Project 366 – Week 23 What’s Happened This Week!

Project 366 – Week 23 What’s Happened This Week!

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Another week down and another week spent in lockdown! Is anyone else starting to feel like this is actually the norm now? I cannot wait for a time when my weekly updates are slightly more adventurous, but for now, here’s our Project 366 – Week 23 update!

Project 366 – Week 23

Daily walk


What is normally a day of rest was actually quite busy! We haven’t ventured along our usual walking route during lockdown as it has been busy, but decided to risk it today. Fortunately the glorious weather meant people were preparing BBQ’s and it was quieter than expected which made it more enjoyable. We even got to check out the famous ‘Totty Snake‘ (well, famous locally anyway!) – a collection of over 600 painted stones (and growing) that locals have left when walking by. It’s amazing to see and the photo above does not do it justice. Here are a few of my favourite painted stones…

Stone snakeI love this little collection together! So colourful, vibrant and keeping the ‘Stay Safe’ message going.

Carole Baskin Stone

If you have watched ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix, you will totally understand why this particular stone made me chuckle!
I also featured a round up of beauty products for Pampering Yourself For Life After Lockdown – will you be rushing to a hairdresser once lockdown eases?


Liv and I both started the week off working. Motivation is starting to wane a little so we decided to make a solar oven from a cereal box. Maybe we should have made this last week when the sun was actually shining, because with this horrible weather, it maybe some time until we can try it out with marshmallows! We also popped to see Jenny and her family in their garden. Prepped with our own chairs and refreshments, we all enjoyed a lovely hour in her garden chatting away – it made me hope that normal life will resume soon!


Another day of work with a new giveaway featured on Sim’s Life to Win A Teen Calm Box – such a fantastic idea for tweens/teens! The highlight of our day was our weekly shop arriving, although I’d selected no substitutes on some items which resulted in the need to visit the Big Tesco. I decided to put this off till the next day!

Purple mash house


Liv created a cute 3D house on the Purple Mash school resource today, a fun activity that kept us both entertained! I risked a trip to the Big Tesco in the evening when I thought it would be quite and thankfully it was. I was fully prepared with my face mask and hand sanitizer and managed to whizz around for the few bits we needed without bumping into anyone. It was the first time I have entered the large supermarket since before lockdown and it was WEIRD! The store was well laid out for lockdown life and beyond, but it did make me realise life will not be the same for quite some time!

June night sky


A work and den making day! The weather has been utterly shocking this week, a total turnaround from last week that had me reaching to turn the heating up on more than one occasion. When closing the curtains at night, I noticed the sky was beautifully illuminated from the moon creating such a weird effect through the clouds. Despite the weather during the day, there were certainly silver linings!


The end of what feels like a really long week, I was utterly drained today and actually had an early night for once! Nothing much happened today, except that we had a mini hailstorm during the day. The weather just seems to be getting worse and I am longing for the sun, mainly for the fact we can get outside again away from the same four walls! Lockdown is starting to grate ever so slightly! Friday nights are usually spent at rock climbing and we both cannot wait to get back there – Liv for climbing, me to see my friends again!

Waffle maker


An exciting delivery today… a waffle maker! To some, it will just be a waffle maker… to those following the Keto lifestyle, it is a holy grail! It will be chaffle ahoy next week and I cannot wait to start trying out some recipes! Chaffles will open my meal options up to so many possibilities and may even mean a Keto take on a bacon and egg buttie… watch this space!

How has your week been? Are you tiring of lockdown yet?

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    It does feel normal now being in lock down. We’re in no rush to get back to the old normal.
    The Totty Snake looks fab! What a lovely idea. I love the Carole Baskin one. lol
    The solar oven sounds like fun. I hope the sunshine is back soon.
    Ohh! Have fun with the waffle maker x

  2. Erica Hughes

    It’s frustrating that the sun has gone away this week just as we are able to go out a bit more again. I do love the painted stones – what a lovely idea that is.

  3. Sarah MumofThree World

    The trail of stones looks amazing. The weather really has been disappointing this week.
    I won’t be going to a hairdresser after lockdown, I’ve only been to a hairdresser once in about 10 years!
    I’m in awe of anyone who follows a keto diet. My friend does it and it looks quite challenging. Hopefully your waffle maker will really help you.

  4. emma tustian

    Our town has a painted rock snake too. The Carole Baskin one made me laugh too. Exciting about the waffle maker. I made chaffles but I’ve just got a silicon baking thing so it wasn’t quite the same. Still tasted ok though.
    Just spent time reading about a solar oven. Think we might make onetoo when the weather gets hotter again. Pretty cool

  5. chickenruby

    Glad your Tesco shop went well, I only shop in Waitrose, it’s the only store I’ve been in that I feel happy with the social distancing. that’s quite a collection of painted pebbles, I’ve not watched the Tiger King but it is lined up on Netflix to get round to.

  6. joanna

    I am getting tired of the quarantine as well, I want to go on a trip, at least for a day, to do something exciting other than being inside. I guess painting the shed is the highlight of my week.

  7. Rebecca Smith

    That 3D house is super cool! I’d love a waffle maker although I’d probably just stand in the kitchen all day making waffles!

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    some of your chaffle recipes sound good, others sound bizarre but tryable, like the cho and cheese mix.
    Love the stone trail, take it people will just keep adding?

  9. Sarah Bailey

    I love those stones, I always used to look out for ones like that when we had Sal to walk. When it comes to the waffle maker I keep wondering about getting one as hands up I LOVE waffles.

  10. Samantha Donnelly

    I really get about how normal this feels now, the weather really did change last week hopefully the nicer weather will come back soon. I am interested to see how you get on with the waffle maker x

  11. Melanie williams

    Wow a 3d house sounds cool. Yes, I hear you on the weather too very shocking and I say bring back the sun xx

  12. Liam | Whatthedadsaid

    It has become the norm, to be honest, many of the weeks have become the same now, however the addition of the waffle make would make anybody’s week in my eyes! great post.

  13. Sally Akins

    I’m definitely starting to feel that lockdown life is ‘normal’ now, but I can’t wait to be able to go out for a meal or even just a coffee! And now I’m craving waffles…

  14. Linda Hobbis

    I am well and truly fed up of lockdown. Home schooling is very stressful, isn’t it? And by the look of it schools won’t even be going back in September! This is our new ‘normal’ I suspect.

  15. Rhian westbury

    I am 100% tiring of lockdown, although I understand why we’re doing it all and of course it’s for everyone’s safety. I’ve barely been out at all over the past week so I need to change that. That waffle maker looks great, I haven’t made waffles before x

  16. Niraj Shah

    This was an interesting read! I am certainly sick and tired of lockdown as well, even though the safety of all of us is the most important. And now I really want waffles as well!! Thank you for sharing, it was a great post!

  17. Jenny

    I would LOVE to visit a Big Tesco. I really miss a look around the shops but at least I’m not spending money on things we don’t need!

  18. Fozia S

    Oh that is lovely with the 600 painted stones. I think here if we attempted it they would probably get stolen!

    I haven’t been in a supermarket since March as hubby usually goes…but think I am going to have to make a trip just to get out a bit more! Had enough of lockdown.

    Keep hearing about chaffles..might have to give them a go

  19. Susan Mann

    It does feel normal now being in lockdown. We’re in no rush to get back to the old normal. Those snakes look fab such a lovely idea. The solar oven sounds like fun, I’ve never seen one before. I hope the sunshine is back soon, the weather has been rubbish here. The waffles maker looks fab. xxx

  20. Jess Howliston

    It sounds like you guys have had a pretty busy week! I absolutely love to “Totty snake” what a great way to brighten up a walkway too! I find it weird going to the supermarket now too and your right this all kind of feels like “the norm” now which is weird in itself! I am not quite sure how we will all adjust back to busy life with work, school and clubs but I am sure we will all be back at it before you know and will be moaning we missed the time together lol!

  21. Andale Seaworne

    Thats so cute, painting stones, which look great. Cool house. I go to supermarkets occasionally to gt stuff my parents can’t but apart from passing through a body spray scanner thingy and getting your hands sanitised, there’s no concept of social distancing. Woah, the silver lining photo is amazing, I thought it was a painting! OoO nice waffle maker.

  22. Laurie

    I hope you have made some delicious waffles by now! I painted some rocks with my grandsons and we “hid” them in the park. So much fun!

  23. Galina V

    The trail of painted rocks is amazing. I know the reference to the Netflix show, though I haven’t watched it (read some reviews/discussions on Mumsnet about it). The weather locally has changed as well. We had lots of rain in the last week.
    Love the eerier sky in the moonlight, it could be a cover of a book of ghost stories easily.
    My waffle maker hasn’t been used in years. I bought it a while ago, and used perhaps twice.

  24. Cheryl Pasquier

    Ok, what’s a chaffle? chips + waffle? chocolate + waffle? errr …. cheese ? Ahh that could be it actually ! lol Love the painted stones – what a great way to show them off ! 🙂

  25. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    The ‘Totty Snake’ collection sounds amazing and the painted stones in your photo are beautiful, such gorgeous bright colours. We made a solar oven last year and it was fun. You’ve reminded me that I should try doing it again at some point. Love the 3D house Liv made and hope you have been enjoying lots of delicious chaffles 🙂 #project366

  26. Karen Langridge

    I love Liv’s house, well done! It’s nice for them to have fun projects like that to keep them entertained. Home schooling becomes a bit of a chore otherwise. The ‘Totty Snake’ looks like its coming along nicely! I stumbled upon one in our area and it only have three stones, a very small snake indeed! When this is over I am coming over for some of those chaffles!

  27. Mudpie Fridays

    Oh that snake looks great and a wonderful community project. We need to paint some rocks its been on my to do list since we went into Lockdown. I am not sure what a chaffle is!! I can not wait to see more. I have heard so many good things about Keto. I really should look more into it.

  28. loopyloulaura

    I want to do some rock painting but not found any big enough yet! My hubby bought me waffle plates for our sandwich maker and am hoping to try them out this afternoon! #project366

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