4 Simple DIY Tasks To Do During Lockdown

4 Simple DIY Tasks To Do During Lockdown

With so much free time on our hands and whilst we are confined to our homes, now is a really good time to make a start on the much needed DIY chores that are still yet to be completed. The smallest flaws around our homes will now be more prominent, however now we do not have the excuse of a lack of free time on our side! Have a look below for simple DIY tasks that you can perform around your home to change the ambience. I would advise leaving trickier DIY jobs to the professionals, however let’s have a look at what even novice DIY-ers could do…

Simple DIY Tasks To Do During Lockdown

Simple DIY Tasks To Do During Lockdown


Now is as good a time as any to freshen up walls with a fresh coat of paint. DIY Stores such a B&Q are currently open and operating a social distancing system, though paint and painting supplies can be purchased online for home delivery. Whether you choose to paint a rooom or simply coat your internal doors and woodwork, a refresh really does spruce up your home.

Overhaul a room

Not as scary as you may imagine as it is easy to overhaul any room simply by adding new accessories. Change the colour scheme of a room by changing sofa cushions with new bold colours, invest in some new wall art to hang or even add a rug to help liven up a room and at a new feel. If you wish to totally change a room around, feature radiators are a great way to add a more modern feel to a room as well as freeing up space in room to allow you to easily move around furniture.

Simple DIY tasks such as bleeding radiators

Bleeding your radiators

Such a simple task, but one we tend to ignore until absolutely necessary. To ensure central heating systems work as efficiently as possible, bleeding radiators is a quick job that any homeowner can do. If the tops of your radiators feel colder than expected or you can hear gurgling noises from them when the heating is on, now is the time to bleed them! However wait until your central heating system is off and the radiators have cooled down fully. 

Change door handles

Looking for a cheap and easy way to update your kitchen? Updating your kitchen cabinet handles is a simple way to quickly add a new feel without too much upheaval and disruption. Just ensure the new handles you choose are the same width apart as your current handles to ensure a quick and easy swap around.

If you do not feel like venturing out to a DIY store currently, most tools and preparation items can be purchased online, with many how-to videos available on YouTube if a helping hand is needed. The lockdown is certainly the perfect time for you to find your family home style!

Have you made any changes to your home during lockdown?

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