Lockdown Activities Keeping Us Occupied

Lockdown Activities Keeping Us Occupied

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Well, this lockdown lark is fun isn’t it? Anyone else feel like they are going slightly stir crazy?
Following on from my previous lockdown post, I have now read more books, mown the lawns and baked more cakes than I have washed my hair during lockdown. I have also started sewing! I have absolutely no idea what day it is, but I have started sewing… this is how I know I’ve turned a little loopy! In all fairness though, I’m not just randonly sewing things, we have decided to make our own face masks – a fun lockdown activity Liv and I can do together. Inspired by face masks I bought yesterday (pictured below), ours are definitely a work in progress, but we are finally making good use of the fat quarter material bundles I gifted Liv for Christmas! Although I did find myself buying more material and elastic last night, it will be a lovely treat for Liv when it arrives!

Lockdown Activities Keeping Us Occupied

fun lockdown activities making a face mask


We are following this particular video on ‘how to make your own face mask‘ – it’s easy to follow and I am sure the process will become a lot smoother, easier and neater the more we make! The masks are just for added reassurance really and are keeping us occupied. They offer absolutely no filtered protection in any form, but it just feels like a positive activity.

Yesterday was the first time I have step foot in a shop in WEEKS and it felt odd. However it was great to see how the shop has adapted to social distancing and how everyone was adhering to it properly. We nipped to see a friend to drop some supplies off and had a chat from her driveway… it was glorious! It really did cheer everyone up, the perfect boost to start the week off!

Lockdown lemon cake

I mentioned we had been baking cakes… super yummy cakes – thank you Betty Crocker cake mix! We have totally cheated with baking, but the cake mixes are so easy to make and so tasty! My favourite lockdown cake was the lemon cake mix pictured above. Not the neatest or prettiest of cakes, but it was amazing!

The second lockdown cake we made was decorated by Liv, I’m not sure she could have fit anymore sprinkles on top!

Yummy lockdown cake

To work off our yummy lockdown cakes, we have still been enjoying our walks which take us by the book hamper that we swap books with. I posted a picture on Instagram the other week (here), fast forward a week or two and it’s lovely to see that it has grown in size! More people are now contributing books and sharing the love of reading!

Lockdown book swap

It has been a great incentive to tidy up around the house and find books to contribute to the book swap hamper. Liv is still midway through the Miranda Hart book she borrowed and I’m about to start on my fourth Cecelia Ahern novel. Reading has been a lovely break away from staring at screens – work for me and Liv with all the fantastic online resources for children learning from home during lockdown.

How are you all getting on? What lockdown activities have bee keeping you occupied?

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Lockdown Activities Keeping Us Occupied


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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Claire

    If you fancy sending some cake this way, I’d happily give it a home! I have not baked or eaten a single cake in this whole time! How disappointing!

    I love the book idea, I keep meaning to do it but everytime I think about it, it rains!

    1. S1m

      You have to be the only person I know who hasn’t turned to cake during the lockdown! Definitely treat yourself when you can! I feel totally naughty baking and eating our treats, but not too guilty! 😉

      The book swap is an awesome idea and a highlight of our walk – fingers crossed for some sun, we really do need it!

  2. Samantha Donnelly

    The cake looks amazing, I have to make a cake this week for my Dads birthday. We have just been catching up on bits and pieces that need sorting

    1. S1m

      The two cakes were amazing but the lemon cake was my favourite – Liv’s was the cake with all the sprinkles! 🙂

  3. Sarah Bailey

    It looks like you have been up to so much during lockdown! That cake looks delicious (I have REAL cake cravings at the moment) and I love the book box!

    1. S1m

      Grab some cake and enjoy! The sun is shining today, all the better when enjoyed with cake! The book box is lovely and they have been popping up everywhere – such a great way to spread some love during this crazy time!

  4. Anosa

    I am with you, I have baked more than I have washed my hair and that’s saying something. After this lockdown, we shall all be experts in everything lol.

    1. S1m

      Absolutely! We’ve all had to try new skills… resilience being the main skill worked on. We can do this!

  5. Kristina

    I’ve baking so much while on lockdown, it’s been fun as I never really bake 🙂 I am feeling confident i can bake a birthday cake for my partner next month!

    1. S1m

      We have totally been cheating with cake mix… but it just means the cakes are ready quicker! 🙂 Ohhhh good luck for the special cake next month!x

  6. Rebecca Smith

    That book swap hamper is a fantastic idea! We have been baking and cooking a lot too during lockdown.

    1. S1m

      Isn’t it just! A fabulous highlight of our walk and definitely brought a community together! Baking is getting us through this… bring me the cake! 🙂 x

  7. Kara Guppy

    I have left a box of books outside for people to help themselves to. We have also been making cakes, gives the kids something to look forward to

  8. Melanie williams

    Wow looks like you have been really busy doing lots of fun activities. I like the sound of making my own face mask for sure xx

  9. Yeah Lifestyle

    Sounds like you have had such a productive week, to be honest…I think i have baked more cakes than I have had in a while as well. It is so wonderful that you have started sewing, your face mask looks absolutely lovely!!

  10. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    Great ideas, I’ve got a box of books in the garage I must pop them outside to offer to passers-by.

  11. Tracy Albiero

    My daughter and I have been spending a lot of time baking as well. We also managed to get our hands on a used trampoline. She can jump till her heart’s content. #trafficjamweekend

  12. chickenruby

    I’d love to have some of that cake, but it would have to be wheat free. Love the book hamper also, wish there was one near my mum

  13. Erica Hughes

    I like the book hamper idea. Might be one for our road. The cakes look amazing.

  14. Cheryl Pasquier

    The book swap hamper is a great idea and I love the look of the cakes – yum ! The masks look great too. Lovely to see you’re keeping busy and finding things to do ! 🙂

  15. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love the idea of swapping books via a book hamper. That lemon cake looks very yummy. Glad that people are good at adhering to social distancing in your local shop – they’re not always so good in ours and I find shopping there very stressful as a result. #project366

  16. Susan Mann

    That cake looks amazing. If you fancy sending some cake this way, I’d happily take some. I love the book idea, I keep meaning to do it. So many great ideas xxx

  17. karen

    I have been baking and making masks. We also are reading more. We are trying to get into the garden too, which helps. 🙂
    #pocolo and #project365

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