire Nutman

    Ive been organising the house, and now im onto the garden, everything is so tidy its fab….

  306. Hazel Murphy

    Lots of gardening !

  307. Rebecca King

    When I’m not running around after the kids I’ve been learning Spanish and decluttering the house!

  308. rachel eades

    No time to be bored! Working from home and home schooling 2 children doesn’t give me a lot of time to be bored!

  309. Joanne Hutchings

    I’m a keyworker working full time and I’m looking after my six year old so I’m definitely not bored!

  310. Angela Muir

    Trying new recipes and having a clear out

  311. Emma Middleton

    Building dens, baking cakes, dancing like no-one’s watching, playing pretend games. Its far to exciting looking after my little boy

  312. Elizabeth Haggerty

    Plenty of books and jigsaws

  313. sallie burrows

    lots of gardening,its going to look amazing this summer

  314. David Nicolson

    I’m a key worker so still working. Moved out of home to protect a family member but I’m relaxing in the evenings by taking a nice, short walk with my dog.

  315. Sarah Cooper

    I’m painting with acrylic paints.

  316. Jane Willis

    Trying to get a grocery delivery slot takes up a lot of my time! And I have lots of hobbies – cooking, reading and cardmaking, so I have plenty to keep me busy although it’s hard to concentrate.

  317. hayley berry

    Baking, crafting, teaching (after Easter hols) playing games, zoom video chat with the family

  318. Kim Carberry

    We have spent a lot of time in the garden doing it up, digging, planting and playing x

  319. Hazel Rea

    I’ve found some brilliant dance fitness on YouTube which I am really enjoying – and this afternoon I taught my husband how to do the Time Warp. I’ve also been catching up on chores, some TV programmes I’ve previous missed etc. The garden has never looked tidier!

  320. Anne Thompson

    As the weather has been fabulous I have been in the garden, it has never looked so good

  321. natalie s

    By keeping busy and trying to keep active and get some daily exercise

  322. Kerstin B

    Redecorating the bedroom, trying out new recipes, Joe Wicks workout, entertaining the kids, reading

  323. Liz Slade

    Piano practice, I’m going to be a concert pianist!

  324. Rebecca Beesley

    honestly not getting much chance to get bored! Am having to bake our own sourdough as struggling to get groceries and yeast. Have had some family time playing board games and did a jigsaw puzzle together too. Even managed to read a whole book!

  325. Beverley Cousins

    Knitting for our first grandbaby, so excited but scared at the same time for my daughter and her first baby with the current situation. Fingers crossed that things will be more safer by july

  326. Alice lightning

    Gardening comping. Playing with my pets tidying spring cleaning being a 24/7 to hubby I,m mostly in doors anyway x but I do worry for my children and other family members in this terrible time x

  327. sallie burrows

    lots of gardening and looking after our grandchildren

  328. Fiona Rennie

    I’m still going to work and my son is still getting to go to school so that has helped

  329. Alison

    I am not bored as I have four foster children. We are gardening, doing school work and keeping very busy

  330. Mandy Doherty

    I’m gardening, cleaning, drcluttering and comping


    Phoning around my older friends to make sure they keep their chins up as I know they are feeling lonely at the moment, and then, there’s Mum! I live with my Mum who is a young 78. Last week she fell down the stairs with the vac, and this week she put her hand between our two dogs, one who is blind, and she was bitten. Her hand is now infected and we have spent the past couple of evenings up at the hospital having her hand checked-She doesn’t do things by halves….She has been speaking with a surgeon who will more than likely have to operate on her hand to sort out the infection this week! Mothers!

  332. claire griffiths

    a lots of crafts reading playing board games

  333. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    Making a list and sticking to it. We need routine at our house

  334. Isabell Whitenstall

    I am spending loads of time in the garden, it should be nice and tidy any day soon. I am also baking cakes, and eating them.

  335. Alison Johnson

    Reading, doing cross stitch & planting loads of seeds!

  336. Natalia S

    I read a lot and do some yoga

  337. Lorraine Jay

    Tidying up the garden, reading and lots of cooking

  338. Kyra

    Decluttering and getting round to jobs around the house.

  339. Emily Hutchinson

    We are both busy working so definitely not bored here!

  340. Graham Robinson

    Books, DVD’s, music, cooking and conversation.


    painting the house

  342. H

    The lockdown isn’t boring, it’s nice to have a, relaxing break for a change. Love being stuck at home.

  343. Lorna-Jane Holland

    I’m still working from home so luckily still have the daily routine to keep me sane!

  344. Chrissy58

    Entering lots of competitions (online) and catching up with reading the many books I’ve got that I don’t usually have time to read! …. Oh yes …. and starting to get to grips with sorting out the huge amount of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years – that I’ve been putting off for years! :o) ! xxxx

  345. Hazel Christopher

    We’re keeping busy with lots and lots of reading, mostly whilst tucked up in bed with plenty of snacks.

  346. lauren hawley

    Working at home

  347. Debbie Miller

    To break the boredom, I am spending it with my hubby and 2 adult daughters (both living at home) – doing chores around the house that wouldn’t necessarily get done… cleared garden of junk and now needing another skip to empty the loft……


    boxsets on netflix!!!

  349. Joanne Smith

    Playing in the garden with my dog


    I don’t have time to get bored – I have a three year old at home!

  351. Debi Newmam

    Lots of sleeping and reading x

  352. Vivienne Moreno

    Spending some lovely quality time with my daughter.

  353. Sharon Hirst

    Baking, only problem is that I then have to eat it, so walking faster.

  354. Justine Barnes

    Lots of baking! And then lots of eating!

  355. Jane Robertson

    Remodelling my neighbour’s front garden for her as she is unable to do this for herself. It will enable her to park her car more safely.

  356. Anne Plumb

    Have an allotment plot that I have been working on most days. Then there is gardening and a list of 60 jobs to do around the house. Shopping once a week and lots of phone calls to friends. Other stuff – reading, watching TV and various computing stuff.

  357. Ella Anderson

    Spring cleaning, so much baking, and a little bit of gardening (on my balcony)!

  358. Sara Coyne

    Playing play doh with my 4 year old

  359. Gaynor Vincent

    What boredom- i have four children and two dogs, I don’t have time to be bored!

  360. Tessa Robinson

    Alot of reading, walking the dog and playing games with my daughter in the garden

  361. Sarah hutt

    I’ve been doing lots of sewing. headbands scrub bags and scrub caps for local hospitals and also lots of baking for my family.

  362. Andrzej Szymanski

    Reading, running, watching some classic films and plays as well as messaging and speaking to friends over the phone and apps.

  363. Scott Fallon

    Gardening, listening to music, playing computer games.

  364. Angk_G

    Ive been reading non stop and got to say i am enjoying it very much!

  365. Karen watt

    Gardening reading and about too start my 1st puzzle in a very long time wish me luck

    1. Laura Napier

      Ive just had a newborn! No time for boredom haha

  366. Lorraine

    We are busy doing home-school and trying to finish off lots of little jobs that we never get round to doing!

  367. Peter Walsh

    I’m going on regular, but very isolated, long runs.

  368. Lyn Geddes

    Doing a writing course and gardening

  369. Julia Linsley

    De-cluttering the House and fixing up lots of things in the house and garden

  370. Emma England

    Baking, reading and Netflix when I’m not homeschooling and keeping the kids entertained.

  371. AndiG

    No boredom unfortunately, wfh, husband working away and homeschooling 2 children

  372. LouiseG

    I’m organising all of my photos into albums

  373. Peter Stephens

    I’m constructing an ensuite in the boxroom

  374. Carrie-Anne Brown

    teaching my little boy new things

  375. jemma dwyer

    lots of arts and crafts making cakes with my son and in the evening films with my partner 🙂

  376. Kirsty Hosty

    Lots of books and diy

  377. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I’ve got all the time in the world with my toddler keeping me busy! And when he’s asleep or napping I turn to binge watching box sets 🙂

  378. Susan Hoggett

    I’ve had plenty to do in the garden and my greenhouse and I’ve also been baking alot more

  379. Laura Whittle

    Finally sorting through all my kids keepsake bits and clearing out the garage.

  380. James Travis

    Setting out a routine to keep ticking, and going for a walk everyday to get some fresh air

  381. Joanne Greer

    By photography garden birds on the feeder and the squirrels.

  382. Victoria Prince

    Getting my garden in check 🙂 I only moved in last year so there’s a lot I want to do to it and haven’t yet been able to

  383. John Mcgovern

    I am spending my time gardening. Its very satisfying.

  384. Joanna Tolhurst

    trying to do CrossFit home workout each morning, caring for my mother who has dementia and trying to get some resource development done for VSO. Boredom isn’t an issue!

  385. Kerry H

    My three year old and I have been getting out in the garden everyday and making obstacle courses.

  386. Patricia Barrett

    I’ve been doing a full Spring clean and also reading a lot of books that I hadn’t got round to before,

  387. Joanna Kiely

    I am cooking lots of different things and trying new foods

  388. Sophia Barrett

    I’m re-decorating my Living Room

  389. tim lister

    lots of lego with my son

  390. Saran Benjamin

    I have dug a pond and built a pagoda in the garden. highered all the borders and basically re modelled it

  391. Hannah Fuller

    I’ve just moved house so doing up the home is keeping me very busy! 🙂

  392. Grace K

    Trying to master a handstand lol, only 20 years too late!

  393. Deborah Hambleton

    I’ve been doing workout’s on line each day

  394. Jessica Barber

    Lots of baking and started growing a veggie patch!

  395. Amy Lambert

    Baking and ive started to learn a new language

  396. Karen Barrett

    Cooking, lots of it! I’ve really enjoyed going through my older cookery books

  397. Sheri Darby

    Gardening, cooking, baking and reading

  398. lucinda duxbury

    jigsaws, audio books, gardening, cleaning and eating!

  399. Troy Easton

    Watching a lot of movies and tv.

  400. Sue Johnson

    Gardening ,jigsaw and gin tasting ( not all at the same time!!)

  401. Sarah Austin

    I’ve been growing some plants from seeds

  402. Mary Baldwin

    As a key worker, I’m really busy, but lucky to be working from home. I’ve started decluttering and then will be spring cleaning, and getting my son to help me.

  403. Victoria Bazley

    We were really lucky to move just at lockdown so we’ve been busy unpacking and doing things around the house. I try and do a bit of exercise every day too (easier said than done!).

  404. Adrian Bold

    I’ve been catching up on loads of TV and films that I’ve never had time to watch before.

  405. Kat C

    I’ve mostly been working from home as well as catching up over zoom and reading!

  406. Samantha M

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’m still working but from home so that’s taking up most of my time!

  407. deborah radford

    cooking cooking cooking

  408. Faye murray

    Me and my family have been keeping occupied by jig saw puzzle, arts & crafts and playing swing ball in the garden and bouncing on the trampoline!

  409. Jane Collins

    I am doing lots of online competitions

  410. Marion Payne

    Knitting, gardening and reading, also Skyping with family

  411. Mary Ja

    Lots of creative projects I don’t normally have time for are keeping me busy

  412. Greig spencer

    Learning French

  413. Sarah Blackwell-Hughes

    Lots of baking and eating the baking! X

  414. Karen B

    Gardening, cleaning the house, gardening, reading, watching TV and even more gardening!

  415. Kyra

    Lots of decluttering and video calls with friends and family.

  416. Victoria Easton

    Still working, but spring cleaning and gardening on a weekend

  417. Jenny Rogers

    Lots of decluttering, reading and music practice.

  418. Claire Appleton

    Lots of family pool days and outdoor movie nights 🙂

  419. Erica Hughes

    I’m not bored, but I’m reading a lot and gardening.

  420. Hannah h

    I’m cooking a lot. Desserts, nice main dishes

  421. Anthea Holloway

    I am doing lots of gardening and mowing and planting

  422. Allan Fullarton

    Plenty of more time to read.

  423. Karen Dixon

    We have brought out the WII fit! Great fun!

  424. Megan

    I’m working from home, so I haven’t had any time to be bored.

  425. Elaine Stokes

    i’m cooking alot and also doing my arts and crafts…. nearly finished my hand sewn patchwork quilt

  426. Jenny Jones

    we moved house in February so we have been keeping busy by decorating, a bit of home schools, walks to a nearby nature reserve

  427. Jo Nichol

    Making colourful pom poms to give to family

  428. Sallyanne Rose

    spring cleaning, gardening and using the time to do those odd jobs i keep putting off

  429. fiona johnstone

    I am so lucky to have a garden so I’ve been working in that a lot. Also I’ve been catching up on my reading. I have a huge pile of books I haven’t read so I’m reading them.

  430. Laura Green

    lots of time with my son and then catching up on boxsets!

  431. Jane Robertson

    We are catting to our baby granddaughter via a video link every few days so that we get to see her developing . She is now six months old and her parents want to make sure that she doesn’t forget us. She keeps us very amused and happy. They should have traveled 8 hours to see us at Easter to celebrate my 60th birthday. but it was cancelled.

  432. Marjoleine Kok

    I have still been working , however in my time off I have been gardening more & enjoying a lot more reading time 🙂

  433. KATHY D

    I am doing lots of crafting, reading and have sorted every cupboard in the house. I have to admit I am rather liking it

  434. Corinne Peat

    I am doing lots of crafts And baking with the kids and spending time in the garden.

  435. Natalee Gosiewski

    ive spent more time laying on my bed reading lately

  436. Laura Pritchard

    We’re not bored at all – my partner & kids are great company, and homeschooling, exercise, gardening, DIY, painting, reading, TV etc are keeping us very busy!

  437. Alison

    I am doing online training and have started knitting

  438. Karen R

    I seem to be doing lots of activities with my children – baking, watching films, playing board games xx

  439. Emma davison

    Pottering in the garden, watching tv, baking and cooking

  440. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    I don’t have time to be bored with the three kids to keep entertained! But when I do get a down moment I am trying to make sure I spend some time reading

  441. Alan Bevan

    Gardening, baking and walking

  442. Jessica Hutton

    I have bought myself a Fitbit and am making sure I stay active. I have been pottering in the garden, painted the shed and dense, jet sprayed everything. We have been baking, doing jigsaws and walking the dogs.

  443. Amy D

    Playing video games.

  444. Lyndsey Bruce

    I am in lockdown at my elderly parents’ house so I am looking after them and keeping them occupied and entertained.

  445. Chirag Patel

    binge-watching and gardening

  446. Laura

    We’ve been doing lots of gardening and having a good clear out!

  447. Sandra Foreman

    Netflix and reading

  448. Caroline Blaza

    I am working from home and covering for people who have been furloughed so I’m keeping very busy. Today was spent in the garden. I have to keep busy

  449. Lilyflower

    Spending time doing competitions and family history.

  450. Tracy B

    Listening to music, entering competitions and enjoying sitting in the garden sometimes all at the same time

  451. Annie

    Still feeling pretty busy with work, but doing a few more dance classes and a little bit more housekeeping!

  452. Kerry Smith

    Teaching 7 year old twins whilst trying to work from home keeps me busy enough

  453. Sam Parkes

    Homeschooling and sorting the house out. Going to do some decorating next week

  454. Denise S

    made a sourdough starter and now baking sourdough bagels and bread, gardening , sowing vegetable and flower seeds

  455. Geri Gregg

    Lots of reading, cleaning and playing with my toddler

  456. Geoff Hibbert

    It doesn’t make much difference to me as I rarely go out anyway and I’ve always got loads to do

  457. Ruthy

    Learning to sew and reaing my bible more


    Playing scrabble, baking and exercising

  459. Maria Messruther

    Making sure my son does his school work, going for scans and consultant appts for my little girl due Aug, Making dens with my son, playing monopoly, reading and doing the odd competition x

  460. Maureen Quinnell

    Reading a lot of books

  461. Dave Glover

    I care for my elderley mum so i dont have time to get bored, stay safe everyone

  462. Sheena Read

    I am keeping busy with my hobbies including reading, family tree research, gardening and pottering around the house. The only good thing is there are no deadlnes to keep so no rush to do anything by a set time.

  463. donna jones

    playing online scrabble and reading

  464. Victoria Schrader

    I am still working and carrying on almost as normal except for no social outings, watching a bit more tv than usual as well.

  465. Adele Hill

    I’m still working as a key worker, even if this is from home, so I don’t have much spare time.

  466. Cerys John

    Joe wicks exercise videos and lots of card games 🙂

  467. Anna G

    Watching a lot of Disney+ and I am working from home

  468. LouiseM

    I am still working at the NHS but obviously around more than normal, i am doing competitions like this to relieve the boredom.

  469. helen rosbotham

    Im working still on the front line so no time to be bored! But when the weather has been nice ‘ve been out in the garden

  470. Leslie Evans

    1. Doing Competitions
    2. Doing jobs I have been meaning to do for years, one I just did had been waiting 30 plus years.

  471. Tracy Hanson

    I’ve been watching my favourite footballer on YT quite a bit. Good job he’s reasonably (lol) good so there’s plenty to keep me amused, but also reading and doing puzzle books such as Wordsearches, Kriss Kross and catching up with all the TV programmes I had on my planner.


    reading a lot more books!

  473. kimberley ryan

    spring cleaning, gardening and homeschooling, not really had an issue with boredom yet 🙂

  474. Jeanette Leighton

    Watching tv and Netflix, keeping my children entertained

  475. Pauline Dring

    Slowly decluttering, cleaning , cooking meals and listening to audiobooks

  476. Aliza

    I am fortunate enough to be working from home. When I am not working I am spending my time cleaning and gardening, it’s very therapeutic!

  477. Kristy Fallon

    Working out and entertaining the kids.

  478. Dominique Ralf

    Catching up with sewing repairs I have been avoiding, but I am actually finding quite relaxing.

  479. Lucy robinson

    I’m baking lots and am now on week 6 of couch to 5K.

  480. Helen Tyler

    I’m a nurse so I’m still working. When Im not at work I spend a lot of time online and doing bits around the house

  481. angela sandhu

    I am still working do not really bored….

  482. Carolynn Woodland

    Not bored, quite happy considering everything that’s going on but I really did want to visit my son who lives in Thailand and I don’t think that will happen now.

  483. Amanda S

    Trying new recipes and playing board games

  484. Krzysia

    I’m not bored at all and am filling my time doing lots of gardening, sewing, cooking and diy.

  485. Natalie R

    Working from home so haven’t had chance to be bored

  486. curlytops

    Gardening and plenty of reading

  487. Katrina Adams

    I’m using the time to learn new skills (coding, digital marketing and Spanish), trying new recipes, reading and crafting. I can’t say that I’ve really been bored at all.

  488. Pam Gregory

    Lots of DIY & gardening.

  489. kristy brown

    Boredom? My time at home is spent panicking that I’ve forgotten to do something at work atm. No lockdown here.

  490. David Palmer

    Exercise as much as possible

  491. jennifer turnbull

    We are renovating our house so plenty jobs to keep us busy, also some chill time with good movies and books.

  492. Alba Garcia

    Baking a lot!

  493. Victoria L

    Working hard on our little smallholding – never been more grateful for the land

  494. Vicky H

    Doing lots of decorating

  495. Carol W.

    Sorting ‘stuff’ out ready to go to charity shops, and the recycling centre when it opens. I’m also entering competitions online….no success yet….apart from a cinema gift card I can’t use as they’re shut!

  496. Francesca H

    Rediscovering all the fab things in my wardrobe!!

  497. Amanda Brett

    My son and i have been busy decorating(we already had the paint etc),I’ve been face timing my beautiful granddaughter,she just had her 2nd birthday,so we held a virtual birthday party for her. Where possible I’ve also been trying to get into the garden,to do a bit of weeding. I’ve literally been trying to keep busy,i’m missing my family and elderly mum desperately. I’ll be so glad to get a little bit of normality back-as i’m sure we all do. Fantastic giveaway,thanks for the chance,please count me in? x

  498. Caroline Smith

    I feel busier than ever, still working full time and trying to home school 3 kids!

  499. KB

    Teaching my old dog new tricks!

  500. tony houghton

    killing weeds in the garden

  501. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    I’ve been doing up the garden ready for my little girls 3rd birthday, she’s keeping busy enough though!

  502. Janine H

    Tidying drawers and cupboards with lots of reading and film watching too

  503. sharon martin

    i’m baking, colouring and doing jigsaws

  504. Cathryn Crawshaw

    Baking, Reading and netflix

  505. Matt Brasier

    Spending time in my garden when I can

  506. Hayley Davies

    lots of jigsaws. we moved house just before lockdown so have been sorting all the junk out. and eating cake

  507. Theresa Thomas

    I am still working 7am to 3pm at home. But I have also stared baking, gardening and reading more


    Nothing has changed for me as I work on a covid-19 ward and still go to work on 12.5hr shifts. And my husband works for the out of hours doctors, and still goes on his shifts too – so we are at least getting out of the house and mixing with our normal colleagues.


    Relieving boredom with lots of things! Me and my boyfriend been doing up the garden ready for BBQs and warm nights when Covid-19 has gone away, I’ve been doing online training to improve my photography and we’ve been having lots of movie nights!

  510. Charlotte Wilde

    not bored at all! i have never been as busy – working as per normal as is my husband – he is working more actually besides having the kids home!

  511. Pauline Burroughs

    Baking, cleaning, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading and I’ve got out my crochet project again that I started about a year ago (a Christmas blanket, you never know I might finish it by this Christmas)

  512. sue mcdermott

    baking, reading & learning to use my sewing machine

  513. Jocelynne Harrison

    We are spending a lot of the time in the garden and walking the dogs. We have just started painting the house so that should keep us busy for a while.

  514. zoe d

    by day gardening and decorating by night netflix and chill

  515. Stef Acaster

    We’ve started doing video call quizzes with family.

  516. Oksana Fitzgerald

    Gardening and DIY and playing with my daughter

  517. DAWN HULL

    Decluttering the house and sorting items ready to sell on Ebay after lockdown has ended.

  518. Kate Trubridge

    I’ve been baking more and getting the garden sorted!

  519. Deborah Preston

    We have been doing an A-Z of isolation challenges including art, baking, cocktail making,

  520. JennyB

    Keeping busy with households jobs, plus lots of tv and radio.

  521. claire croft

    You think that there would be moments of boredom but i have managed to fill most moments by cleaning, redecorating, crafting, homeschooling, etc its been a slower and different pace of life but certainly not a boring one.

  522. Erica Field

    Walking, working, baking, playing and snuggling

  523. fiona d

    I don’t get a chance to get bored! I feel as if I do not have enough hours in the day. With eldest furloughed from a job he loves, daughter trying to finish her college course at home in very limited space & a 9 year old son who we are all shielding because he has complex health issues as well as severe learning difficulties. I feel as if we get up in the morning and blink & we’re back to the bedtime routine again. Keeping everyone happy & sane is a full time job, we’ve cooked, cleaned, washed, gardened & host of other stuff to keep everyone amused.

  524. Carolyn Collins

    Crafting – making gift bags out of paper shopping bags. Walking and enjoying the Spring sunshine. Housework, cooking, talking for hours on phone to Mum and Neighbour.

  525. Naomi Buchan

    Ive still been working and doing voluntary work so thts kept me pretty busy x

  526. Sayeed Rahman

    Decorating and other things around the house, although still found a reason to procrastinate

  527. Sharon Burroughs

    I’ve been doing my online workouts, baking and helping the kids do there school work.

  528. Gillian Mcclelland

    I have started yoga and meditation

  529. Thomas Perry

    I’ve been having Netflix marathons and sorting all
    My junk and paperwork out. I’m still working so I’m only on lock down after work and all weekend

  530. PhillW

    I’ve been working but try to get out in the garden whenever possible.

  531. Elizabeth Sorsby

    Reading, colouring, watching boxsets & using social media!

  532. Su Brett

    We have been sowing seeds and then pricking out and LOTS & LOTS of work in the garden

  533. Maddy

    We’re on a decluttering challenge. Me is the bedrooms, him in the sheds and garage!

  534. Nikki Phipps

    As a full-time keyworker and full-time single parent working from home, it’s had its challenges! But overall it’s all been positive We are doing more arts and crafts, baking and spending lots of time sorting out our garden xx

  535. Natalie Gillham

    I’ve been taking the opportunity to de-clutter my home.

  536. Sally Wally doodle all the Day

    Still working so a balance of exercise,gardening, reading and watching a good drama at end of the day.

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