Home Projects To Do During Lockdown

Home Projects To Do During Lockdown

We are all having to adjust to life during the lockdown, and sometimes the extra time and isolation can be overwhelming. One way to navigate through this unusual time is to find ways to keep busy while we are at home. Some people are taking up new hobbies, learning a new skill, or spending more time relaxing with their families. Another thing a lot of people are doing is using the extra time at home to fix up their homes or get to those home projects that always seem to get pushed back. Here are some ideas for home projects you can work on to make your time in your house more enjoyable. 

Home Projects To Do During Lockdown

Beaded Board

Beaded board is a great way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen or bathroom. After you get the board, all you have to do is cut holes to allow for outlets or phone jacks. Then you are ready to secure it to the wall. This especially looks good on a kitchen island. You can even give it a more modern feel by getting wider panelling. The panels can be easily painted to match your current decor. 

Home Projects To Do During Lockdown

Front Entryway

Updating your front entryway is the best way to add some curbside appeal to your home and make it seem more inviting. Adding a pop of colour to your front door and updating your landscaping can make a huge difference. You can also add new hardware to the door, a new welcome mat, some potted plants, or a wreath. You can personalize this space to make it your own. Updating the lighting can also make your home seem more inviting in the evening. 

Light Fixtures

One easy way to make a drastic difference in any room is to update the light fixtures. Light fixtures not only add some flair and personalization to any room, but the effect of increased lighting can make it more functional. You can also add dimmers to some rooms to have even more control over the amount of light you use at different times of the day. Installing light fixtures isn’t hard. Just make sure you turn off the power to the source at the breaker box while you connect the new wires. 

Kitchen Sink 

Another smaller detail that can make a huge impact is updating the kitchen faucet. Updating the faucet can make your kitchen seem more modern, and you can also use this opportunity to install a faucet that has more features that will make cooking and cleaning even easier. 

Crown Molding 

Adding elegance to any room might be as easy as adding some crown moulding. This is a great addition in any room, but especially in dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. This defining touch will pull the room together. Crown moulding comes in all different sizes, and with different details, so you can pick a design that compliments your current style and your home’s architecture.  

No matter what projects you find yourself doing, make sure you consult building guides and advice to make sure that you are safe and will be happy with your finished project.

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