Will Shopping Return To Normal After Lockdown?

Will Shopping Return To Normal After Lockdown?

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Today marks 60 days since lockdown began and in that time, life as we knew it has changed significantly. Tasks such as filling the car, something we took for granted at the beginning of the year have now become a chore that takes careful consideration. Nipping in a shop for a bottle of milk and walking out with 10 other random items is something of the past, one simply cannot nip to the shop right now. Expect social distancing marked queues outside shops you would simply zoom into before lockdown, or a virtual tussle for online shopping slots. Will shopping return to normal after lockdown?

It’s a question we are all asking as we check we have packed gloves, masks and hand sanitizer for a long trip to the supermarket. Will life ever return to the norm we once knew? Treat mail has certainly boosted our spirits recently, though it isn’t the same as being able to browse goods in favourite store.

Shopping After Lockdown

Things To Consider When Shopping After Lockdown

Shop local

Since lockdown came into force two months ago, local businesses have really come together to support their communities. From milkmen, food wholesalers, garages such as Tottington Motor Company and more have all come together to ensure their local communities cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. These are the businesses we need to remember when life does return to some sort of normality!

Be prepared

Hand wash and had sanitizer may have been in shortly supply at the beginning of the lockdown, but supplies are still coming through. When you do go shopping, make sure you wash your hands at regular intervals, carry hand sanitizer for convenience if possible or even wear gloves, especially when filling up your car. If you will be shopping in a crowded area, make sure to carry a face mask for added reassurance. If you haven’t been able to source any, then making your own face masks is a simple task.

Stay safe

It goes without saying, something that has been drummed into us for weeks now… STAY SAFE! Group shopping trips, featuring girlie lunch dates may not be possible for a while, but hopefully that time will come again. Shops are adapting to a new way of life by adding in screens at checkouts, marking out one way systems and limiting shoppers allowed in the store at one time. It may seem excessive, but it’s all done with our health and the country’s health in mind. If you aren’t sure about venturing into stores,

How do you see life after lockdown? Have you been using local business more during lockdown?



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