Win A BLOpens Rainbow Set

Win A BLOpens Rainbow Set

Having spent the last week and a half putting jigsaws together, the BLOpens Rainbow set was a nice change in activity, especially with the glorious weather outside! Keeping children occupied almost 10 weeks into lockdown is taking some serious ingenuity, but this set is great for allowing children to let their creative streak roam free and create masterpieces!
Read on to find out how you can win a BLOpens Rainbow set!

BLOpens Rainbow Set

Colouring is fun, but being able to create pictures with 3 colours at once for an airbrushed effect is even more fun! The BLOpens rainbow set features 6 reusable stencils, 6 mini BLOpens, 6 paper sheets and a 3 in 1 BLOpens sprayer.

Getting started is super easy, the hard part is choosing which template from unicorn, seahorse, mermaid, peacock, dragonfly and parrot to use first. That and the range of colours!

BLOpens Rainbow Set easy to use

Liv chose to create a very blue inspired unicorn for her first attempt at using the BLOpens Rainbow set. We chose to use A4 sheets as opposed to the smaller sheets included and as you can see (picture below) a little spray does reach past the template edge. With this is mind, it’s probably best to cover the worktop area, furniture and carpets in the area you will be using the set. Whilst you can use the set indoors with careful preparation, it’s probably safer to use outside!
Any stains on skin or clothing can be removed with soap. The mouthpiece can easily be washed if more than one child (or adult) will be having a try!

BLOpens Rainbow pictures

This set is great to pull out time and time again, with the cardboard templates and pens easy to store in the box. Currently priced at £10.99 from Amazon, this fabulous set from John Adams is just one of a fabulous range of BLOpens sets. Having never tried them before, this made for a brilliant lockdown activity that is easy to set up and create fabulous artwork with. If you would like to win your very own set, make sure you enter the latest giveaway below…

How To Win A BLOpens Rainbow Set

For your chance to win a BLOpens Rainbow set worth £10.99, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

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Win a BLOpens Rainbow Set


Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 28th June 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x BLOPENS Rainbow Set 
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

BLOpens rainbow giveaway

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  1. tracy nixon

    I have been doing so much more arts and crafts during lockdown!

  2. Mel Pennie

    Lots of gardening and making jewellery!

  3. Kristie Metcalfe

    We have been planting flowers, trying our hand at photography and doing lots of baking!

  4. ashleigh allan

    lots of baking and arts and crafts

    1. Joanne Hutchings

      We’ve made rainbows for our house and the houses of relatives that we haven’t been able to see.

  5. Claire Allison

    We have been making a garden den today with bamboo and sticks collected on our walk and making sock bunnies!

  6. Susan Lloyd

    Lots of craft and baking x

  7. Solange

    Lots of arts and crafts baking.

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Painting and collage making – we Love these

  9. Alice Dixon

    Lots of gluing and sticking, painting, drawing , colouring and baking!

  10. Helen Markham

    These look great! My kids would really
    Love to have a go to make cards for friends and grandparents x

  11. Anthony Harrington

    Lots of nature trails and playing in the garden, fortunately been lucky with the weather.

  12. Hazel katumba

    We have been doing arts and crafts, painting, colouring, baking.

    1. Catherine Gregory

      We’ve been doing lots of painting, colouring, Easter crafts and baking

  13. Amanda W

    Weve been recycling all sorts and making lots of different things with them!
    Weve had fun baking and playing with play doh and kinetic sand too!!!

  14. S Straw

    Baking, crochet and diamond art

  15. bex Allum

    We have been painting in the garden on a nearly daily basis.

  16. Iain maciver

    plenty gardening and walking

  17. Lucy

    We have done lots of painting and drawing

  18. Lyndsey cooksey

    I have done some gardening, planted a few tomato seeds. We have baked bread and dreated a new bird table!

  19. melanie stirling

    I have been doing lots of cooking which is something I didn’t do much of before.

  20. Robyn Clarke

    Lots of water colour painting, we made a flower press and have made a bee from a tin can.

  21. Kerry Horsburgh

    This week we’ve been finishing our space poster and painting rocks for the local rock snake in our park.

  22. Elzbieta Znyk

    We made a 3D volcano.

  23. Kelly Y

    We’ve been enjoying card making / paper crafting.

  24. Lewis Baines

    Plenty of walks and bike rides

  25. Mark R

    Making things from beachcombing findings – driftwood, shells and sea glass.

  26. Emma Hussain

    Baking, sewing and homeschooling

  27. Helen Arlow

    We’ve been doing a lot of drawing and baking x

  28. MichelleD

    We’ve been doing lots of crafts and baking during lock down,my daughter even made a 5* bug hotel!

  29. Laura Johnson

    Baking & Puzzles!

  30. Suan Watts

    Painting, baking, gardening

  31. Katie

    crafty things, painting, and jigsaw

  32. Priscilla Stubbs

    We have been doing gardening, painting, and baking

  33. Peter Watson

    We’ve been doing lots of puzzles and quizes.

  34. Charlotte isobelle

    We have been spending a lot of family time in the garden, which we’re so lucky to have.

  35. Kelly Wheelhouse

    My little boy and I have been baking, drawing pictures for family members, and gardening!

  36. Ursula Hunt

    we have been building lego, crafting and baking

  37. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    We have been designing t-shirts

  38. Clara

    Lots of painting

  39. Tony Metcalfe

    Being doing quite a bit of baking.

  40. Martina Pichova

    We have been doing lots of baking and paper crafts as well as drawing and painting.

  41. Catherine McAlinden

    We have been painting and baking

  42. Charmain Sargeant

    My children and I have bean making dolls out of empty bottles, elmer elephants out of milk cartons, growing flowers in pots, baking biscuits and cakes, made bird feeders out of toilet rolls and peanut butter and bird seeds, painting little treasure boxes, home-schooling actitivy roll play and learning.
    I have bean doing cross stitch and colouring in Disney name pictures for my children.

  43. Katie B

    We’ve been doing alot of baking and playing alot of board games!

  44. Laura Pritchard

    I’ve been doing Paint by Numbers!

  45. Joanne Hall

    My kids have been Making paper puppets

  46. kim neville

    Have been making our own personal cards, gardening and craft kits

  47. donna skelton

    baking and lots of colouring patterns and pictures

  48. Keith Hunt

    Stone painting

  49. justine meyer

    Lots of gardening, baking and crafting

  50. Sandra Fortune

    Baking a little Drawing and Painting

  51. Abby Sterry

    Me and my 4 year old have been playing a lot with playdoh, mainly him making me food and watching me whilst I pretend to eat it 😀 Also been filling in colouring books, drawing with chalk and water art.

  52. Dale Dow

    we’ve been painting rocks and hiding them for other children to find

  53. Sarah Fielding

    Lots of painting!

  54. A.E. ADKINS

    We’ve been doing all sorts; planting, baking, crafting, drawing, painting, we’ve even attempted some sewing (although I should’ve remembered how many times that a needle would need to be threaded!!!!

  55. Susan B

    Painting, drawing, collages, STEM games and gardening.

  56. lynn neal

    I have kept myself very busy with gardening and sewing!

  57. Andrea Fletcher

    Lots of gardening and planting and baking.

  58. Amy Bondoc

    we have een so adventurous and made a metal mannequin and a latch hook rug!

  59. claire woods

    Drawing and painting pictures.

  60. Danielle Spencer

    I’ve been drawing, creating handmade cards and earrings.

  61. fiona waterworth

    mine have been doing art projects, the school has a family learning course and this has set projects such as pictures out of pasta, making trees, some colourful sand made in jars, they are really good

  62. Carly Belsey

    We have been doing lots of junk modelling, my daughter wont let me put anything out for the recycling men, we have to make models out of all of it haha.

  63. Julie Quarterman

    Me and my daughter have been making masks for the vulnerable people on the street.

  64. Thomas Perry

    We’ve done a time capsule. Easter cards, Rainbow posters

  65. Danielle Pooley

    We’ve been doing lots of painting

  66. Susan Smith

    Lots of baking and having a go at painting

  67. Jazz Fulcher

    I’ve been drawing dnd characters

  68. Rebecca King

    Baking and painting in the garden

  69. Chris Andrews

    we have been doing wood carving

  70. laura stewart

    baking, painting and gardening xx

  71. Nicki Simpson

    We made a big flower picture using cut up egg boxes to make the trumpet part of the daffodil, wasn’t monet worthy but put in a nice afternoon with my little girl daphne

  72. Maria P

    painting, drawing, baking, building things with my daughter and gardening 🙂

  73. Kerstin B

    We’ve been writing little puppet shows and performing them, YouTube drawing tutorials and we’ve been painting rocks.

  74. Fiona jk42

    I have been refurbishing a chair. I sanded to remove all the old varnish, removed the old cushions and covers. Have now put on new foam and covered with lining fabric. I still need to make the outer covers for the seat and back.

  75. Jo m welsh

    Teaching my daughter crochet.

  76. leanne Weir

    We’ve been cycling, gardening and fortniting

  77. Ruth Harwood

    We’ve been writing book reports and creating our own stories, myself as well as the kids, which I think is amazing for them, they’re seeing things from another point of view and making their minds into imaginative tools. We’ve also been creating a front cover for each of our collections – the kids are loving using glitter and pens and paint to make their own individual pictures that reflect their tales, which are amazing!

  78. shaz

    Plenty of baking and cooking new things for the first time

  79. Natalie Burgess

    Stone art, sun catchers, sand art , card making and rainbow crafts xx

  80. Rachel hockley

    Me and my son have made elephant families out of bottle cartons and painted them

  81. Mandy Doherty

    Gardening, baking and I taught myself to crochet

  82. Lisa Wilkinson

    We’ve built a toy hotel out of cardboard boxes

  83. Rich Tyler

    We’ve been drawing, making castles and bug hotels

  84. Jane Willis

    I’ve not had chance to craft with the grandchildren, but have been challenging myself to dig out some of my oldest crafting stash and rediscover old techniques.

  85. Elizm

    I normally attend an art class but have been unable to do so during lockdown so I have been painting at home

  86. Carrie-Anne Brown

    We have been collecting leafs, then putting a sheet of paper on top of them, then getting crayons and rubbing these to make leaf prints

  87. Rachel Craig

    Some colouring in, cooking, etc. Know some who have been busy with allotment, chicken coop, acquiring chicken for fresh eggs. Seems like they are aiming to sustain a good life.

  88. Lorraine Williams

    Baking, gardening, crafts

  89. Sarah Lambert

    We have done quite a few different craft activities we did egg blowing and then painting for Easter, we have drawn on the windows with our new glass pens

  90. Kelly O'Donnell

    Spending as much time as I can doing things with my little boy, gardening, cooking, playing and making the most of the qualiy time.

  91. Adrian price

    lots of cookery lessons and they`ve both created there own little vegetable patches in the garden

  92. kathy Glamour cakebread

    just writing my blog

  93. Mark Fridlington

    We’ve been teaching/learning virtual painting – handy for them to know, but nowhere near the same as actually drawing and painting something for real!

  94. Laura Green

    cooking, crafts and games

  95. Jade Brailsford

    We’ve have been doing lots of arts and crafts and baking.


    We have been painting cups, doing hama beads, making paper planes and baking cupcakes

  97. Michelle Ferguson

    I’ve done a hook rug kit and doing a Christmas cross stitch

  98. Gemma Hendry

    Weve been painting rainbows, crafting little spiders and baking some cupcakes

  99. Iris

    I have been cross stitching and knitting a lot more, this year everyone in my family will get woolly socks for Christmas I think 😉
    I also sewed some face masks for us.

  100. Emma davison

    Baking and gardening

  101. Patricia Avery

    Nothing too creative as I’ve been very busy de-cluttering and cleaning so when I eventually get to see my grandchildren again I can forget housework and spend all my time playing with them!

  102. Michelle Smith

    Baking and painting

  103. Emma Wolski

    Diamond Painting

  104. Rebecca Beesley

    mosaic art, hama beads, plenty of painting, paper mache – my daughter loves doing something crafty and creative every day!

  105. H

    The lockdown has made no change for us as not furlonged. Always try to fit some creativity in thou

  106. Alison Johnson

    My children are older so we don’t do anything together anymore & my grandchildren haven’t been able to visit, so the only crafty thing I’ve been doing is my cross-stitch.

  107. Kristyn Harris

    As a family we have made all our own greeting cards

  108. Maz

    We’ve been recycling our tin cans and making wind chimes, we’ve also done lots of lovely crafts.

  109. Petra Barbaric

    We have doing many arts and gardening activities.

  110. Emily Hutchinson

    Card making

  111. Pamela Henson

    Baking and Gardening x

  112. Lauren Porter

    Lots of painting!

  113. Fiona Johnstone

    Baking and drawing. Lots of fun.

  114. Claire W

    Baking, gardening, painting, sewing and drawing. We enjoy crafts so much.

  115. Leanne Redpath

    We have been making cards, making salt dough & baking

  116. Susan Willshee

    we’ve been baking, gardening, and of course making rainbows for the windows to support the NHS

  117. ellie spider

    colouring, drawing and craft kits (making our own soap, tie dye kits etc)

  118. katrina walsh

    We’ve had a project every week and have tried to incorporate creativity into it at the end of the week. Last week it was theatre puppets from papier mache

  119. Angela Muir

    Having. Clear out and baking

  120. Sharon Burroughs

    We have been doing lots of baking.

  121. Kim Carberry

    We have done a lot of baking, painting, growing things in the garden and building on Minecraft x

  122. Tammy Tudor

    sewing, painting and drawing

  123. Rachel Butterworth

    Painting, gardening, but hunts, reading and cross stitch.

  124. Stephanie

    Writing short stories

  125. lisa anderson

    we have been making a squirrel dining table

  126. Ellen Stafford

    We have been doing crafts and baking.

  127. Karen Barrett

    A colour nature trail in our local woods

  128. Christina Palmer

    Painting, knitting and board games.

  129. rebecca sharp

    Using leaves and natural materials to make pictures

  130. Tracy Burns

    Mastering sourdough and listening to audiobooks

  131. Tee Simpson

    We have been junk modelling and painting.

  132. Tracy Gladman

    We have been sewing and completing lego as well as some painting.

  133. Stacey Gahan

    We made a washing machine out of an old box for the kids to play with

  134. natalie s

    Lots of baking

  135. laura pyper

    painting windows,air dry clay models,painting drawing ect

  136. Marie Rungapadiachy

    Lots of painting, sewing, drawing and many crafts with the kids.

  137. Jodie Green

    We’ve done lots of crafting and making, baking and gardening – including growing flowers and herbs!

  138. L Martin

    My daughter and I have been doing a lot of rock painting and den building.

  139. Alice Colling

    Painting rocks, finger painting, printing with vegetables and lots more!

  140. Dawn

    My four year old has a short attention span so I have ended up making papier mache heads and Elmer the Elephants from milk cartons whilst he has ran about the garden like a man possessed.

  141. Karen Langridge

    We have had an art lesson, made butter and cakes! Well done Liv, love what you have done there! x

  142. Karen Radford

    Lots of painting, Lego, Play Mais, Kids K’nex, Play Doh, colouring and photography

  143. claire

    cooking, baking, arts and crafts and gardening!

  144. Louise Fairweather

    Ive been doing sewing and cross stitch

  145. Mel Turner

    Lots of baking

  146. Rebecca Nisbet

    My daughter has been collecting all the recycling around the house and making models out of them

  147. Claire Cook

    We have been doing arts and crafts, making things from the recycling and lots of baking

  148. Victoria Jardine

    Lots and lots of baking

  149. Irene Gilmour

    lots of baking, drawing, reading

  150. David

    Hello, I have been drawing cards to send to people, which has been enjoyable.

  151. Adrienne McGroder

    Baking with the kids, arts, paper maché, making cards

  152. chris bull

    Making greetings cards

  153. KathVBtn


  154. michelle o'neill

    lots of baking

  155. Tammy Westrup

    Lots of art and crafts – painting, junk modelling, baking, aquabeads, sketching, art with natural materials…lots!

  156. hayleyw1

    very busy, we have been making bird feeders, stick animals , bug cans ..baking paint ohh the list goes on! x

  157. Angela Morgan

    Painting by nimbers, so therapeutic

  158. Jo Glasspool

    crossstich, I have a few kits to get through.

  159. Patricia Barrett

    Lots of card-making and some drawing.

  160. Sheri Darby

    We have been painting, drawing, knitting and sewing

  161. Heli L

    My kids and I have been doing painting and colouring during the lockdown

  162. chickenruby

    Gardening and jigsaws have kept me busy

  163. kimberley ryan

    we have been making salt-dough models to support our themes (Egyptians and Romans), baking and lots of painting

  164. Claire Reavy

    We have been painting shells and doing aqua beads.

  165. Charlotte C

    We have been baking and making our our birthday cards for friends and family.

  166. donna jones

    we have been painting and clay modelling

  167. Caroline Smith

    We’ve been painting, making models and completing Diamond Art pictures!

  168. Alice lightning

    Doodling mostly x great giveaway

  169. Troy Easton

    It would be gardening and growing food to eat for the family.

  170. Rachel

    Lots of fab drawing tutorials online, some cross stitch and too much junk modelling! 🙂

  171. Sare Davies

    Gardening and baking (including discovering aquafaba – just wow!)

  172. Kay Broomfield

    Loads of different things, painting, gardening, baking. I have 3 children so it’s been a challenge to keep them entertained!

  173. Adrian Bold

    We’ve been doing some card-making and tried a little painting with water colours.

  174. Amie

    I have been making crochet toys

  175. Cwhitlow

    Ooo lots! Baking, learning the guitar, sketching, exploring digital art and just general fun mess making!

  176. Emma Fox

    Lots of baking and garden, and painting

  177. Rebecca roberts

    Lots of arts and crafts and lots of playing games

  178. Galina V

    Baking cakes, drawing, gardening…

  179. Angela Kelly

    We’ve been doing a lot of drawing and planting seeds.

  180. Caroline Signey

    My children have been following YouTube learn to draw tutorials for all their favourite characters

  181. Karen Dixon

    Lots of baking

  182. Cara Towers

    Mindful colouring- very relaxing!

  183. Elaine Stokes

    gardening, baking and arts and crafts

  184. Pauline Burroughs

    Baking, Crochet and just started painted Christmas baubles

  185. Samantha Butler

    Crafts, puzzles, baking and playing in the garden 🙂

  186. Helen

    Lots of baking!

  187. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    We’ve been baking and doing some clay modelling

  188. Joanne Homer

    we’ve been doing card making, colouring and baking

  189. Amy sam

    we’ve been drawing and painting.

  190. Jane Green

    Painting Rocks and hiding them

  191. Charlotte Wildman

    Made a collage

  192. Laila Fazluddin

    Lots of drawing, painting, play-doh, cutting and glitter.

  193. Sheila

    I and my family been doing lots of baking and creative arts, painting, drawing and playing board games as well as some gardening.

  194. Laura Napier

    Lots of handpainting and water play in the garden

  195. Geri Gregg

    Lots of crafting and messy play

  196. Selena Longworth

    Bubble painting and making moon sand with my little ones age 2, 4 and nearly 6. ❤️

  197. deb fox

    Lots of gardening and baking

  198. Jeanette Leighton

    Playing in the garden, videos and colouring

  199. Amber Spilsbury

    We have been busy baking and making crafts we did a bug hotel for the garden and spread lots of wildflower seed too

  200. KATHY D

    been making masks for a nursing home as well as friends and neighbours – I am all masked out now

  201. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    We’ve had the craft box out loads! From collages to bubble painting and even some paper maiche!

  202. sharon martin

    we have been baking and drawing

  203. Leanne Bell

    Lots of drawing and baking – so hard to try and keep my girls occupied x

  204. Emma England

    Lots of arts and crafts projects and lots of baking.

  205. Jo Nichol

    Making wool pom pom rainbows

  206. Caroline J Robinson

    A lot of crafts and tie dye t shirts

  207. Stef Acaster

    Gardening and growing plants from cuttings.

  208. Cathryn Crawshaw

    cooking gardening and crafts

  209. Sian Buckingham

    We’ve been painting lots of rocks and pebbles!

  210. Joanna Kasznicki

    baking, handprints and lots of playdoh

  211. Tracy B

    Baking, colouring and playing the keyboard

  212. Alison

    Lots of colouring and drawing, gardening and making cakes

  213. Kyomi Johnson

    Painting stones, making rainbows and baking trying new recipes some working and some not but it’s all been good fun

  214. zoe corbin

    looks great

  215. Kirsty Fox

    Drawing and gardening

  216. Sonia Cash

    We have been making origami models baking cakes and growing sunflowers

  217. Carol Cliffe

    I’ve been doing lots of sewing and crochet, plus baking with the kids.


    Sewing and paper crafting

  219. Darren Bourne

    Our daughter has been doing lots of drawing in a book that she uses specially for this. We have also been doing zoom singing sessions and the kids have had amateur dramatic rehearsals.

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