Celebrating National Stationery Week During Lockdown

Celebrating National Stationery Week During Lockdown

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Cross Pens and Staples for providing the fabulous stationery in this post!

Anyone else noticed the similarities between Lockdown and Groundhog Day? If you have got to this point of the week and actually know what day it is, then I salute you! Did you realise that this week has been National Stationery Week though?

A week in which we celebrate all the glorious stationery that allows us to write, communicate and generally feel better!

If ever there was a time to put pen to paper, this is it! Not that we are likely to want to remember 2020, the year we experienced lockdown due to Covid-19, but in years to come, a lockdown diary will help the next generation understand what we are currently living through.

Writing is cathartic, there is no doubt about that. Whether you write to hopefully publish your work in the future, or write simply for yourself. Getting your feelings, thoughts, musings and even doodles out there can help boost your mood and wellbeing. I have previously written about how writing can boost your wellbeing – all you need is a journal and a pen!

National Stationery Week Cross Pens

Having a special pen, specifically for journalling makes you want to pick it up and scribe. This gorgeous ball point pen from Cross (gifted as part of the #NatStatWeek campaign) is part of a huge selection of writing instruments that make you want to write! Whether you prefer the almost hypnotic flow of a fountain pen or the edginess of a ball point pen, there really is something for all. Check out the Cross pens site for more inspiration!

Just before lockdown, Staples sent through a wonderful pack of their range to celebrate National Stationery Week. At the time I had thought it would be perfect for Liv for when she starts secondary school later in the year. Little did I know that we would be homeschooling and would use the stationery bundle a little sooner than expected!

National Stationery Week Staples

Little did I know when I agreed to take part in the #NatSatWeek campaign that the stationery featured would come into really good use! Lockdown has seen both Liv and I showcase our creative side a little more, you can check out what we have been up to recently in our what we have been up to during lockdown post.

I have certainly been finding more time to read during lockdown, if anything, I’ve read more books than occasions I have washed my hair. All thanks to the wonderful book hamper we pass on our daily walk – you check it out on my Instagram post here.

Looking for ideas on how to be creative during lockdown… why not:

  • Write a journal/time capsule piece to yourself, to look back on in 5/10 years time? Involve the whole family!
  • Get arty and involve the whole family in an art contest – lockdown art for you to keep, frame and decorate your home.
  • Create a ‘What to do after Lockdown’ jar – write down activities you want to do after lockdown on individual pieces of paper and when you venture out again, pull out a family activity for you all to take part in.
  • Challenge your household to write a story (all with the same theme) and offer a performance of all the stories.

There are so many creative ideas you can do as a household to keep boredom at bay. The nicer weather takes activities outside into the great outdoors, where new inspiration can be found. Some of the greatest writers found inspiration to write novels we know and love today when out and about – and it all started with a pen and paper!

How have you celebrating National Stationery Week 2020? Have you found the lockdown has inspired you to write? Don’t forget to check out #NatStatWeek on social media to check out other creative ideas!


Celebrating National Stationery Week April 2020




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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Karen Langridge

    I think the boys and I should be writing more, getting our experiences of lockdown down on paper might be quite therapeutic! Plus it will be interesting to look back on when this is all over x

    1. S1m

      Absolutely love! It would be interesting to see everyone’s different perspectives on this! In years to come, not that we will ever forget this, we can look back and remember the time when the government actually told us to stay home! 😉 x

  2. claire

    I adore stationary! I actually can’t believe how long it has been since I have been able to indulge my stationary buying habit! That’ll be my first shopping spree when this is all over. Paperchase here I come!

    I wrote a post about Self isolation journal prompts, like you, I don’t really want to remember it, and I don’t think we will forget it but I think it is so important to document it x

  3. Jennifer

    I didn’t know it was National Stationery Week but I bought a new notebook and a couple of coloured pens–I think that counts!

  4. Samantha Donnelly

    I had no idea it was national stationery week, I do love stationery from nice pens to journals I am always looking at them and treating myself

  5. Rog Willis

    Our daughter is a big fan of writing everything down in a journal. We usually get her one every year for Christmas. We’re supposed to video chat later. I’m going to ask her if she’s been doing any lock-down journaling!

  6. Rebecca Smith

    I love buying stationery from Staples! Writing is definitely so therapeutic and I love nothing more than a new notepad and pen.

  7. Liam | Whatthedadsaid

    The look fantastic! my wife loves stationary and collects certain ones, even my eldest now appreciates good stationery, great article.

  8. Yeah Lifestyle

    I love collecting stationery items and have lot of diaries, journals both for myself and my kids so totally loving these items from Staples. The Cross pen looks like a great gift item as well

  9. Melanie williams

    I did not even know that there was a national stationary week. Good stuff and now is the time you need plenty of pens and paper etc x

  10. Rowena Corderoy

    I’m a big stationary fan but I didn’t know it was national stationary week some great ideas here. We have been trying to keep a diary at home

  11. Becky

    I’m a big stationery fan! I didn’t know that it was Stationery Week. I cleared out the desk drawer last week and came across a pack of pens I’d forgotten about. Hurrah!

  12. Sally Akins

    I had wondered about keeping a journal, but all the days are blurring into one!

  13. Rhian westbury

    I had no idea it was national stationary week but I blooming love stationary so it would be rude not to buy something new wouldn’t it?! x

  14. Laurie

    I did not realize this was National Stationery Week. I love writing and receiving handwritten cards and notes. You have inspired me to get some new stationery and write to some friends!

  15. Michele Morin

    As we remain stationary at home, it would be nice to have some new and beautiful stationery! (Sorry)

  16. June de Silva

    I had no idea it was National Stationery Week; how fabulous! As a student and then a teacher, I used to love any excuse for new stationery. Writing my blog brings me so much pleasure but I still have a notebook for writing down ideas, thoughts etc #PoCoLo

  17. chickenruby

    Well I’m a regular blogging documenting my day to day life, thoughts and feelings. I do love a good Cross pen to write with, I need a replacement for the one my father gave me. I’ve also been writing letters to our 7 month old grandchild about lockdown and how much we’re missing her, documenting her reactions when we make video calls. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week

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