4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden For Summer

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4 ways to spruce up your garden for summer

Sunny days are best spent in the garden, lazing around with BBQ’s, books and tanning time. What better time to spruce up your garden and enjoy the glorious weather than during lockdown? It’s a great excuse to work on DIY to-do-lists that may have been gathering dust and give your home a new look.

Gardening isn’t everyone’s forte, however sitting in a maintained garden filled with beautiful blooms can help to relieve the stress of the day and gives you the perfect space to wind down. Where do you start though? Read on for ways to spruce up your garden for summer!

gardening during lockdown


Now is a great time to deadhead plants, move around if necessary and also plant new foliage in your garden. Plants such as marigolds and hibiscus are perfect for planting during June and will offer you a colourful lawn throughout the summer months. Planting bedding plants is much easier now that mornings are frost free – whether in hanging baskets or in your garden.

Kids Only Zone

Younger children tend to have a lot of outdoor toys that tend to be scattered all over the lawn area, making it harder to tidy up once playtime is over. Investing in a garden playhouse is a great idea as it gives children their own little space in the outside world that they can look after and decorate. PLUS… it is a great storage place to hide outdoor toys when not in use!

invest in artificial grass

Artificial Grass

Fed up of mowing lawns? Then artificial grass maybe your ideal solution! Beyond the initial outlay, there are so many benefits from not having to mow lawns come rain or shine, no weeding and always having an immaculate lawn for when unexpected guests turn up! Clearly the fact it is low maintenance is part of the reason that artificial grass is proving so popular, no matter the size of garden.

Decking Maintenance

If you have decking in your garden, or simply fence panels, now is the perfect time to treat and paint them. With the sun shining, any treatments or paintwork will dry quicker, allowing you to use your decking again quicker than expected. Despite the fact decking is made from weather resistant materials, you really should care for it often so that it does not deteriate in quality.

I hope these hints have given you some food for thought on how you can spruce up your garden for the summer and beyond!

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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden



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Karen Langridge May 27, 2020 at 11:34 pm

I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to do my garden today! I would love artificial grass as it would be so easy to maintain! It’s quite tiring gardening, although I feel ready to dive back in tomorrow and do some more, its nice when you see if starting to come together x

S1m May 27, 2020 at 11:49 pm

It’s great when you see it starting to come together, I just need to find the motivation to start gardening in the first place. I can think of a million and one chores I would rather do. Artificial grass would be a godsend!x


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