Win An Immunity Supplements Box

Win An Immunity Supplements Box

You may have seen my latest Instagram earlier in the week celebrating the launch of The Immunity Box. Several companies have come together to work with fourfivecbd to offer a box filled with lots of immunity boosting supplements and goodies to spread some community love. Read on to find out more and also how you can win an immunity supplements box of your own!

The Immunity Box from FourFiveCBD

This brightly coloured yellow box is not just filled with immunity boosting vitamins we need to help our bodies be on top form during lockdown, but each box purchased is also adds a donation for Compassion London.

For each limited edition Immunity Box purchased, you will have also dontated £5 to help provide THREE meals to vulnerable people and key workers in London. Compassion London was founded by Leon Arts in mid March, with the mission that ‘No-one goes to bed hungry!’ The organisation prepares and delivers thousands of meals a day to a variety of groups in London covering NHS workers, families and children in need and the homeless.


Priced at £39.99, that’s a saving of £69.99 on purchasing the seven immunity boosting supplement goodies separately.

What’s included in the Immune System Support Box?

  • Creative Nature – Raw Cacao Powder
  • Pulsin – Protein Bar
  • Link Nutrition – Vitamin C Complex Food Supplement
  • NutriGold – Vegan Vitamion D3 Capsules
  • Wild Nutrition -Ashwagandha Natural Food Supplements
  • Inessa – Advanced Daily Biotic Capsules
  • fourfivecbd – Orange Flavoured Soluble Tablets

fourfivecbd immune system support box

Grab a box by 30th June 2020, share an image of your awesome immunity support box on Instagram, follow all the brands involved with the box and be in with winning a fabulous haul of goodies including a FitBit Charge 3 and more. All details for this giveaway are included in the box!

Current Sim’s Life Giveaways

Win an annual SimpleCyberLife membership – ends Sunday 14th June
Win a BLOpens Rainbow set – ends Sunday 28th June
Win a Teen Calm Box worth £25 – ends 5th July
Win a Shake Off Game worth £19.99 – ends Sunday 12th July



For your chance to win an Immune System Support Box worth £39.99, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win an annual SimpleCyberLife membership


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 14th June 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Immunity Supplement Box.
Open to entrants in the UK.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    Making sure you find time for yourself. Weather it be at the bottom of your bed, by your front door, or on the grass outside. Take in a deep breath and slowly breath out. Think about things you are looking forward to, your favorite place to go on holiday. Make it your time, if only for a minute. Then carry on with your day.

    1. Catherine L

      Get into a routine and get outdoors every day if you can 🙂

  2. Marycarol

    A day at a time and a good walk every day to clear the head

  3. Jayne Townson

    Get outside every morning for a brisk walk, if you stick with the same time it becomes a habit and you are more likely to keep it up.

    1. Emma Harvey

      I have really been enjoying following along to some yoga sessions on YouTube.

  4. Mel Pennie

    Early morning walk with our dog, before the rest of the village take to the streets!

  5. Peter Watson

    Make sure you drink enough water every day.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Keep motivated – little and often with routine – housework is great excerise without all the gadgets !

  7. Nuala

    Make sure you eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids to keep you healthy. Then try to do some activities each day even if it is hovering be as active as you can.

  8. ashleigh allan

    Make time for a big walk everyday!

    1. S straw

      Make sure you get some form of daily exercise and eat well.

  9. Heather Haigh

    Any physical activity you enjoy helps – put music on and dance, have a go at gardening, play twister!

  10. James Silcock

    Regular exercise and daily walks

  11. Ms C Bryan

    Put on some music and dance

  12. Jo

    Daily exercise, lots of water and plenty of sleep.

  13. Karen Langridge

    I think a nice long walk somewhere scenic! I tried Joe Wicks once but couldn’t hardly move the next day! haha

    1. Catherine S

      Lots of gardening, nice walks and chasing round after 3 little ones

  14. Jo m welsh

    Always try and go for a daily walk to failing that have a dance round the house

  15. Fiona jk42

    I have been going for a walk daily in the park behind my house. I find the walk clears my head as well as being good exercise. I’ve also been spending a lot of time gardening which is keeping me fit.

  16. Sheena Batey

    Deep breathing exercises, yoga and a good book for distraction

  17. Tim A

    Stay creative and ensure you get a walk in fresh air if you can or yoga/stretching if you cannot.

  18. A.E. ADKINS

    Even if a long walk is not possible, little and often and some fresh air every day

  19. Helen Markham

    Wake up and exercise to start the day! You can’t beat how good it makes you feel

  20. Carole Nott

    Getting outside for permitted exercise is essential, both for mind and body

  21. Megan Kinsey

    Do a little and often, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day it’s better than nothing or putting pressure on yourself to do more

  22. Solange

    YouTube videos for daily exercise.

  23. Ritchie Dee

    Walk up and down stairs a lot

  24. Mark

    a early morning run on the beach with the sun coming up

  25. Carly Belsey

    Drink plenty of water, do some exercise and take a supplement. Also, try and stay in a good routine.

  26. Jade Brailsford

    Lots of fresh air and walking if you can go out, if not, then you tube exercise videos are good.

  27. melanie yates

    Fill your house with flowers and plants. Grow seedlings from your fruit pips and veg peelings.

  28. Ben Audsley

    i think its important to do one thing everyday!

  29. Katie

    Go for walks but also use You Tube for things like yoga at home

  30. Mariel Pereira

    Vary your workouts, be kind to yourself

  31. Sally Wally doodle all the Day

    Walking and online fitness classes with my favourite Gym teacher, she brings her A game to every class, and makes us all smile, just what we all need.

  32. Fiona K

    Long walks, home aerobics while listening to good music and buying less confectionary

  33. Priscilla Stubbs

    I make sure that I go for a walk early in the morning, not too many people about and it sets me up for the day

  34. Louise N

    Get walking! Its amazing what you can discover locally.

  35. Eleanor Rose

    I’ve signed up for online classes, and try and go on a walk every day if possible.

  36. Khan

    Practice mindfulness and breathing exercises

  37. felicity

    Running and walking up and down the stairs gets your heart rate up and doesn’t risk contact with others 🙂

  38. Helen Arlow

    I try to do a home workout early in the morning to motivate me for the day. When the weather is nice I think it’s important to get out for a walk too x

  39. GooderDan

    I play music and dance across the flat, it really gets the heart rate up whilst making that cup of tea haha

  40. Jessica Barber

    My top fitness tips during lockdown are following along with online videos!

  41. Amandeep Sibia

    Gardening is a great way to keep active and reduce stress.

  42. Elizm

    I have a little cycle machine and I cycle every evening whilst watching streamed theatre or movies

  43. Angela Treadway

    exercise when you can, go for a walk, look up exercise videos on you tube or use exercise equipment indoors if you have them x

  44. Maurice Haigh

    I’m relying on a bit of gardening, too unsafe for me to go out

  45. claire woods

    Little and often. A walk everyday, a bit of gardening.

  46. clair downham

    a long walk

  47. Sandra Fortune

    Drink lots of water take vitamin supplements try some Yoga and deep breathing exercises Take up a hobby

  48. Rosie Smith

    Daily exercise, fresh fruit and veg, vitamin c & d. Social media breaks and self pampering!

  49. KB

    Make it fun! I downloaded the Zombies run! app. Makes going for a run around my garden much more entertaining!

  50. Annabel Greaves

    I still go for a walk every day with my family

  51. F Chowdhury

    Avoid leftover pizza for brunch

  52. Brett Pereira

    Set realistic goals

  53. Lorna Ledger

    If you like to-do lists , set yourself a ‘basic’ one, these are the things you must do everyday!
    Mine says,
    Teeth, shower, walk 8500 steps, balanced diet, tidy one room

  54. laura stewart

    a walk a day 🙂 xx

  55. Mandy Doherty

    Try to get out for a walk and some fresh air every day

  56. fiona waterworth

    we have a set time for going out, come rain or shine, and we try to have a healthy diet

  57. Rich Tyler

    Get out house for some sunshine / vit D!

  58. kim neville

    Go for a daily walk. I have been doing HIIT exercises with my daughter and practising gymnastics with my son on trampoline 🙂

  59. Joo Dee

    usual for us, treadmill, crosstrainer, gardening, housecleaning!!

  60. Nigel Soper

    Do what you can to make a gym at home until the real gyms are safely open again. However remember healthy includes mental health so take care exercise and relax mentally as well


    Using the stairs as a form of exercise as i have limited gym equipment at home

  62. Mary D

    Get outside for at least half an hour as early as you can every morning, really helps to make you feel more energetic and capable of tackling your to do list. My other biggest tip is to get a good night’s sleep, I mean go to bed early. Five consecutive good nights guarantees you one of those days where everything comes easily and you just breeze through, so try it, you’ll be amazed.

  63. Michelle Ferguson

    Lots of dog walks in the fresh air

  64. J Matcham

    I have been going for a walk but My tip is kills two birds with one stone get active doing thing you love or need to do. I have been playing rounders with my Kids paly fighting, water fights, Gardening I have clean every cupboard every nook and cranky in my home, washed windows, cleaned the car and painted ceilings to freshen them.

  65. Danika Lloyd

    Adopt a daily fitness routine you enjoy (we love pilates) so it becomes a habit

  66. Donna

    A daily walk with a dog and gardening

  67. Laura | Tales of a Natural Spoonie

    The kids are loving Joe Wickes but for me it’s a daily dog walk and a weekly online yoga sesh.

  68. Heather S

    Don’t judge yourself based on what others are doing! Just be comfortable with your own goals.

  69. Angk_G

    Run every other day and home workout the other days. Water and rest and healhy food. Never had this much time to do all this, will definitly decrease the pace when lockdown is lifted though

  70. Valerie Seal

    .Do (or don’t do) whatever you need to keep sane!

  71. Sophie Roberts

    Find HIIT workouts on YouTube, you only need to spend 20 minutes a day doing this kind of workout and if you eat healthy you continue to burn fat for 24-48 hours!

  72. Michael Annetts

    Try and establish a routine for each day, get up at the same time and exercise every day. Even if it is just a short brisk walk.

  73. kerry

    Exercise at least 5x a week, A lot of stretching and breathing exercises to lower stress.

  74. leanne Weir

    We try to do our daily walks as much for exercising the mind as well as body

  75. Rebecca King

    Plenty of water and if you have a dog get them out for a walk every day whatever the weather

  76. Dale Dow

    for me it definitely has to be Joe Wicks every morning, and making sure to take your exercise outdoors each day, it’s great for vitamin D as well!

  77. Katie B

    Not to stress about what you do everyday. Everyday is different and effects your mental health differently.
    I make sure that I drink plenty of water and at least go out for a walk everyday. Anything else is a bonus!

  78. Darren Jacobs

    Do something you enjoy or you won’t keep doing it.

  79. Christina Palmer

    One day at a time and keep in touch with family and friends by phone.

  80. Natalie burgess

    A daily power walk, exploring new places xx

  81. Petra Baver

    Maintaining a positive mental attitude forms the basis of sticking to a physical routine. Been focusing on low impact activities and exercise requiring little space like calisthenics, Pilates and yoga. I find it helpful to do this in front on the window which gets the most sun to stay warm in its rays.

  82. Ruth Harwood

    I practise yoga while waiting for the kettle to boil, and do a few stomach crunches on the bed when I go up to the loo, not much at a time, but it adds up xx

  83. Amy Bondoc

    other than walking trying not to binge eat!! ive been doing online classes too

  84. Lisa Wilkinson

    Maintain a routine. We like to get out after breakfast for a walk and then if we end up having a lazy day we don’t feel guilty.

  85. Claire Nutman

    Take care of your mental fitness too, try some deep breathing or a little morning meditation, alongside a daily physical exercise………

  86. Mary N

    Take a daily walk and get out in the garden.

  87. Tina H

    There are plenty of top fitness instructors giving free lessons on YouTube and social media. Great way to get a taste for a broad range of exercises to mix things up.

  88. Marc H

    Keep a routine. I find i get lazy and i’m more likely to skip exercise if if i’m just winging it.

  89. Rebecca Beesley

    Remind yourself that even doing a little bit is better than doing nothing! That usually motivates me to get started. x

  90. Kristie Metcalfe

    Wake up early everyday, go for a morning walk to clear your head and wake you up. Try and move about as much as you can.

  91. Carolyn E

    Do something you really enjoy. For me, a weeks fitness might look like this…..dancing in the kitchen, hoolahooping in the garden, Pilates in the lounge. Dog walking whenever I can borrow one.

  92. Katie Harmer

    I like to have a silent disco. I put my headphones on and dance about the house, or get on with housework listening to upbeat music.


    do 10-15 mins exercise every day

  94. Leanne HF

    I try to do a home Zumba video at least twice a week and walk every day.

  95. Tina Lawton

    My top tip is to try and do something every day, even if some days it is only a little walk. Something, anything is better than nothing.

  96. Ross Leech

    If your stuck indoors, look up online and do some body weight exercises that don’t need any special equipment.

  97. Lewis Baines

    I think if you do 1 walk and 1 bike ride a day you will be fine

  98. Priscilla Stubbs

    I enjoy walking, I do miss Aqua Fit, but we have to make the most of what we can do!

  99. Charmain Sargeant

    My top fitness tips during lockdown is to get the whole family involved and make it fun. We play fitness games on the Wii and do Joe Wicks and Little Kickers exercises that are on the tv

  100. lynn neal

    Work out a fitness routine for yourself and make sre to follow it five times a week and when it starts to feel easy to achieve then add a new challenge on!

  101. David

    Hello, my lockdown fitness tips are to do what you can, stretch before hand and don’t worry if you don’t do loads, every little helps.

  102. Patricia Avery

    Pre – lockdown I went for a daily gym and swim . Exercise is such an important part of keeping healthy so I still exercise daily by walking and / or cycling . To keep my mind healthy I do cryptic crosswords and Sudokus as well as lots of reading where for a couple of hours at a time I can escape from these troubled tomes.

  103. Rachel Craig

    Aim to eat healthily. Stay sufficiently hydrated. Some fresh air and exercise. Whilst outdoors take notice of your surroundings :- Green grass, leaves on trees, flowers in bloom, birds chirping in the trees, etc

  104. Em Gal

    If you’re struggling to find the time around childcare, do something the kids can enjoy and join in with too! (Or ask them to play personal trainer – they love an opportunity to be in charge!)

  105. Mary Ja

    Go for an ‘unecessary’ (ie not just top the shop) walk every day

  106. Laura Green

    gotta love dancing!!!

  107. DAWN HULL

    Make sure you do some form of exercise at least once a day and still aim for 5 portions of fruit and veg each day too.

  108. Iris

    Go on a daily walk or some other form of exercise, there are lots of videos online, I have done a bodypump one and it’s great next best thing to the gym class I usually do.

  109. Kim Carberry

    Get out for some fresh air and a walk. We have been mostly having a daily walk. x

  110. Julie Ward

    I’m taking every day as it comes, doing exercises on and off to music through out the day, I most probably look a right numpty

  111. Susan B

    Get up early and go for a walk. Even towns and cities look and sound different.

  112. Maz

    Build up your fineness slowly, don’t do everything at once. You’ll get there!

  113. Emily Hutchinson

    Remember to take care of your mind as well as your body

  114. Sacha Stacey

    Have a routine and going for daily walks

  115. Fiona Johnstone

    Eat healthily if you can. Homemade soup doesn’t cost a lot. Get out into the fresh arid walk as far as you can. Try to walk a wee bit further every day. Don’t walk looking at your phone. Look up to the sky, look at trees. Stop and smell them. Admire the bees buzzing round flowers. Look at nature.

  116. Simon Bloomer

    Simply get out and do something

  117. Charmaine Dance

    An evening walk and drink plenty of water

  118. Tammy Tudor

    Take a walk everyday even if it’s just a short one (make fun playslists to listen to or even podcasts or audiobooks – you’ll be walking much further than you intended)

    1. Laura Norcop

      Set yourself a manageable daily or weekly goal, track your progress, looking back on your record will help keep you motivated 🙂 I started running mid April and I’ve just done my first 8k yesterday, so pleased!

  119. ValB

    Set aside some time each day – make it a regular time and dont put it off. Any activity is better than none.

  120. natalie s

    vary it up with both outdoor and indoor exercise

  121. Kristina

    Keep up my 5-times a week work outs 😀

  122. donna jones

    have a daily walk

  123. Stephanie

    Having a read

  124. Emily OMara

    try not to stress, do exercise videos at home

  125. Kirsty John

    Do a little every day, I recommend Chloe Ting

  126. Elisha

    Just getting in a few stretches and a 10 min walk each day can make you feel much fresher and energetic

  127. Sheila Reeves

    Try and do a little each day, don’t think you have to do a long run or a massive workout, put some music on and just start moving

  128. Katrina Adams

    Make sure you stay hydrated and find an exercise you like! You won’t maintain it, if you don’t enjoy it.

  129. Paul Meulen

    Dancing to ska music and keeping hydrated is my answer to staying healthy

  130. Jade Donovan

    Anything can be used as exercise equipment. Train everyday, even when you have every reason under the sun not to.

  131. k.benmailoud

    I practice yoga and meditate daily

  132. Patricia Barrett

    Go for a daily walk, and try some of the many many free workouts you can find on YouTube.

  133. Chloe M

    Go for a daily walk and do indoor workouts

  134. Cathryn Crawshaw

    a good walk by myself

  135. Lauren Old

    Try and stick to a regular exercise routine, especially if you’ve got more time on your hands

  136. Victoria Prince

    Exercise whilst the kettle is boiling! Use that time to do something like jumping up and down or running on the spot. If you can, get out for a walk because it’ll be good for both mind and body.

  137. Dorothy K

    find a really nice route for your hour’s daily walk, incorporating at least one hill and through a nice leafy area for part of the way, then go out every morning and enjoy it, listen to the bird’s singing

  138. Catia Rodrigues

    Go for a walk everyday, meditate, be positive, eat healthy and drink plenty of water

  139. Megan

    My tip is to try to do a little bit of exercise every day.

  140. Sheri Darby

    To go for a daily walk

    1. Steven Grummett

      If you usually work then make the most of the extra time, I’m saving over an hour a day commuting so use this time to exercise

  141. Angie McDonald

    Try to get up atlas once an hour and even go up & down the stairs once to keep your muscles loose

  142. Adrian Bold

    We have an exercise bike which we have used a lot during lockdown.

  143. Rebecca Roberts

    Walking eating healthy drinking lots of water with lemon in

  144. Samantha M

    I’ve been doing sit ups and press ups between work calls, and if I wake up early I’ll go out for a brisk walk.

  145. Jodie Green

    walking, full water bottles are great as weights and the stairs are fab too! Also dancing or youtube workouts!

  146. Erica Hughes

    Do something active every day – it becomes a habit then

  147. Angela Kelly

    Online Youtube exercise videos are great, and free!

  148. Jo Nichol

    Set a timetable that works for you and stick to it

  149. Elaine Stokes

    have a fitness schedule each week, variety of things mix it up, but keep to it

  150. claire Little

    be consistent! even climbing the stairs is exercise.

  151. Victoria Bazley

    Have a routine. Carve some time out of your day to do it.

  152. laura avery

    Ours has been planning out long weekly hikes , we live in very rural part of Kent so seeing someone is pretty rare anyway.

  153. Pauline Lamont

    Going for a walk and write things down

  154. Geri Gregg

    be aware of overeating, drink more water

  155. Leslie Evans

    I am fitter and more healthy in Lockdown than I was before. How . First by not mixing with other people I am not getting their germs. which means I am fitter, I keep myself busy doing all the jobs I could not before. Plus I am Dieting, lost a stone. I also go up and down stairs fifty times a day. Here is a simple tip, Make the downstairs toilet unable to be used which means you have to go upstairs time and again.

  156. Jeanette Leighton

    Keep calm take time to yourself to relax

  157. Emma England

    Do fun things together as a family. Morning yoga and a family bike ride are my favourites.

  158. Karen R

    Cut yourself some slack – and try and find exercise that you enjoy, including a good walk each day xx

  159. Louise W

    Wear a smart watch to be mindful of your activity levels.

  160. Charlene Collinson

    pick out a yoga video on youtube

  161. Amy Stevens

    Going out for walks. And online fitness classes

  162. michelle o'neill

    A lovely long walk daily.

  163. Karen Dixon

    Plenty of walks out in the fresh air plus set yourself daily targets

  164. Sheena Read

    Make sure you get out in the fresh air as much as you are allowed.

  165. JennyB

    Use music and exercise little and often in a variety of ways to stay interested.

  166. zoe corbin

    try to get as many steps as possible

  167. Naomi Sarah Buchan

    Ive been getting a lot of gardening done to stay active x

  168. Tracy B

    Make a bit of time for yourself and stay as active as possible

  169. Theresa M

    Make sure to find some comedy each day, laughing is good for you both physically and mentally. Dancing is also good for you both mentally and physically so don’t just listen to the radio … move to the radio :0)

  170. Tony Parke

    The products are really unique and different to anything else I have seen. A real got to get

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