5 Tips to Stay the Perfect Temperature Throughout the Night

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5 Tips to Stay the Perfect Temperature Throughout the Night

April is a weird time of year; some days it’s too hot, and other days you’re laying in bed shivering. Unfortunately, it can be difficult setting our bedrooms to the perfect temperature as you may go to bed feeling all warm and cosy, but you never know how it’ll change overnight.

Tips to Stay the Perfect Temperature Throughout the Night

There are a few ways that you can help keep your body at a good temperature through the night though, even if it does seem like a miracle. Here are 5 tips to stay the perfect temperature throughout the night:

  1. A Mattress Suited to Your Body Temperature

There are mattresses available for everyone, and oddly enough, you can even get mattresses suited to how hot/cold your body temperature is. Great, eh?

If you’re investing in a mattress, then you want to know that it will keep you comfortable through the night. A popular option for sleepers that tend to get a little chilly during the night is a memory-foam mattress, as they’re made using a temperature sensitive material and can store heat. The heat is what helps the mattress mould to your body shape.

Check out Happy Beds’ memory-foam mattresses here, available from single right up to European king.

Those that are usually too hot during the night would be better purchasing a mattress with cooling features, like Laygel, so that you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. Annoyingly for some people, a memory-foam mattress would be great in the winter, while the cooling mattress would be great in summer.

  1. Electric Blankets

If you’re someone that gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, then an electric blanket might be another great investment. These can be an absolute lifesaver!

Electric blankets go underneath your bed sheets and you can control the temperature with a remote. This means that you’re able to pick and choose when you want it on and off.

  1. No Extra Bedding

I know everyone wants an Instagram-perfect bedroom, so you’ve probably invested in far too many pillows and blankets for your bed, but is this really necessary? While it does look great, it isn’t practical sleeping with all of this, and your body will soon heat up from the added accessories.

Keep it plain and simple – just a few pillows and your normal bedding. These add-ons are definitely a factor in contributing towards your sweaty snoozes!

  1. Don’t Work Out Too Close to Bedtime

Working out too close to your bed time can affect your sleep. Try replacing your late night HIIT session with a long walk or relaxing yoga session. Your body will take a longer time to cool down after a hard HIIT session and this can contribute towards a disrupted sleep.

According to Sleep.org, the best time to exercise is in the morning or the early afternoon, and you should really avoid all exercise in the evening.

  1. Instead, Take a Warm Bath

Baths can be great, especially when you’ve been to Lush and bought a great range of bath bombs. They can also be a great way to facilitate sleep as your body’s sudden rise in temperature helps you relax and regulates the body’s circadian rhythms.

This is why new parents always bath babies before bed times, to ensure they get the longest sleep that they possibly can. The body can take around an hour to cool down once you get out of the bath.

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