Why Selling Your Old Mobile Phone is a Great Way to Make Fast Cash

Why Selling Your Old Mobile Phone is a Great Way to Make Fast Cash

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We’re always looking for quick and easy ways to make a little extra money. One way to make some easy extra income without ever having to leave your home is by selling your old mobile phone(s). Many people don’t even realize they can sell their old phones and that companies will actually pay them cash money to do so! Here’s a few great reasons why selling you old mobile phone can earn money. 

Why Selling Your Old Mobile Phone is a Great Way to Make Fast Cash

It’s Better for the Environment

Somewhere out there, there is a graveyard of old iPhones, just taking up space in the landfill. They’ll never break down, and will clutter up the land forever. People have been griping about the environmental impact of non-biodegradable mobile phones and mobile phone parts for years, and with good reason. The impact these items have on our planet are not good. In addition to not breaking down easily, many cell phones have harmful chemicals that can seep into the environment, batteries that can be toxic for wildlife, and other components that are dangerous and harmful. Every thrown away cell phone does harm. 

Selling your old mobile phone

But luckily there are small things we can do to make a difference. By not just tossing that phone into the bin, you’re making a small contribution to bettering the planet. And that doesn’t have to mean shoving your old phones in a drawer to collect dust forever. By selling your old phones, you are keeping them from the landfill, giving them to a company that will repurpose the parts, recycle the phone or repair it, giving it new life, and you’re making money! It’s a win-win situation. There’s no reason to litter the planet with hazardous chemicals and harmful parts when you can give it new life and make a profit. 

If you’ve been thinking you might want to sell samsung s8 for some cash, why not do it? You’ll make fast cash and have peace of mind that your old phone isn’t clogging up the planet. 

You Don’t Have to Leave Your House

Most companies that buy old phones don’t even have a storefront (and those that do also buy online most of the time). So it’s as simple as corresponding with the company, maybe sending a few pictures, filling out a form or two, and they’ll send you a shipping label and a check! You can send the phone to them at your convenience without ever having to leave your house. That makes it a really ridiculously easy way to make some extra money, fast. 

Most companies have an easy to use website that requires very little effort on your part, so you can just pop online and fill out a little info and you’ll be receiving your money very quickly. 

You Can Sell More Than One at a Time

If you’re like us, you have a whole bag of old phones just sitting in a drawer somewhere. With most folks upgrading their phone every couple of years, it’s logical that you’ve probably got ten years’ worth of old, unusable and broken phones just taking up space. When you sell them for cash, you can sell all of them at once, making more money and getting rid of that useless garbage you can’t use. 

Make money selling your phone

The More Your Phone is Worth the More You Get Paid (But Almost Everyone Gets Paid)

As you might have expected, newer phones and phones with less damage are worth a lot more cash. And even the ones that are quite old or don’t work at all can still garner some money. If you’ve got a decent phone that doesn’t have a lot of age on it, you can really make some good money by selling it; even if it doesn’t currently work. 

It’s very rare that a cell phone buyer will say, “I can’t take this”. Even the oldest non-working phones can usually be repaired, recycled, or at the very least, used for parts. Techs are trained well to know how to breathe new life into a broken phone. It’s always worth a shot. 

So there you have it. Selling your phone to be recycled, repaired or repurposed is so much better for the environment, is easy to do from home, is a convenient and simple process, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a sale even if your phone is really old, damaged or broken. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung or other type of cell phone, look into selling it today to make some quick and easy extra cash and keep that old phone out of the landfill where it will damage the planet. It’s easy and it pays!

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