Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway

It’s time for another Sim’s Life giveaway – that’s right, it may well be giveaway central on the blog at the moment, but they are spreading cheer and hope. We all need a bit of that at the moment… and some cake! How are you all this week? With the weather improving somewhat, play and downtime with children is as important as ever. Having some downtime in the afternoons and a breather outside helps to keep us all feeling slightly more normal! That’s why I hope the latest Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway will make you smile! 🙂

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway

Aimed at making bath times more fun, there is no reason why you cannot play with this outside either! Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap is a mild and gentle formulation of mouldable soap that only requires water in order to wash it away when playtime is over.

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway

Available in Blue, Pink and White, the mix of colours will allow anyone (big or small) to get in on the action of being creative when playing with the foaming soap. Simply squirt some foam soap into your hand and shape away! From colourful beards, to mohawks, animals and beyond, let your creative side roam wild! The fun, laughter and giggles from playing with the foaming soap will be priceless, with the clean up afterwards seriously easy. You will also be cleaner once finished, than when you started playing with the crazy soap!

Kids Stuff Sparkling Bubble Bath

The rather cool Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath, turns normal bath time from a battle ground into a fun playground! Be amazed as your bath transforms into a glittery wonderland in front of your eyes. The full Kids Stuff range is mild, gentle, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and made in the UK! The PH balanced formula will gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin. SLES and Paraben free, however don’t go spraying it near your eyes or mouth, they are soap based products!

The Kids Stuff range can be purchased from Boots, Asda, Tesco and The Range – but in the meantime, why not enter the Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Giveaway below!

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How To Win A Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Bundle

For your chance to win 2 x Crazy Soap and 1 x Bubble Bath (pictured above), simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!


Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Bundle


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 10th May 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 2 x Kids Stuff Crazy Soap & 1 Kids Stuff Bubble Bath.
Open to entrants in the UK.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.





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  1. Carole Nott

    I will be good to get back to a routine and visit family

    1. Jade Linnen

      Getting back to work I need normality.

      1. Laura Norcop

        Seeing my mum 🙂 I miss family and friends so much

    2. Sharon Everett

      Hugging my family!!!!

  2. Paul Green

    Nice little givaway Im sure my grandchildren would love bath time even more with these

  3. Katrina Adams

    Going down the beach for a picnic and an ice cream.

  4. Naomi Smith

    Going for a nice family meal and catch up.

  5. GooderDan

    Can’t wait to go out and see my friends again, maybe go for a drink in a pub garden

  6. Stephanie Tsang

    Seeing my friends again and having the kids go back to school!

  7. Nigel

    Going to Chessington Theme Park

  8. Katie B

    Going to the pub and bbqs on the beach!

  9. Sarah Lambert

    I’m looking forward to seeing my Sister, brother in law and nephews, my sister is expecting her 3rd baby in July and I feel I’m missing most of her pregnancy

  10. Helen Markham

    Ooh perfect to get the 2 little ones clean! And have fun too

  11. Julie Ward

    Shopping and going for lunch with my sister

  12. ashleigh allan

    Seeing my family!

  13. Zoe C

    All the family going out for a meal

    1. Natasha Hamilton

      Seeing family again

  14. Suan Watts

    Being with my family and friends

  15. Rachel Walsh

    Can’t wait to meet my new baby niece who was born yesterday ❤️

  16. F Chowdhury

    Going to the beach

  17. J Matcham

    I am looking forward to stop worrying I have lost my job so it would be lovely to get back to normal and have a bit more certainty in life againI am

  18. kim neville

    To get back into a normal routine and able to visit family and places 🙂

  19. Eileen Hindley

    Seeing all of the family and going out for a family meal 🙂

  20. Susan B

    Hopping on the bus or train for a day out shopping and sightseeing.

  21. Abby P

    Driving to the beach and seeing friends

  22. Catia Rodrigues

    Invite family & friends to come over for a bbq

  23. Rich Tyler

    Going to the PUB!!!

  24. Tracy Nixon

    A walk in the countryside – just to see the wildlife and breath in the fresh air!

  25. Solange

    Seeing all of the family and going out for a family meal.

  26. Peter Watson

    I’m most looking forward to seeing the grandchildren again.

  27. Chloe Billington

    Getting back to normal and meeting up with friends – gives me a break from being just mum!

  28. daniel baugh

    getting to thepub,sitting in thebeer garden and having a burger

  29. Ritchie Dee

    A family trip to the beach

  30. Katie Witherington

    Seeing my family

  31. Lucinda P

    I am looking forward to seeing my mum to give her a great big hug.

  32. khan

    To see my nephew again

  33. Laura Johnson

    Seeing my family! I miss them so much 🙁

  34. Danika Lloyd

    Going to play groups with my little ones

  35. Rachel Mccraith

    Going out and doing fun things with my family. I’ve particularly miss our cinema trips

  36. Sarah A

    I can’t wait to see my Dad, he’s alone since we lost our Mum 18 months ago and not seeing him has been so hard. I’m driving to see him with my son the moment we can.

  37. Alice Dixon

    Going out for a meal with all the family

  38. fiona waterworth

    going visiting my relatives, especially my daughter, just to prove shes fine

  39. lesley renshaw

    I’m shielding and my Mum lives 200 miles away so I’m looking forward to travelling to see her and taking her for a nice meal.

  40. Jo Jones

    I will love visiting my close family and checking on them as we have missed them so much.

  41. Margaret Gallagher

    Gping shipping ! I like to see ehat i buy – having withdawal symptoms now

  42. A.E. ADKINS

    I am looking forward to hugging my family

  43. Fiona jk42

    I am looking forward to seeing my children and granddaughter.

  44. Iain maciver

    getting to see family

  45. Mark Thomas

    I am looking forward to meeting up with my family again .

  46. tracey2020

    seeing family

  47. Kate Halliday

    I’m looking forward to being able to travel and to be able to meet up with family and friends

  48. melanie stirling

    Visiting my mum, sister, nephew and niece.

  49. ellie spider

    I plan on jumping onto my best friends lap and licking her face (thats a weird drunk inside joke between us) but seriously I just want to catch up with my friends and give them the biggest hugs ever

  50. Ben Audsley

    going to the pub and seeing all my friends!

  51. Laura Lee

    I am most looking forward to giving my mum a big cuddle she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I haven’t been able to physically see her for 4 weeks now although we talk on the phone everyday. Thanks for the chance

  52. Katie

    Seeing my family

  53. Ruth Harwood

    I’m looking forward to finding another kitten or two to adopt after losing my Gigi to FIP (feline corona, basically, she was a dead kitten walking from birth, but it doesn’t make it hurt less), I’m lonely and cats who like knees ( my cinnamon is a hunter not a cuddler – pigeons, rats and birds are regular pressies she feeds her family with), but I need contact, and it would help me heal x

  54. Jo m welsh

    Having a big family day out either at the beach or theme park

  55. Sue McCarthy

    Just getting back to normal, being able to go out & talking to people without feeling like a leper.

  56. Charlotte Isobelle

    To see my little ones face when he sees his nannys and grandads

  57. Clara

    Going out to a restaurant for dinner

  58. Catherine McAlinden

    I’m looking forward to going to the park with the kids

  59. Nikki Phipps

    As a key worker, I’m looking forward to hugging my colleagues within Social Care ❤ We are doing a great job behind the scenes and most of us have school aged children xx

  60. Sally Collingwood

    Going to my favourite restaurant

  61. Ursula Hunt

    I am most looking forward to a cuddle of my 5 grandchildren, not seeing them has been the hardest of everything

    1. Amanda tanner

      Getting back to Spain to work. Who knows when that will be though

  62. Lindsey Stuart

    I am just really looking forward to all going in the car together as a family and visiting our other family members 🙂

  63. Martina Pichova

    Looking forward to days out with my family again – instead of being stuck at home.

  64. Caroline Blaza

    I’m looking forward to seeing my family.

  65. kay sherman

    im due to give birth next month so it will be nice to introduce baby to the family

  66. Rachael Taylor

    A pub meal

  67. justine meyer

    Going to visit my dad in Scotland

  68. clair downham

    seeing my mum

  69. Michelle Ferguson

    Seeing my friends and family again

  70. Sandra Fortune

    Seeing my daughter’s and my lovely grandson I think I’ll never stop hugging him

  71. Liz Robinson

    Fab competition!

  72. Rachael McCadden

    spending time with the family and hiking

  73. Helen Arlow

    Going for a day out with all the family…. Even if it’s pouring with rain x

  74. Dale Dow

    seeing my family, I really miss them. It’s the little things x

  75. Natasha R-M

    To be free to travel around the UK again.

  76. Mel Pennie

    I’m actually looking forward to going back to work and also visiting my 90 year old nan

  77. Lisa Jones Armstrong

    I can’t wait to see my lovely nieces again!


    freedom and no restrictions on where to go

  79. Angela treadway

    just seeing my family x

  80. Margaret Clarkson

    Going to the pub quiz

  81. Denise Wilden

    Giving my daughters and grandchildren a hug and getting the family together for a nice meal

  82. Lucy

    Being able to go to a restaurant or pub and spend some time with my friends and family

  83. Andrea Fletcher

    Being able to see my family.

  84. Sarah Fielding

    Definitely seeing all my friends and family!

  85. Kay Broomfield

    Getting back into the gym and going on holiday!

  86. Karen Hughes

    having a day out at the seaside

  87. Rebecca King

    Never thought I’d say this but I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work plus seeing my children outside playing with their friends

  88. Lorna Ledger

    Apart from seeing family, I am looking forward to going shopping and eating out!

  89. Joanne Hutchings

    Seeing all the friends and family that we’ve missed so much.

  90. Amanda W

    Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to having a night off from refereeing the kids! I’m looking forward to been able to pop into see friends and family and simple things like having a cup of tea with my nannan and a good gossip!

  91. Susan Smith

    Catching up with all my family and friends

  92. Clare Bosanko

    Seeing my family

  93. Paula Phillips

    I’m looking forward to seeing my family.

  94. Angie Mcdonald

    I’d looking forward to seeing my gorgeous nieces and nephews

  95. Patrick Quilty

    going to the theatre

  96. Kristie Metcalfe

    I’m looking forward to getting to eat out at my favourite restaurant with all my family.

  97. Annabel Greaves

    Seeing extended friends and family

  98. Tracy Newton

    I am looking forward to having a family day out, possibly a holiday. It will be great to get the kids back to school because I am rubbish at home schooling

  99. Emily Hutchinson

    a holiday would be lovely

  100. David

    Hello, i’m looking forward to being able to visit my neighbours again.

  101. Helen Tovell

    Like others have said getting together with other family members we have not seen

  102. Joo Dee

    Normality really, seems really strange out there!

  103. MichelleD

    Seeing my family!

  104. Rachel Butterworth

    Seeing my three nephews and two nieces.

    1. rachel eades

      Going to visit my mum and dad and my nan!

  105. Sharon Saunders

    When lockdown is over I’m most looking forward to seeing my Dad.

  106. Lisa Wilkinson

    Seeing my mum

  107. Val swift

    Going out for a meal with the family

  108. Sharon Burroughs

    Seeing my friends and family.

  109. Vicki M

    Seeing all the family again 🙂

  110. Emma Walters

    being close to my family and hugging my children properly! not able to as working with public every day not knowing if i am infected at any point :((((


    Has to be going away on a trip with my family so we can all be together

  112. Tracy Hanley

    Im looking forward to spending some time with my grandkids

  113. lynn neal

    I am looking forward to giving my grandchildren a big hug!

  114. Rebecca Sutton

    Seeing my step-daughter, baby nephews and my mother in law

  115. Maggie Coates

    Cuddling my granddaughter

  116. Keith Hunt

    Going to the Donkey Sanctuary again with family and dogs.

  117. Jade Brailsford

    Definitely looking forward to a family holiday when we come out of lockdown!

  118. Claire Nutman

    Hugging loved ones………..really miss my hugs x

  119. Nadine Holland

    Visiting family, going to the beach and having all the lovely children that I look after back with me.

  120. Joanne Hall

    Hugging my family

  121. laura nice

    Seeing my mum!!

  122. Natasha Mairs

    I can’t wait to take the kids to the park and to be able to go on long family walks

  123. Jodie Green

    Being able to see my parents and brother

  124. katrina walsh

    Im looking forward to lunch with the girls

  125. sarah parker

    seeing my family

  126. Becky Yeomans

    Seeing my family!

  127. Richard Saunders

    Seeing my mum and dad in Cornwall 🙂

  128. Laura Britton

    Seeing my friends and family

  129. Heather T

    Going for a walk by the sea and having an ice cream

  130. holly harmsworth

    Being able to have a proper catch up with my nan, mum and sister. I think a girly day out will be in order

  131. steve

    Getting more facebook friends.

  132. hayley berry

    Seeing my family. My bf lives and works away, my son is stuck at uni and my grandson is growing so fast.

  133. Michelle Smith

    I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter’s and granddaughter

  134. Tammy Westrup

    Simply seeing family and friends socially again

  135. Danielle Pooley

    I’m looking forward to having a roast dinner with my mum and dad

  136. Carolyn E

    Meeting with friends and family for a massive party get together

  137. leanne weir

    Going out for a nice meal

  138. Petra Baver

    I’m looking forward to not being stopped by the police for just doing shopping.

  139. Kathryn Booth

    getting up and going anywhere i want to without worrying i could catch something that could kill me

  140. Amy Bondoc

    most looking forward to having a coffee wit my dad!

  141. Alice Colling

    Going for a weekend away with my family by the coast.

  142. Hekna

    Being able to physically see freinds and family. And some short trips with my partner and child. Nothing fancy, just little train trips to local places.

  143. Laura

    I am looking forward to being able to go to concerts and plays again.

  144. Alison

    Taking the little ones to see my grown up children who no longer live at home

  145. claire woods

    Going swimming, eating out, seeing my Mum and Dad.


    I’m looking forward to going to see my blind friend, Antoine who I had been going to see the week that the lockdown was put in place. He’s not just been a great friend of 20 years now, but also a medium and healer, so I’ll be having my annual reading too, which I can’t wait to have. I usually buy him some flowers as a way of appreciation and treat him to a fresh cream chocolate eclair which we have as we sit down for the pop quiz on the radio before the reading begins.

  147. Fiona Rennie

    I’m looking forward to work going back to some sort of normality and seeing all my family


    My first grandchild was born 5 months ago. I’m really struggling not being able to see him so, I can’t wait for us all to get together.

  149. Kim Carberry

    Spending time with my dad, McDonalds and a shopping spree in Primark!

  150. Nicola Watson

    Looking forward to spending time with my family! Missing them all so much.

  151. Graham Robinson

    Seeing friends and family again.

  152. Laurie Harmon

    I am looking forward to hugging my grandkids

  153. Sean Eccles

    Most looking forward to taking the kids swimming

  154. Hannah Rowley

    Seeing my Mum and Dad

  155. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    Seeing my family. Miss them like crazy…. and they’re abroad

  156. Victoria Jardine

    I’m looking forward to my children being able to see their friends again – they are really missing them and it’s hard for them to truly understand why they aren’t able to .

  157. Jayne Townson

    I’m looking forward to seeing all my family again, as I’ve not seen some of them since Christmas.

  158. Jodie W

    Im looking forward to being able to go out to the garden centre

  159. Hazel Christopher

    Probably a Big Mac to be honest, I’ve been eating more healthily which is obviously good but I have to admit I’m getting a lot of cravings for junk food right now.

  160. Danielle Spencer

    I’m looking forward to seeing my family, especially my nieces and nephews and to see how much they have grown!

  161. Isabell Whitenstall

    Hugging my son and grandchildren. Its been 6 weeks now and it might just go on until Christmas, its hard but it must be done.

  162. Esther L

    Travelling! Xxx

  163. Shellyg

    going to the garden centers

  164. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I’m looking forward to having a day out to the seaside with my family!

  165. Caroline Signey

    Being able to go round my parents and actually go in and sit down!

  166. Carrie-Anne Brown

    going out to wildlife parks with my little boy

  167. Rebecca Beesley

    Would love to get out into the countryside again! We’ve been in full isolation due to health issues in the family and our local countryside has been too busy and therefore too risky.

  168. Angela Sharp

    I’m looking forward to trying to go back to normality, I miss seeing family and friends, even miss the school run

  169. Tammy Tudor

    Looking forward to seeing extended family and friends in person

  170. jemma dwyer

    i can’t wait to see my family when this is all over with

  171. Kerry Horsburgh

    I don’t mind it really because I’m more introverted than I thought but I want to visit my family abroad as soon as I can!

  172. Michelle Sanchez

    Seeing family and friends

  173. KB

    Going on holiday!

  174. Rachel Craig

    Seeing, visiting, and spending quality time with family and friends.

  175. Sharon Hirst

    Looking forward to seeing family and friends again

  176. S Straw

    I’m looking forward to visiting my family, especially my 3 month old baby nephew.

  177. Heidi

    Looking forward to going on a family holiday to Germany we deserve a break away after this xx

  178. Sarah Hurley

    going places with my family and maybe a holiday in a while

  179. Emma davison

    Being able to just get in the car and drive to the shops, family, park etc.

  180. Susan Hoggett

    having a day ot with my daughter for some much needed time together

  181. Laura Whittle

    Seeing my Mum and my Nan

  182. Pam Smith

    Being able to see my grandchildren and give them a big hug

  183. olivia Kirby

    ( am looking forward to having my freedom back. I will go to my sister’s and my mum’s first.

  184. Emma davison

    Being able to just drive to go to the shops, visit family and friends etc.

  185. Patricia Barrett

    Seeing family and going out for food.

  186. Paul Bingham

    Going shopping

  187. kimberley ryan

    giving my mum & pops a hug x

  188. Sian Buckingham

    I’m looking forward to visiting my grandparents the most!

  189. Nicola S

    I’m looking forward to meeting my friends for a catch up and some wine. One of us was 50 and we’ve not been able to celebrate with her.

  190. donna jones

    seeing my grandchildren

  191. Jules Eley

    BBQ’s with friends, just strolling round the supermarket looking for bargains and coffee with friends.

  192. Gemma Clark

    Seeing my family, I miss them so much

  193. Lindsay

    I’m looking forward to everyone being kind and generous as they are now. I hope all our key workers get the recognition they deserve

  194. Adrian Bold

    I really want to be able to go out for food, especially a pub carvery.

  195. Lindsay Burton

    Seeing my family and friends back home in Scotland.

  196. Sarah Austin

    Seeing FAMILY!

  197. Francesca H

    Being able to see all our family again!!

  198. Maria

    Seeing my family and friends

  199. Mary Ja

    Socialising with friends. Maybe a big picnic

  200. Sallyanne Rose

    being able to hold my new, and first, grandchild

  201. Victoria Bazley

    Being able to go to the pub with my friends.

  202. Sare Davies

    Seeing my grandaughter and being able to go and find squirrels in the park with her.

  203. Andrzej Szymanski

    Being able to meet my friends, which includes attending football matches, going to the pub and theatre as well as playing tennis.

  204. Jess Armstrong

    Seeing my family and going to the beach!

  205. Anthea Holloway

    I am looking forward to seeing my family again – children, partners and grandchildren.

  206. L Forsyth

    I’m looking forward to being able to see my parents, sister and nieces and nephew

  207. Elaine Stokes

    cant wait to see my family, mum dad and the dog

  208. min

    Seeing my parents for a lovely meal!

  209. Angela Kelly

    I’m looking forward to seeing my Nanna and getting a haircut!

  210. Sheena Read

    I’m looking forward to going shopping by myself instead of having others do it for me because I am in isolation and being shielded.

  211. Joanne Greer

    Visiting historical places and walks in the countryside and on beaches.

  212. Lorraine

    I’m looking forward to going out for walks in the countryside

  213. Maxine Lewis-Enright

    I am looking forward to seeing my mom and my sister and giving them a massive hug

  214. Jane Robertson

    I am so looking forward to travelling eight hours to see my baby granddaughter. Video calls are ok but I am not sure she will know who we are when she sees us in person.

  215. Chirag Patel

    Seeing family again

  216. Kate Davies

    I can’t wait to see my family, especially my mum. She’s a paramedic and I’ve been so worried about her, haven’t been able to see her since the end of February.

  217. Tracy B

    Seeing family again and getting my hair cut, look like a shaggy sheep!

  218. Kallie Maile

    Seeing my older children, both me and my toddler miss them loads

  219. Jayne K

    Seeing my daughter and granddaughters.

  220. Heli L

    Since my family’s abroad, I’d love to have a delicious takeaway. Simply because it’d mean I didn’t have to cook that day!

  221. Nuala

    Seeing my family and giving them a hug, miss them loads

  222. Orange23

    Going to the beach and visiting family

  223. Leanne Bell

    Can’t wait to catch up with my partner, and also to take my children to the beach x

  224. Geri Gregg

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of my family when this is over, my toddler is missing them too. Hes also missing the zoo, the soft play centres and the swings. Lovely giveaway

  225. Fellina Judson

    Getting back to normality! But more than ever getting back out on the road I recently passed driving my test and got a car we was looking forward to taking the kids on adventures

  226. Faye murray

    I’m looking forward to seeing my loved ones and going the beach,

  227. Chloe M

    Having family over for a bbq in our newly decked out garden and giving them all a big hug

  228. Teresa Adams

    Most looking forward to seeing my grandson and meeting with friends

  229. Claire Appleton

    I am most looking forward to family days out such as parks, beaches, cinemas, farms & theme parks 🙂

  230. Erica Field

    Seeing grandparents

  231. Stef Acaster

    I’m most looking forward to seeing my family and spending time with my grandson.

  232. Karen R

    I’m most looking forward to seeing the rest of my family!

  233. Kristy Brown

    Climbing a mountain!

  234. Karen Barrett

    Our BIG family garden party, planning is already underway!

  235. Kim M

    Seeing my daughter – we’ll have a day out in the countryside and an afternoon tea x

  236. Ellen Stafford

    Seeing the rest of my family and going to our caravan in Weymouth!

  237. Helen Southam

    being able to take m children to parks

  238. Jamie Clark

    Taking My children for a day out finished with a meal

  239. Jennifer Toal

    Seeing friends

  240. Gary Topley

    Spending some time with my daughters at the seaside. Thankyou for the competition x

  241. MERYL Thomas

    Going on holiday would be nice

  242. Chui

    A holiday or break from work

  243. Sarah Roberts

    Seeing our 4 month old grandaughter its been so hard not seeing her especially in this early stage

  244. claire fawkner

    A family garden party

    1. Catherine Gregory

      I can’t wait to go out to soft play with my toddler

  245. Robyn Clarke

    Seeing my mum, the kids and I have missed her so much.

  246. Darren Bourne

    Having a proper catch up with friends and other family members.

  247. Natalie Gillham

    I’m looking forward to seeing my mum x

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