How Can You Prevent Vandalism to Your Property?

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Your home is a place for laughter, love and security. It is a safe haven for you and your family to reside.

Unfortunately though, sometimes situations beyond our control can threaten the security of your home. Vandalism occurs every year to Irish homes all around the country, in various different forms.

Thankfully, there are ways you can actively prevent vandalism from happening to your home.

Between the years 2016 and 2019 almost 9% of Irish homeowners had their homes vandalised. A survey was carried out by AA Home Insurance which focussed on over 5,000 home owners.

Within the three year period specified above, 7% of the people in the study had their homes vandalised on at least one occasion but shockingly 100 people (2%) had fallen victim to vandals on several different occasions.

Even of the participants who didn’t have their homes vandalised personally, almost one fifth knew of at least one friend, neighbour or relative who had had their house damaged in some way.

 If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your home vandalised, it’s worth noting where you stand with your insurer. Most insurance brokers will protect against vandalism in terms of repair costs.

Of the damage suffered, broken windows was the most common issue suffered; 30% of people reported a broken window and Dublin based properties were worst affected by and large.

It’s difficult to stop incidents like this happening in their entirety but if you can implement all, or even one of the following tips, it will go a long way to discouraging vandalism.

How Can You Prevent Vandalism to Your Property?

Prevent vandalism to your property

Motion Detection Lights

A long standing security tactic and one that has stood the test of time is motion detection lights. Criminal damage is encouraged in the dark of night, removing the cover of darkness is an excellent tactic to protecting your home from vandals. Overhead lighting can help to identify criminals or simply warn them off.


Any form of barrier, whether it’s a wall, gate, shrubbery or fence will act as a discouraging factor to vandals. It is a simple tactic but if thought about logically, for opportunistic criminals, a quick entrance and exit would encourage criminal behaviour.

By stopping them at the first hurdle with a blockade of some sort, the threat of vandalism is reduced significantly. We highly recommend locking, blocking and securing your property at all times.


The installation of CCTV cameras can be a powerful tool from various perspectives. Even the display of a CCTV warning sign has been shown to significantly reduce criminal activity occurring on your property.

CCTV cameras can be monitored live and can be amalgamated with a security system, alarm system and motion detector lights. You can easily check on your property through a live connection to your phone while you are away to give yourself peace of mind.

Report suspicious behaviour

Report Suspicious Activity

By policing intruders and reporting suspicious activity, there is an obvious element of discouragement to vandals. If you spot a group of individuals loitering and behaving strangely, it’s always the safest option to report the behaviour to the Gardai or to your security company.

Electronic Timers

Again, referring back to the way that vandals act, it is mostly under the cover of darkness. Electronic plug timers can be set to switch lights on and off whenever you are away from your home. This will give the impression that someone is home and that someone is there to witness any potential vandalism. This is an inexpensive tactic to employ, but is very effective in discouraging vandalism.

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