How to Clean the Carpet Yourself?

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How to clean the carpet yourself

Need an effective and yet completely safe carpet cleaning product at home? Then you should use a proven method that allows you to return an attractive appearance to even the most musty and the oldest carpets. This method is cleaning the carpet with soda and vinegar, which can be performed even if there are pets and small children, living in the house.

How to Prepare the Carpet for Domestic Carpet Cleaning?

First, it is necessary to free the carpet of dust and debris. The easiest way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner whose suction power is 350 watts or more. If there is pet hair on the carpet, then it also needs to be removed. This can be done using an ordinary brush or turbo brush – a special nozzle that comes with some models of vacuum cleaners.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Rules

Pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye carpet makes the house more comfortable and can become a highlight of the interior. No matter how you try to preserve its original appearance, but over time, a bright, clean and fresh carpet is covered with a mosaic of spots from spilled baby juice, traces of a pet and much more. Fortunately, in most cases, almost any carpet can be restored to its former purity and attractiveness. To do this, you can give it to carpet and upholstery cleaners Islington or use more affordable and no less effective home products. If you prefer the second option, then for a start you should learn more about what your carpet does not like.

How to Clean your Carpet Yourself

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Carpet?

First, do not use hot water. Carpet should be cleaned with cool or slightly warm water.

Secondly, avoid excess moisture. Use as little cleaning fluid as possible, as water residues eventually corrode the base, and are also a favorable environment for the reproduction of insects and fungus.

Thirdly, do not use rough brushes. To remove dirt, use brushes with a pile of medium hardness, and clean the carpet only by pile.

Is There a Difference in Cleaning Short and Long Piles?

Carpets with different pile lengths have their own requirements for care products and deep carpet cleaning methods. The most unpretentious are carpets with short pile. They perfectly tolerate both dry and steam carpet cleaning, and are also easily cleaned of any contaminants.

Long pile rugs are more demanding to care for. Dust, dirt, pet and human hair accumulate at the base of the pile. Small debris sprinkled on a beautiful and fluffy rug is not easy to clean the first time, even with a vacuum cleaner. Using a brush is also not a good solution, as it can damage the carpet base. Out of competition in this case – a special steam cleaner and cleaning foam.

How to Clean a wool carpet

How to Clean Woolen Carpets?

Woolen carpet is incredibly beautiful, but also quite demanding to care for. To preserve this fragile beauty, avoid excessively vigorous mechanical cleaning and aggressive carpet cleaning agents, otherwise you can harm the structure of the pile and cause it to fall out. If chemical stain removal is unavoidable, use gentle products.

Normal cleaning is best to be done with snow in winter. Knock out the dust from the carpet, and then spread it on loose snow. Mark the snow on the fleecy part of the carpet and leave it like this for 10-15 minutes, then sweep away the old snow and outline the new one again, repeat several times. You will not only clean your carpet, but also carry out preventive maintenance against dust mites.

Gentle detergents such as semolina, salt and soda are also suitable for cleaning such carpets. However, if you do not want to risk ruining your carpet, you can always turn for help to professional carpet cleaning companies. Cleaning specialists best know what type of carpet cleaning services your carpet needs and how to treat different problem areas. They will determine whether they can use steam carpet cleaning method in the specific case, or the only option for your carpet is dry cleaning.

Between such cleanings, proper care of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner is required, as well as protection of the product from moisture.

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