Surviving Lockdown – The Week Of Randoms

Surviving Lockdown – The Week Of Randoms

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Last week seemed to fly by in a blur of not actually knowing what day it is… and I still don’t! What should have effectively been the first week of the Easter holidays, a break from school and pressures of SATs test preparations, was just another week of lockdown and trying to keep busy. It really was a week of randoms – random finds, random deliveries, random meals. How can I explain surviving lockdown in the Sim’s Life house? Random!

It has been lovely to get out for walks following a short circuit from our house. Our normal walking route is awash with footfall and cyclists at the moment, so we have favoured walking around ‘the block’ to keep out of the way. Choosing to go for a walk just before BGT on Saturday evening, we happened across an Easter basket filled with books that someone had left outside their home. ‘Happy Easter – please take something to read and stay safe’ read the message in the basket – a super lovely random act of kindness! Such a thoughtful and kind gesture – I selected a Caroline Ahern book and swapped for some Haribo Easter treats that Liv had smuggled on the walk.

Surviving lockdown with a Cecelia Ahern novel

I am quite looking forward to having some screen free time and curling up with a good read. A fabulous way to simply relax and escape reality whilst attempting to survive the lockdown. A huge thank you to the lovely people who did this!

Liv has been working hard as best she can, with online study being the main force behind her learning at the moment. There are so many fantastic online learning resources out there at the moment and we have had fun branching out and learning more about Geography recently. We have also been enjoying break times by watching cute animal videos from zoo’s. We are loving following the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens videos which can you follow over on their Facebook page here. Videos of Fiona, the 3 year old Hippopotamus that was born 6 weeks prematurely at the zoo  are heartwarming and the most awesome thing to watch to cheer you up at the moment!

100 Screen Free Ways To Beat Boredom

The lovely people at Quarto Publishing recently sent us a gorgeous selection of books to keep us entertained throughout the lockdown. Make sure you keep an eye out later this week for a fabulous books giveaway! One of the books included in the giveaway ‘100 Screen Free Ways To Beat Boredom‘ features a selection of fun ideas to keep families entertained… away from screens! Using household items and ingredients you may already have in the cupboards, follow the suggestions to make ice-cream in a bag and more!

Liv attempted a slime making session with some cornflour I had managed to acquire, however when measurements were somewhat altered a totally new fun solution was made!


I thought Liv was pulling my leg, turns out Oobleck is an actual thing! A non-Newtonian fluid that acts as a liquid when poured, but a solid matter when force acts on it.

It can get messy, so playing with Oobleck in the garden is wise! Fortunately, the lovely people at Moss & Adams (also the people behind the Astonish cleaning range) had randomly sent us some of their beautifully scented hand wash, which came in very handy! Pick up the Great British outdoor scented range in store at Asda, Booths and Ocado and ensure you keep washing your hands during lockdown and beyond!

Using Moss & Adams Hand Wash during lockdown

How are you all this week? Did you have a lovely Easter break… well, as lovely as it can be during lockdown! If you are looking for ways to stay busy at the moment, why not check out the latest Sim’s Life giveaways?

Current Sim’s Life Giveaways

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Surviving Lockdown - The week of randoms


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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Karen Langridge

    What a wonderfully random week you have had! I enjoyed reading what you got up too, the Oobleck sounds quite intriguing, I am sure my boys would like to try that! x

    1. S1m

      That’s how we roll! 😉 Oobleck is really weird, such an odd concept but fun to watch in full flow! Give it a try, they will love it!x

  2. Valerie

    I actually picked up the ingredients for making slime a couple of weeks ago and we’re going to try that this week, fingers crossed LOL. I’ve never heard of Oobleck before, it sounds like something my nephew would enjoy.

    1. S1m

      I had never heard of it either – such a fun word to say though! Good luck with the slime making and hope you are all well!

  3. claire

    Isn’t this just a crazy time! I have to say I really love the idea of the books. What a wonderful idea, I have some books that I have and would normally give to a charity shop.

    I hope week 4 is a good one for you, as good as it can be anyway x

    1. S1m

      We are off to stock them up with some more books later on – I’ve found walking later on is much quieter with less chance to having to dodge people! Hope week 4 is going well for you too! Keep going and keep safe!x


    Love the sound of the book you will be doing a giveaway for. I’m sure that will be popular with many parents. It’s not easy to keep children entertained without screens. My son would probably love the Oobleck.

    1. S1m

      The nice weather is definitely helping get us out into the garden more often but I’m certainly a little more relaxed with screen time at the moment. Give Oobleck a try, it’s really weird to watch!

  5. Joanna

    I’m almost half way through the fifth week of lockdown and I have no idea what day is today. Every day is exactly the same as the one before, exactly the same as the one that follows. I need to catch up with some reading as well. Cecilia Ahern is a great writer, I loved so much PS I love you.

  6. Jenni

    We have had a wonderful weekend, the weather has been wonderful and we have made the most of it by spending as much time as we can in the garden. We have also got a fair bit done around the house.A relaxing but productive week.

  7. Rebecca Smith

    We had a good Easter break, thank you. The kids enjoyed doing an Easter Egg hunt round the house and have been continuing with fun activities during the week too.

  8. Jenna

    That book looks great! Love seeing what other people are getting up to in these strange times!

  9. Jennifer

    Not knowing what day it is is only the beginning. By now, I have trouble keeping track of what time it is as well

  10. Hannah

    I’m exactly the same. I have no idea very often what day it is. I spend most of the day watching tv

  11. bex allum

    I love the idea of the book basket, I should do that too as I have so many books. We are trying to walk different routes in our very local area to mix it up a bit.

  12. Kara Guppy

    We are really lucky that we live in a semi-rural location so our walks take us past farm land with horses, sheep and their lambs. Thankfully it has been fairly quiet here

  13. Sarah Bailey

    OK I definitely need to go and check out those videos of the hippopotamus that sounds so cute! Definitely the sort of thing I can see myself watching every day lol

  14. Cecilia Keinapel

    I’ve always wanted to try making slime ! I know my little sister was obsessed with this a little while ago!

  15. Fiona jk42

    That’s a nice idea of your neighbour to leave out a basket of books for people to take.

  16. Kerstin B

    My 3 years old daughter pretended to be a naughty monster eating slug pie (it was pasta with pesto). She aced it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  17. Melsisa Cushing

    Thank you for this post and I am for sure picking out a book today t add to y reading list as there really is no better time to get into a good book than right now. Better than binge watching TV all of the time and so much fun too….especially when you fin a serious that you cannot stop! I am doing some crafts this week with the kiddos to keep us busy and entertained but will make sure to take the time for myself and read a good book 🙂

  18. Lisa

    I really enjoyed reading this. We’ve had plenty of random moments plus the ups and downs of living in lockdown. Let’s hope it ends soon!!

  19. Talya Stone

    Crazy times! How great that you have that stash of books to keep you occupied – I bet they have come in really handy. I have to say I am rather enjoying the slower pace of life and the opportunity to do all sorts of things I don’t usually have time for.

  20. Amary

    So the weather is actually good over here which is never the case. Book ideas sounds good, hope you positively get through the new week.

  21. Ashlee

    I though Oobleck was a joke too. I’m not game enough to try it tho lol. This really was a random week for you and how awesome that the randomness was all positive! More of that please! Our week was the same, it’s quiet due to the lockdown, but man have we found projects to do…I may or may not be right now covered in paint lol

  22. Dan "Jay" Reyes

    It’s nice of you to share your lockdown experiences to us. Take care and be safe 🙂

  23. Melanie williams

    Oh wow I love the sound of the book for sure. Looks like you have been a busy bee during lockdown for sure x

  24. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    We have so far been able to keep boredom away by keeping busy. Both my sons have been given access by their companies to work from home. For me, I do my online freelance work during the daytime. I cook and bake more now than I did before the lock down. At night, my husband and I binge watch some movies on Netflix. I pray that this pandemic will be over soon. Please stay safe and stay healthy.

  25. Melissa Dixon

    It truly is a weird and very very strange time. I have never thought that something like this could happen but I guess, anything can happen. This time really drives that point home for me, anything can happen at any time. I need to always be as prepared as possible and not let it keep me down.

  26. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

    I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks already! I sure miss outside 🙁
    I’ve been trying to keep as busy as I can but I really want this to be over now.

  27. Catherine

    Ice cream in a bag sounds like a fun idea to try! It’s crazy how quickly the time has passed already and in some aspects I’ve gotten used to this ‘new normal’. I just hope we can get back to living life outside again soon. Stay safe and be well.

  28. Stacie

    Ha! I totally feel you. My entire life feels random right now.

  29. Myrah Duque

    It’s only my husband and I since we are empty nesters so it’s been quiet. I’ve been really busy with work at home.

  30. Lisa

    Such. crazy times we are all in… I like the book “100 Screen FreeWays to Beat Boredom”. It’s can be challenging to find new ideas without resorting to TV and tablets.

  31. Lush Fab Glam

    Walks are such a relief and something we look forward to doing, being outdoors and in nature really helps.
    XO, MJ

  32. Lyanna Soria

    It’s great that you guys are finding stuff to do during your spare time and have fun. I’d love to try making that homemade ice cream someday with the kids.

  33. Fiona jk42

    Thanks for the Cinncinnati Zoo likn, I shall send it to my daughter as I’m sure my granddaughter will enjoy watching the videos.

    1. S1m

      Awwww do! The videos are amazing… the baby hippo, your name sake is awesome! So lovely to watch! Hope you are keeping safe x

  34. Samantha Donnelly

    It looks like you have been having a busy week, I was randomly sent the soap as well which was a lovely surprise and it smells lovely x

    1. S1m

      It was random but so lovely and did make me chuckle! We are getting there love and hope you are too!x

  35. Fozia S

    The book looks good…am always after a good read, will check it out.

    Oh hadn’t heard of Oobleck before….looks like something my youngest would enjoy!

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