How to Make Your Lockdown Fun And Unforgettable


With lockdown lasting much longer than anyone expected, we take a  look at some of the things we could be doing. 

Coronavirus lockdown started quite unexpectedly; nobody thought it would happen so quickly or last for so long. A temporary situation has turned into a semi-permanent one. People use the phrase the new normal, and that’s how it’s beginning to feel. 

It has become normal to spend large chunks of our days indoors, working and studying from home, only going outside for a short time to exercise. We all know the situation will not go on forever, how long it will go on for, though, is another question: and one without an answer. 

For many of us the lockdown has been an inconvenience. We have had to pack up our office and find space in a busy household to do our work from. But we should thank our stars, because some people haven’t been so lucky. Expensive holidays have had to be cancelled. Weddings too. Not to mention the many individuals who no longer have jobs, and businesses that have had to close. 

Make your own lockdown fun

That said, there has also been an upside to Coronavirus lockdown. Climate change has been put on hold, and many people are discovering new ways to live. They are finding jobs online and taking advantage of their extra home time to reconnect with family and friends, albeit via Zoom, in some cases. 

Below are some of the ways we have found to use the time constructively, and make the best of an unfortunate situation. 

How to Make Your Lockdown Fun And Unforgettable

Use your imagination 

Can you guess the price of some of the most expensive watches in the world

Let me tell you: the most expensive is made from diamonds and costs £42.6 million pounds. Can you imagine wearing something so expensive on your wrist? If you did wear one, where would you wear it to, how would you feel when wearing it? 

Try to write a short story about this situation and send it to an online writing competition. You can do more just like this by asking yourself imaginative what if questions. Who knows, maybe by the time lockdown is over you will have a book of short stories to publish. 

lockdown fun

Arts and crafts 

If writing isn’t your thing why not have a go at some other creative activities. 

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It can be done using regular A4 printer paper or proper origami paper that can be bought from the internet. The classic beginners animal is a paper crane. Many children and adults in Japan make these for fun and to decorate shrines on special occasions. 

Online videos can show you how to get creative with origami and build many more types of animals. You will find the process of creation calming and uplifting. 

Complete a jigsaw 

A jigsaw is a fun and creative way to bring the family together around a project. Enjoy discussing the plot of your favourite Netflix series or a new recipe you found on the internet that you’d like to try out soon.

The state of relaxed, creative problem-solving that playing with a jigsaw encourages is also great for communication. 

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